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Publishing 2.0. How will native advertising scale?

Publishing 2.0

That’s the question on the mind of every brand advertiser, ad agency, and publisher. Native advertising has emerged as a great hope for the future of advertising, to capture the billions of brand ad dollars expected to shift from TV, where mass audiences are finally collapsing, and from online display advertising, where already rock bottom prices, consumer attention, and effectiveness continue to plummet. Native advertising is also a great hope for monetizing mobile, where display ads aren’t just dying but DOA and digital dimes have turned into pennies at best.

The hope for native advertising is based on its potential to create immense value for everyone involved: Value for Consumers At its best, native advertising gives consumers content that is genuinely interesting, engaging, and useful. Native advertising truly is NATIVE when consumers can value the content the same way they value editorial content. Value for Brands Value for Publishers 1. 2. Publishing Perspectives - International publishing news & opinion. Good E-Book Readers - We have the latest Electronic Readers, Your source for the latest E-Reader Sales and Support. The Digital Reader — the best news and info on ebooks and e-readers. MobileRead Forums. Tools of Change for Publishing - Insight, Events, Resources. TeleRead: News and views on e-books, libraries, publishing and related topics.

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