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Capturing the Aspects of SOA Service Ownership. The purpose of identifying ownership is multifold. Every organization has different reasons or objectives as to why it should identify the owners. These objectives drive how ownership is defined and shared across organizational entities. In general, the common reasons for identifying ownership are listed below. SOA Testing, Validation & Virtualization - iTKO LISA softwar. Implementing Exceptions in SOA. In the ideal world service invocation always completes successfully and returns required results.

Implementing Exceptions in SOA

Unfortunately, in reality, services may and do fail. Such failures can be caused by an array of problems. SOA Principles. Listen to the podcasts that accompany this site: Part I - Part II The key to getting the most out of SOA lies within the knowledge of how to create "truly" service-oriented solution logic.

SOA Principles

That knowledge has been documented as part of the service-orientation design paradigm. As with object-orientation, service-orientation represents a distinct approach to designing solution logic in support of a very specific set of goals. This site introduces the design principles that comprise the service-orientation design paradigm and further explores various aspects and effects of applying service-orientation in the real world.

Becoming proficient with the concepts and principles of service-orientation equips you with an understanding of what is and is not considered "service-oriented" within the world of solution design. SOA anti-patterns. A lot of emphasis has been placed on implementing Service Oriented Software according to best practices and principles.

SOA anti-patterns

But how about the worst practices? In this article, Steve Jones from CapGemini goes over some of the most egregious and thorny antipatterns based on his experiences in the industry and discussions with other SOA thought leaders. The purpose of patterns is to define how systems should be built in repeatable ways; the purpose of anti-patterns is to help you see when that hasn't been done.

Format. Defining SOA as an architectural style.