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1060 Research. Introduction to Hadoop « JTeam Blog / JTeam: Enterprise Java, O. Recently I was playing around with Hadoop, after a while I really recognized that this was a great technology.

Introduction to Hadoop « JTeam Blog / JTeam: Enterprise Java, O

Hadoop allows you to write and run your application in a distributed manner and process large amounts of data with it. It consists out of a MapReduce implementation and a distributed file system. Personally I did not have any experience with distributed computing beforehand, but I found MapReduce quiet easily to understand. In this blog post I will give an introduction to Hadoop by showing a relative simple MapReduce application.

This application will count the unique tokens inside text files. MapReduce MapReduce is a programming paradigm designed to handle computations that would normally take considerable amount of time to complete (mainly due to large datasets and / or expensive algorithms) and finish them in an acceptable time frame. In MapReduce your data is modeled into key / value pairs. A MapReduce program has two major phases, the map phase and the reduce phase. Hadoop. Microsoft Has Released OData SDK and “Dallas” CTP 2. Microsoft has released OData SDK for .NET, Java, PHP, Objective-C (iPhone and Mac) and JavaScript, helping developers to create clients that consume OData-based information, and Codename “Dallas” CTP 2, a marketplace for selling and buying such data.

Microsoft Has Released OData SDK and “Dallas” CTP 2

OData is an AtomPub-based protocol facilitating data sharing over the web through REST-like requests sent by a consumer to a data producer – an OData service point. OData adds the following features to AtomPub: A convention for representing structured data A resource addressing scheme and URL syntax A set of common query options (filter, sort, etc.) Schema describing resource structure, links and metadata Payload formats and semantics for batch and “unit of work” requests Alternate representations of resource content (JSON) A data request may contain the following components: An example of such a query: Sample OData online services (northwind, etc) - open a browser and test out an OData Service. Building bigger, faster, more reliable websit.