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KINDERWORLD: Educational YOUTUBE Videos. I am constantly searching the web and Youtube for new educational videos. I have compiled a HUGE list below. They are all categorized by subject. I am always updating, so come back and see! BRAIN BREAKSand Educational Youtube videos: Note: If you don't have access to Youtube at school, you can save videos to your thumb drive by going to and enter in the links to to the videos. The Following Videos are in Order as Follows: Reading Math Science Social Studies Brain Breaks Classroom Management All About Me Colors Books To Read Holidays and Special Days Alphabet and Sounds Rhyming Vowels Blending and Building Words Word Rules Silent e Digraphs Parts of Speech and Grammar * Nouns (Have Fun Learning) Stories Number Recognition and Counting Counting to 10 Counting to 20 Counting to 100 Counting by 2s, 5s, 10s Addition & Subtraction Time and Clocks Calendar Songs Money & Coins Shapes Mixture of Math Science: Weather & Seasons Insects Animals Physical Science GREAT "Real" Science Videos (I use them for transitions) Dr.

Letter Factory Alphabet Sounds Song | LeapFrog. KINDERWORLD: Educational YOUTUBE Videos. Live, Love, Laugh Everyday. Blogs and LInks. The Daily Cupcake. Bucket Fillers. 22 Things to Make with Cardboard Tubes. I admit it. I’m a bit of a hoarder when it comes to cardboard tubes. I just can’t bring myself to part with them. I have a huge stash in storage room. Toilet rolls, paper towel rolls, wrapping paper tubes, food-wrap rolls, poster tubes, mailing tubes… My family thinks I’m nuts, but when you think of all the things you can make with a cardboard tube, how COULD you possibly throw them away?

There are literally hundreds of ways to re-use your cardboard tubes. Toilet paper rolls and paper towel rolls are perfect for kids’ crafts. And the sturdier tubes that hold cling-wrap or aluminum foil can be re-purposed for some great kids’ activities. 22 Things to Make with Cardboard Tubes: Click on the highlighted descriptions to see a full tutorial for each craft or activity. Fall Decorations with Cardboard Tubes: Use a cool paint process to make some fall napkin rings. Make a turkey table topper for your Thanksgiving table. Crafting for Halloween: Winter Toilet Roll Crafts: Spring Crafts: Peeps! Well? Crafts for kids and their parents 5min craft: Toilet Roll Bat Buddies.

This halloween craft for kids couldn’t be any easier and Molly and I had so much fun messing around with them at the weekend – where could she hang them upside from next?!! Our toilet roll bat buddies can be re-created in three simple steps Fold in the top of the toilet roll to create the bat ears, glue the fold into position (use kitchen paper tubes if you prefer)Cut the wings out of black craft paper and glue to the sides of the TP rollDraw on the goofy facial faetures That’s it!! Goofy or spooky the kids can let their marker filled hands decide.. The steps again: Cut out the wings (print this pic and use to trace if you like) Glue to the sides of the toilet roll and get busy with the markers, colouring pencils or crayons.

Creative Drawing Ideas for Kids :: Drawing Prompts. As one way to encourage creative drawing and the continued use of our chalkboard, I occasionally add a drawing prompt and wait for the kids to find it. (And by kids, I mean Maia and possibly any friend she has over. Daphne is yet oblivious to such suggestion.) It almost always results in a thoughtful and unique drawing that veers from the usual drawings that I see them make. Drawing prompts are one of many creative drawing ideas for kids that get them thinking and creating differently. The drawing prompts idea is something I’ve borrowed from Susan Striker’s Anti-Coloring Book series —I had one as a child! (By the way, you can find several printable pages from the Anti-Coloring Books as well as examples of what children have drawn on her website.) What I do is begin a simple drawing on the chalkboard, and add an invitation —in this case, the question, “What is inside this house?”

For example, Maia has drawn lots of houses, but always the exterior. Maybe. iPad Apps -      Learn.  Explore.  Wonder.  Create.  Play.  Grow. A Kindergarten Blog: daily math routines. I recently read an article about calendar time for young children. It was first published in the May 2008 issue of Young Child (an NAEYC publication). You can read the article in its entirety here. The article made me think of my own calendar experiences and how maybe it was time to rethink some of the calendar routines that I had used for so many years. Calendar time/math circle time on the carpet can be a very important part of your day or it can be a dreary and difficult time to manage.

Keep it short and keep children moving. Research According to Friedman (2000), when looking at the development of young children there is little evidence that calendar activities which mark extended periods of time (for example: a month or a week) are meaningful for children below first grade. What Should we Teach Using the Calendar? So then... with this information in mind what concepts should we teach using the calendar. Math Concepts Other Knowledge and Skills Picture Schedules Linear Representations.

Rainbow Play Dough. Today I’m sharing what is easily the BEST playdough recipe ever. My plan was to make a simple batch of play dough to replace the sparkly dried out purple stuff that happily met our cookie-making, glitter infusing, practice cutting, snowman-making needs over the past two months. I asked my daughter what color she would like this time around, and she answered with… ALL of them. Ahem. Right. The way I have always made playdough requires that I add the color to the whole batch while it’s cooking, making it difficult to make multiple colors. But by some lucky, happy accident we managed to add the ingredients in the wrong order, which is no doubt the result of making dough with a two year old while chatting with my mother-in-law and goo-gooing at my baby!

The Best Playdough Recipe Supplies 2.5 cups water 1 1/4 c. salt 1 1/2 tbsp. cream of tartar 5 tbsp. vegetable oil 2.5 cups flour Food coloring or liquid watercolors. Store the dough in a large Ziplock bag or sealed container. The Wonderful World of Kindergarten. PUMPKIN SPICE PLAYDOUGH.