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Ethics, values, and org culture. 10 Habits of Remarkably Giving People. Think about people you truly respect.

10 Habits of Remarkably Giving People

How Managers Become Leaders. Artwork: Adam Ekberg, Country Road, 2005, ink-jet print Harald (not his real name) is a high-potential leader with 15 years of experience at a leading European chemical company.

How Managers Become Leaders

He started as an assistant product manager in the plastics unit and was quickly transferred to Hong Kong to help set up the unit’s new Asian business center. Developing as a Leader. Personalized Professional Learning Plans. Articles good and bad practice. The Super Simple Phone Hack That Will Transform Your Productivity. A while back, my cofounder Leo gave me an interesting suggestion: He said I should try disabling all notifications on my iPhone.

The Super Simple Phone Hack That Will Transform Your Productivity

I find this suggestion especially interesting because it is one that goes against the normal phone setup. It’s so usual to stick to how things are, and with iPhone apps the easiest thing to do is to “allow” all those notifications. It seems almost odd to even consider doing things any other way. The Magic of Doing One Thing at a Time - Tony Schwartz. By Tony Schwartz | 8:53 AM March 14, 2012 Why is it that between 25% and 50% of people report feeling overwhelmed or burned out at work?

The Magic of Doing One Thing at a Time - Tony Schwartz

It’s not just the number of hours we’re working, but also the fact that we spend too many continuous hours juggling too many things at the same time. What we’ve lost, above all, are stopping points, finish lines and boundaries. Technology has blurred them beyond recognition. Wherever we go, our work follows us, on our digital devices, ever insistent and intrusive. Tell the truth: Do you answer email during conference calls (and sometimes even during calls with one other person)? Monotasking Is The New Multitasking.

We all know multitasking is inefficient.

Monotasking Is The New Multitasking

A classic 2007 study of Microsoft workers found that when they responded to email or instant messaging alerts, it took them, on average, nearly 10 minutes to deal with their inboxes or messages, and another 10-15 minutes to really get back into their original tasks. That means that a mere three distractions per hour can preclude you from getting anything else done. Then there’s the relationship “inefficiency” that comes from multitasking. Monotasking. How to Focus A Wandering Mind, by Wendy Hasenkamp. New research reveals what happens in a wandering mind—and sheds light on the cognitive and emotional benefits of increased focus.

How to Focus A Wandering Mind, by Wendy Hasenkamp

We’ve all been there. You’re slouched in a meeting or a classroom, supposedly paying attention, but your mind has long since wandered off, churning out lists of all the things you need to do—or that you could be doing if only you weren’t stuck here… Suddenly you realize everyone is looking your way expectantly, waiting for an answer. Learning. Interior Designer & Decorators. People Precedents.

People. S Blog. Advocacy and Poverty. S Blog. S Blog. S Blog. S Blog - READ THIS IF YOU ARE GOOD AT MATH THEN MESSAGE ME PLEASE. Stephen's Blog. Vancouver Blogs. BCIT Magazine - Vancouver Men Suck? Audio Playlist. Audio For A Healthy Mind The audio files on this site are all chosen to enable the listener to improve the quality of their lives.

Audio Playlist

All geared to get us started, and to continue our journey, on "The Self Determined Path". You're Here... So Get your beats on. I'm always adding and removing audio files... There are quite a few free meditation hypnosis mp3 audio tracks here. I always liked to read through them. There are Alpha and Theta frequencies associated with meditative states. HP Launches The HP Pavilion 14, its First Chromebook, For $329.99. 4 February '13, 09:26am Follow HP may have inadvertently leaked news that it was working to release a Chrome OS-powered notebook at the end of last month, but today the company has confirmed the launch of its new Pavilion 14 Chromebook, pricing the device at $329.99.

HP Launches The HP Pavilion 14, its First Chromebook, For $329.99

The HP Pavilion 14 Chromebook offers a 14-inch display, is powered by a 1.1GHz Intel Celeron Processor 847 and offers up to 4GB of RAM (2GB as standard), a 16GB SSD drive, HDMI output, three USB ports, SD card support and a built-in webcam for video chats, HP’s Chromebook also provides consumers with the choice of a bigger notebook compared to the 11.6-inch Chromebooks offered by Samsung and Acer. While its computer is bigger, HP believes you can expect to get around 4 hours of use from its Chromebook, which may be enough for those that work on-the-go, but won’t match the 6.3 hours that you can get from other Chrome OS notebooks. ➤ HP Pavilion 14. Like Button for Twitter. Squeezed Dry: Why Americans Work So Hard but Feel So Poor - Derek Thompson - Business. How is it possible that we're both working harder and finding it more difficult to make a living?

Squeezed Dry: Why Americans Work So Hard but Feel So Poor - Derek Thompson - Business

Maybe the same thing is making work cheap and life expensive. It's the productivity paradox. Flickr/Marvin L. How To Make Your Belly Perfectly Flat? Like Button for Twitter.