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Water Blob: Tutorial — Clumsy Crafter. A few weeks ago I saw this idea for water blobs floating around online and decided to try it ourselves the next time we were having friends over to play.

Water Blob: Tutorial — Clumsy Crafter

Can I just say that this “water blob” was amazing amounts of fun. I layed on it, the kids jumped on it, slid across it and spent the entire day doing all sorts of crazy acrobatics. We loved it so much that I almost can’t wait to do another one. And the next one will have glitter in it… tons of glitter. Inspiration and original craft ideas for weddings, parties, children, such as home decoration, gifts, cards, personal accessories and templates.

Lego snowglobes A super fun activity for the kids while awaiting impatient the arrival of Santa Claus!

Inspiration and original craft ideas for weddings, parties, children, such as home decoration, gifts, cards, personal accessories and templates

Chalk popsicles Draw pictures on the sidewalk is a fun activity that keeps kids entertained for hours.! Face t-shirt hangers. Craft and DIY. Tin Can Treats {For Mother’s Day & Teacher Appreciation!} I have three boys: ages 5, 3, and 10 months.

Tin Can Treats {For Mother’s Day & Teacher Appreciation!}

There’s a chance I might be biased, but I happen to think they’re the most charming, adorable, and intelligent kids on the planet. They’re also kind of loud. And busy. And they destroy things. Lots of things. Crafts - 36/173. Slutty Brownies Cookie Oreo Chocolate Fudge by BakeAllTheThings. Slutty Brownies - Cookie Oreo Chocolate Fudge Brownie Bars - Valentine's Day Chocolate Would you like some chocolate chip cookies?

Slutty Brownies Cookie Oreo Chocolate Fudge by BakeAllTheThings

How about some Double Stuf Oreos? Or maybe some rich chocolate brownies? How about ALL THREE in one ooey, gooey, yummy treat??? That's a layer of chocolate chip cookie dough, a layer of Double-Stuf Oreos, and a layer of double chocolate brownies. Rich, indulgent, delightful - your order includes four [4] 2"x2"x2" gooey brownies, individually wrapped. Tutorial >> Create Artistic Double Exposure Effects in Your Photos. I've had a great time so far this summer partnering with Adobe as a Photoshop Elements ambassador, and I'm excited to team up with them again today to bring you guys another tutorial!

Tutorial >> Create Artistic Double Exposure Effects in Your Photos

For my first tutorial in this series, I showed you how to give your photos a dreamy, summertime-inspired look using the lens flare filter in Photoshop Elements. One of the things I mentioned was that a lens flare often occurs unintentionally when taking photos, yet it can end up creating a really magical image. So for today's tutorial, I thought it would be fun to demonstrate how to replicate another often unintentional photographic effect that, like the lens flare, can transform ordinary images into unique works of art: the double exposure. The double exposure is something we don't often see in the digital world, but in the days of analog photography and manual winding cameras, it wasn't a rarity. These days, you don't need a film camera in order to produce a double exposure style image. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Zoo Birthday Party. How to create your own headboard... from junk! I love to sway away from the norm for most things home.

How to create your own headboard... from junk!

I just find it incredibly inspiring to find a nothing and make it into a something. So you've got to know the headboards I use in my own home must be rather unique, right? Diy Ideas, Photos and Answers. Bonkers About Buttons: Knoop Button Bowl. 161 gift ideas! 8 ideas found at ______________________24 ideas from ...12 more from ...and 14 more from The Christmas Orange Story.

161 gift ideas!

CRAFTS BLOG » Blog Archive » A Gift in a Bottle & 25% off! Homemade Gifts for Kids Inspirations. It has always given me so much joy to create gifts for my friends and family over the years.

Homemade Gifts for Kids Inspirations

I see so many great ideas that I love... but I would love to make some special gifts that my children would love as well. So that is what this collection is all about. Day 63 – DIY Corona Glasses. I cannot even tell you how excited I was when I found this pin explaining how simple it is to cut glass bottles.

Day 63 – DIY Corona Glasses

For our first anniversary, my husband signed us up for a glassblowing class. It was awesome and we had a great time. As we were leaving, one of the artists was turning Corona bottles into drinking glasses for a friend’s wedding gift. 25 Gifts You Can Make Today. Wise Bread Picks Homemade gifts are often more meaningful than store-bought gifts, and fortunately they’re usually easy on the wallet too.

25 Gifts You Can Make Today

For those who would like to save a buck or two on the next birthday, anniversary, or shower gift, or just like the idea of making something unique for a friend, here are 25 ideas for gifts that you can make with materials that are easily found at your local craft or hardware store. Many require little to no crafting skills, while others are a little more challenging, but definitely still doable for us amateurs! DIY Gifts. Most favorited last 7 days - page 7. Man Crafts: secret postcard decoder.

Ciphers are a secret or disguised way of writing. Ciphers and codes have been around a very long time and have seen endless variations and iterations in order to confuse those who aren't meant to read its contents. In recent times we use computers to come up with complex algorithms in order to encode our private transmissions, however I am partial to the old-school, analog method of encoding. This paper decoder is a very basic, entry-level approach to understanding ciphers and is great fun for postcards. DIY Vases.

Everyone loves vases, but it’s difficult to find one that is unique and not the same old run of the mill vase you’ve seen 1000 times before. As the most prominent centerpiece, you always want a vase to be special, just like the rest of your decor. Whether it is empty, holding flower, a candle pebbles or anything else, a vase can be boring or the perfect accent you’ve been looking for.

And it’s only better when you can make it yourself flexing your craft skills and saving some money as well. This lovely vase is simple and its beauty is its simplicity. All it takes is a cute vase, some sequins and some glue. DIY projects. DIY projects. Confetti Triangle Invitations by Joke Vande Gaer Living in China, I come across some of the most amazing packaging.

I’ve been seeing a lot of mini triangle shaped packaging lately: milk, black beans, tea, seaweed…It inspired me to create these triangle confetti invitations. Madeline's Wardrobe: New flower bobby pins in Kanzashi style. Fall DIY // Hot Chocolate Spoons. Projects / A Beautiful Mess D.I.Y Index. DIY Glow Jars Tutorial. Posted on October 19, 2011 by Christina. Dorm Room Spa: 3 Easy DIY Beauty Recipes to Try. Photo Credit It’s that taxing in-between time of the semester again – spring break is over, papers and projects are coming due, and finals are looming ahead. Nutella Sandwich Cookies. Hello there A Beautiful Mess readers, I'm Emma, Elsie's sister and the gal behind Food Coma.

At Elsie's wedding last week I had the opportunity to try Nutella for the first time. Now I'm obsessed. So I've been trying to dream up different ways to use this magical new-to-me spread and I thought that in between two cookies might be the perfect place for Nutella. Along with on top of toast. Stencil with freezer paper (harry potter tee) Do-it-Yourself DIY String Wedding Lanterns Yarn Chandeliers. Jessica of Wednesday Inc shows us how to make those gorgeous twine chandeliers from the inspiration shoot she shared with us this morning. Using balloons, glue and twine, you can also make these lanterns for your wedding – and then bring it home and use it as your very own mid century lampshade. Fall DIY // Hot Chocolate Spoons. Random Tutorial Generator.

Most favorited all-time.