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DeveloperWorks : IBM\'s resource for developers and IT professio

DeveloperWorks : IBM\'s resource for developers and IT professio

StringSearch – high-performance pattern matching algorithms in Java High-perfor­mance pattern matching algo­rithms in Java The Java language lacks fast string searching algorithms. StringSearch provides implementations of the Boyer-Moore and the Shift-Or (bit-parallel) algorithms. These algorithms are easily five to ten times faster than the naïve implementation found in java.lang.String. Download ↓ Download with Maven The Home Depot - Home Left Article Image Left Article Header ​Corporate Responsibility Fantastic Information Architecture and Data Visualization Resour Jan 15 2010 Information architecture can be a daunting subject for designers who’ve never tried it before. Also, creating successful infographics and visualizations takes skill and practice, along with some advance planning. But anyone with graphic design skills can learn to create infographics that are effective and get data across in a user-friendly manner.

HP Servers <a href=" of site-wide JavaScript functionality</a> Jump to content United States-English home ctypes tutorial Note: The code samples in this tutorial uses doctest to make sure that they actually work. Since some code samples behave differently under Linux, Windows, or Mac OS X, they contain doctest directives in comments. Note: Quite some code samples references the ctypes c_int type. Pattern (Java Platform SE 6) java.lang.Object java.util.regex.Pattern All Implemented Interfaces: Serializable public final class Patternextends Objectimplements Serializable A compiled representation of a regular expression.

The Walt Disney Company Corporate history[edit] 1923–1928: The silent era[edit] In early 1923, Kansas City, Missouri animator Walt Disney created a short film entitled Alice's Wonderland, which featured child actress Virginia Davis interacting with animated characters. After the bankruptcy in 1923 of his previous firm, Laugh-O-Gram Films,[ChWDC 1] Disney moved to Hollywood to join his brother Roy O. Maps In Modern Web Design: Showcase and Examples - Smashing Magazine Advertisement Geo-location was a hot topic in 2009. With so many applications on GPS-enabled smartphones, more maps than ever were accessible to the average person. But how can Web designers and developers take advantage of an increasingly location-aware user base?

3D TV - What Is 3D TV Question: What Is 3D TV? Answer: 3D TV is an emerging technology that allows consumers to enjoy three-dimensional movies, television programs and video games in their homes. Several companies have developed viable 3D technology for the home theater environment, but the reality of seeing 3D TV in the average household is probably years away. Distutils-SIG Charter The Distutils-SIG exists to discuss the design, implementation, and maintenance of a suite of module distribution utilities for Python. These utilities are grouped in the 'distutils' package in Python.

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