Jailbreak Your Kindle for Dead Simple Screensaver Customization If you’re less than delighted with the default screensaver pack on the Kindle relief is just a simple hack and a reboot away. Read on to learn how to apply a painless jailbreak to your Kindle and create custom screensavers. Note: We originally published this article last year, but we’ve updated it to work with the latest version of Kindle, so we’re republishing for everybody. Unlike jailbreaking other devices like the iPad and Android devices—which usually includes deep mucking about in the guts of your devices and the potential, however remote, for catastrophic bricking—jailbreaking the Kindle is not only extremely safe but Amazon, by releasing the Kindle sourcecode, has practically approved the process with a wink and a nod. Installing the jailbreak and the screensaver hack to replace the default screensavers is so simple we promise you’ll spend 1000% more time messing around making fun screensaver images than you will actually installing the hack. Jailbreak Your Kindle for Dead Simple Screensaver Customization
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10:08 AM by fjtorres in E-Book General | News US antitrust is primarily about consumer harm (hence the recent compensation awards) but it also offers (small) companies a venue for redress of anticompetitive behavior by other companies. The bar is normally pretty high so there are few filings and even less successes but there is one big exception: when a company (or group) has already been found guilty of antitrust violations, the judge's findings of fact become indisputable "evidence" on which competitors claiming harm can base their claims of damages. The most recent example being the Microsoft antitrust case where the Judge ruled that MS had caused Netscape no harm but that their attempt to do so consituted an antitrust violation and thus he put them under antitrust monitoring for a decade.
This thread is mainly for Kindle Keyboard (Kindle 3) hacks. There's a whole wiki page for Kindle Touch hacks! Check it out ->here!<- I noticed that there seems to be no thread that compiles all the hacks into one topic. So, to make things easy to find, I've decided to make this list of all the Kindle hacks I could gather. Comprehensive List of Kindle Hacks/Modifications Comprehensive List of Kindle Hacks/Modifications
Kindle Wallpapers Kindle Wallpapers A collection of custom screensavers for the Amazon Kindle. All images are 800x600 and usually under 100 kb (unless otherwise noted and/or user submitted). Select the "view large" button at the bottom-right of each post to display the image in 800x600. For info on how to change the screen saver on your Kindle, select software version 3.1, version 2.5 or version 2.3.
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