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50 Secrets Your Pet Won’t Tell You. Jackson Galaxy, cat behaviorist and host of Animal Planet’s My Cat from Hell; Brian Hare, PhD, codirector of the Canine Cognition Center at Duke University; Rebecca Remillard, PhD, DVM, DACVN, a veterinary nutritionist at North Carolina State University and founder of; Jorge Bendersky, a groomer and pet stylist in New York City; Spencer Williams, owner and president of West Paw Design, a company that makes pet toys and beds; Nancy Kay, DVM, author of Speaking for Spot: Be the Advocate Your Dog Needs to Live a Happy, Healthy, Longer Life; Jennifer Coates, DVM, veterinary adviser to; Victoria Schade, dog-training and behavioral expert at and author of Bonding with Your Dog: A Trainer’s Secrets for Building a Better Relationship; Sophia Yin, DVM, a veterinarian and animal behaviorist and the author of How to Behave So Your Dog Behaves; K.

50 Secrets Your Pet Won’t Tell You

Mistakes Cat Owners Should Never Make. Ways Your Cat Secretly Shows Affection. Angry Cat: Signs Your Cat Is Secretly Mad at You. Cat Behavior: What Does Your Cat Want? □ Some scientists speculate that today’s cats do not like to swim or get wet because ever since they were domesticated some 5,000 to 10,000 years ago, they’ve been protected from the rain and snow by human companions.

Cat Behavior: What Does Your Cat Want? □

In addition, it's true that cat hair “doesn’t dry quickly and it’s simply uncomfortable to be soaking wet,” Kelley Bollen, the director of behavior programs for the College of Veterinary Medicine at Cornell University told Live Science. Things You Didn't Know Make Your Pet Tick. Why Do Cats Sleep So Much? Explained. If you’ve ever owned a cat, you know that the phrase “cat nap” is just about the understatement of the century.

Why Do Cats Sleep So Much? Explained

Cats don’t just take a quick nap—they sleep for hours and hours. But how much do cats sleep, exactly, and why do cats sleep so much? How much do cats sleep? There’s no precise answer to the question “how many hours do cats sleep.” On average, cats sleep about 12 to 15 hours every day, but the exact amount depends on other factors. Why Do Cats Like to Sit in Squares? Cats are full of many bizarre quirks and habits.

Why Do Cats Like to Sit in Squares?

Cats are prone to many strange behaviors, and one of them is their fascination with squares. Most cat parents know that if you draw a square on the floor, your cat is going to come running and sit in it. 20 animals that you never even knew existed―until now. Meet the rat with a passion for painting. Dakota Johnson Says Grandmother Tippi Hedren, 90, Still Lives with Lions and Tigers. Friendly dolphins ‘missing’ human interaction amid COVID-19 pandemic, bringing gifts from the sea.

A pod of dolphins in Australia has been bringing their human friends gifts from the sea during the coronavirus pandemic.

Friendly dolphins ‘missing’ human interaction amid COVID-19 pandemic, bringing gifts from the sea

Typically, patrons of Queensland‘s Barnacles Café & Dolphin Feeding wait in line to give treats to the humpback dolphins of Tin Can Bay, 7NEWS reports. But given the spread of COVID-19 and the lockdown procedures in place, the café has seen no visitors for quite some time. Humpback sightings in Vancouver harbour a welcome sign of recovery. Two recent humpback whale sightings in Vancouver’s harbour have delighted a UBC marine biologist who says they are a welcome sign of recovery following overhunting more than a century ago.

Humpback sightings in Vancouver harbour a welcome sign of recovery

Andrew Trites, a professor at the Institute for the Oceans and Fisheries at the University of B.C., said it’s possible both sightings this month involved the same whale, which could be swimming up and down the shoreline looking for food such as krill, herring and sardines. We apologize, but this video has failed to load. “It sort of makes you wonder, with tens of thousands of people living along the shoreline, how often this has been going on without people even noticing,” said Trites, who is also the director of the Marine Mammal Research Unit.

They say you are what you eat! The green sea turtle is actually named after the green layer of fat under its shell. Scientists think this unusually-colored fat is a result of its veggie diet. @Sean_C_Larkin @iamlivepdnation. Kitten and Hedgehog Best Friends Are Here to Spread Smiles Across the Internet. U of Manitoba leads global effort to study effect of decreased human activity on wildlife. A University of Manitoba professor is leading a global effort to study the impact scaling back human activity due to COVID-19 has had on wildlife.

U of Manitoba leads global effort to study effect of decreased human activity on wildlife

Fewer cars may decrease traffic mortality and quieter streets may allow animals, such as birds, to better communicate and find mates. However, decreased traffic also may lead to increased activity of species such as rats and domestic cats, which could harm native wildlife, said Nicola Koper, a professor of conservation biology at the U of M's Natural Resources Institute. To make sense of what's actually happening, she's launched an initiative to co-ordinate biologists across the world.

The C19-Wild Research Group brings together ecological teams to share knowledge, ideas and research progress. Pandas in quarantine, with flight to China imminent. Although they don’t have airline tickets yet, the giant pandas at the Calgary Zoo are in quarantine and preparing for their trip back home to China.

Pandas in quarantine, with flight to China imminent

Er Shun and Da Mao have been in Calgary since March of 2018 and were expected to remain through 2024 as part of a 10-year agreement between China and Canada. We apologize, but this video has failed to load. However, because of a lack of flights due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there have been issues with shipments of high quality bamboo imported from China and the zoo was forced to make the difficult decision to send them home early. Meet the rat with a passion for painting. Cher sheds tears of joy as Pakistan's loneliest elephant wins freedom. The plight of an animal known as Pakistan’s loneliest elephant is set to come to an end after a court declared he should be freed from Islamabad zoo – to the delight of his longtime champion, pop icon Cher.

Cher sheds tears of joy as Pakistan's loneliest elephant wins freedom

Kaavan, a 33-year-old Asian elephant from Sri Lanka, has been the focus of a four-year campaign by Cher to secure his release from Murghazar Zoo in Pakistan’s capital, after the singer saw pictures of the elephant living alone and held miserably in chains in a small enclosure, with only a small dirty pond to play in. On Thursday, Islamabad high court ruled that Kaavan should be freed, and ordered wildlife officials to consult with Sri Lanka to find him a “suitable sanctuary” within 30 days. The world's most ridiculously adorable wild animals.

(1) Home / Twitter. And the animal is □... #VisayanWartyPig! They are currently extinct on all but two small islands in the Philippines. These small, forest pigs are named for the islands where they are found, and for the three pairs of fleshy “warts” on the male pig’s face. Home / Twitter. Dollar fight? Loon killed bald eagle with ‘shot through the heart’ The U.S. dollar might be stronger than the Canadian loonie — but it looks like the bald eagle should never underestimate the loon.

Dollar fight? Loon killed bald eagle with ‘shot through the heart’

A bald eagle found dead in Maine last year was killed by a vicious peck from a loon, according to the results of a recent autopsy by the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife. Wildlife biologist Danielle D’Auria shared the shocking results of her find on the department’s website earlier this week, in what she said was an extremely unusual case. 45-seconds of awesome... City erects barricades to protect fox family from people. Recently, The Weather Network has been bombarded with videos of cute animals in urban settings - from geese crossing a busy intersection in Toronto, to a moose playing a ball in a backyard in Calgary.

But the idea that animals are creeping into cities because of COVID-19 is simply not the case, according to the Toronto Wildlife Centre (TWC). “I have been asked this question a dozen times in recent weeks and, from our perspective, there aren’t more wild animals coming into the city,” said Nathalie Karvonen the executive director of the Toronto Wildlife Centre. According to Karvonen, Toronto already has a huge diversity of wild animals. They admit up to 300 different species from around the Greater Toronto Area. “Many wild animals are quite territorial, rigorously defending their territories from other wild animals – and this wouldn’t change during COVID,” she added. Toronto Fox Family Transfixes City Under Lockdown. ​​TORONTO — A crowd of people bunched shoulder to shoulder one recent spring day on a boardwalk overlooking Lake Ontario. They leaned over a waist-high fence, taking pictures with their phones. Only one wore a mask. Seriously, Toronto? Canada’s largest city has been under coronavirus lockdown since mid-March.

Because we all need some "me time" every once in a while. Pls look at what my dad sent me this morning I cannot even□❣️□ 6 ancient animals found frozen in ice. Try To Not Emotional Challenge 2017. (86) Suda - The Painting Elephant. I’m on the edge of my seat! K9 Chief was happy his family got a new pet. However, he wasn't happy they got an attacking tortoise! □ 2 hungry cougars killed in Port Alberni after showing no fear of humans. Two young, emaciated cougars were destroyed by the Conservation Officer Service in Port Alberni, B.C., after several reports that the animals were approaching humans. Conservation officer Daniel Eichstadter went out looking for the animals on Sunday.

He said when he came across them, they looked desperate for food. "And because of the behaviour they had been exhibiting and their lack of fear of me, I ended up having to dispatch both animals," he said. Eichstadter said, most likely, something happened to the young cougars' mother, meaning the two had not learned how to properly hunt and were looking elsewhere for food, "eating anything they could try to get. " He said the two cougars were about six months old. The Conservation Officer Service said it had received reports about the animals over the past five days. Sasha and Pimba the adult kangaroos had a friendly meeting with two new babies at a sanctuary in Australia’s Northern Territory. Also see.

Animals Roaming Freely While Humans Are in Lockdown. As people shelter in place around the world to help stop the spread of the coronavirus, reports have surfaced about animals appearing in areas where they are not usually seen. Sea lions are sunning themselves in parking lots in Argentina; jaguars are prowling city streets in Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula; monkeys are brawling over food in Thailand; and goats are running roughshod in a Welsh village. 24/7 Tempo has compiled a list of animals making an appearance in urban areas while humans are in lockdown. We reviewed media reports to create our list and also analyzed data from the International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources’ red list to determine the threatened status of animals that are included in the story. Ever since early March, when much of the world began self-isolating to try and halt the spread of the coronavirus, there have been many reports on traditional and social media about animals “reclaiming” nature.

WildEarth Guardians scores big protections for wildlife in Montana. Missoula, Montana—In a major win for Montana’s wildlife, WildEarth Guardians settled its lawsuit against USDA’s Wildlife Services (“Wildlife Services”) today, after the federal program agreed to severely curtail its reckless slaughter of native wildlife and use of cruel tools such as snares, traps, and poisons. The settlement requires that these protections remain in place pending the program’s completion of a detailed and public environmental review of its work.

Mama to the rescue, cat GIFs. The Feeling After The Global Pandemic Ends GIF. Today’s moment of zen is also a sign of spring! One of our staff members happened upon this peacock displaying its feathers. A surefire way to brighten up your week. Squirrel works hard to steal birdfood. Squirrel shows off its wall scaling abilities. Cardinal sings in a tree on a sunny. Monster great white circles boat. Endangered Species Day: Amazing animals under threat of extinction. Living with the Tibetan Mastiffs - the 200lbs 'bear dogs' HUGE dogs with coats that make them look like bears are being produced at a kennel which claims to offer the “dog of your dreams”. The Calgary Zoo welcomes a trio of orphaned grizzly bear cubs.

Geese stand off with fox who gets a little close for comfort. Camera Captures Chilling Close Encounter With Leopard. Airborne Killer Whale shocks boaters after appearing out of nowhere. Rescued baby manatee adorably plays with a hula hoop. Rumble / Funny & Cute Animals — This adorable baby manatee was found beached when he was just a little baby and had to be rescued and cared for at a marine mammal rehabilitation center, and hopefully, will soon be released back into the ocean. Video of Edmonton puppy cake smash goes viral. Posted May 4, 2017 5:22 pm. Chewy the alpaca rides in style in downtown Regina, video goes viral. The Tiger King of Mexico: Video shows man expertly lassoing escaped tiger on Guadalajara street. (11) Facebook. (11) Watch. (11) Facebook. (11) Facebook. Tortoises visit gorillas at deserted Toronto Zoo amid COVID-19 pandemic. Coronavirus: Toronto Zoo plans to re-open with drive-thru visits. Alberta zoos putting protections in place for big cats amid COVID-19 pandemic.

After news that a tiger in the Bronx Zoo tested positive for the novel coronavirus, both the Edmonton Valley Zoo and the Calgary Zoo have been taking additional measures to protect their big cats. According to a statement from the Edmonton Valley Zoo, the only non-human species currently known to be able to contract COVID-19, the disease caused by the virus, are members of the cat family.

Mamma goose leads her family over 5 Mile Bridge. This Owl Is Mesmerized By Otters. Mamma goose leads her family over 5 Mile Bridge. Meet the gnarliest surfing dog ever. Massive swarm of Canada geese overhead caught on camera. Reindeer cyclones make it super hard for hunters to hit them. Thousands Of Turtles Hatch And Make Their Way Into The Sea. Elephant Takes Out Its Frustration On A Tractor.

Calgary Zoo to ship giant pandas back to China early due to difficulty getting bamboo during pandemic. How llamas could hold the key to combatting Covid-19. This Shiba Inu hilariously makes plans for 2020. Porch pirate: You won’t believe what happened to this man’s package. Napping gas station employee payed a visit by a leopard. A Bear Named 'Split Lip' Has Been Eating Other Bears In Canada.

Tiny yet fearless rainbow lorikeets bully much larger cockatoos. Watch a mother bear rescue her cub from the water.