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Lovelli Residence by World of Mouth. By Eric • Feb 3, 2012 • Selected Work Bali-based studio Word of Mouth has designed the Lovelli Residence project.

Lovelli Residence by World of Mouth

This 3,230 square foot two story contemporary home is located in Seminyak, a mixed tourist and residential area on the west coast of Bali just north of Kuta and Legian. Lovelli Residence by World of Mouth: “The brief to Architect Valentina Audrito and her team at Word of Mouth was very clear: create a fun, unique space in which the client, an Italian socialite/jewellery designer, could live and entertain. 20+ Beautiful Modern Staircases. We’re constantly running across photos of truly jaw dropping staircases.

20+ Beautiful Modern Staircases

So much of the time, stairs look as if they were ignored until the last minute of the design process, but not in these cases. Check out some of our favorite staircasess that we’ve come across: Let’s start out with a staircase we’ve talked about before: Ribbon Stairs. Designed by HŠH Architects to mimic a delicate rippling ribbon, these stairs are beautiful but maybe a little scary to run up and down when you’re in a hurry. Italian company 14 Ora Italiana has a collection of wood grain porcelain tiles that were inspired by the works of Andy Warhol.

Photo by Filip Dujardin. Harmonious modern residence in South Africa. This beautiful and original modern home is designed by Werner van der Meulen architects and located in South Africa.

Harmonious modern residence in South Africa

The floor to ceiling windows allow an unobstructed interior-exterior connection.The wooden grid encountered at the windows and eaves acts as blends and sets the tone to the composition. Another focus element is water, found here and there throughout the layout, be it in the pool or the waterfalls decorating the small oases around the house. The house is a clear blend of simple volumes complemented by flawless lighting and natural elements. Opulent spa residence in South Africa.

The incredible Joc House in Johannesburg, South Africa is one of those ridiculously vast and luxurious spa homes that make a resort vacation obsolete.

Opulent spa residence in South Africa

Designed by Nico Van der Meulen architects, this , believe it or not, 2 floor residence features a stunning open entrance layout that makes the inside spaces seem like outdoor spaces or terraces. The inside pool, prolonged outside, contributes to this impression, as does the stunning 2 story height living room. The choice of materials is minimalist to brutalist, with marble and strip stone on the inside and a gigantic, very arguable freestanding concrete frame the size of the whole structure, on the front terrace and attached to the residence by 2 beams.

Aside from looking massive and even science-fiction-utopia/dystopia-like, this kind of concrete frame is the architects’ trademark. Urban Cabin by Fábio Galeazzo. Empresa cria papel de parede luminoso. Philips cria papéis de parede luminosos e que reagem aos sons do ambiente. Papel de parede luminoso economiza energia e absorve ruídos. Por Mariana Montenegro comentário(s) A empresa Phillips juntou a tecnologia de baixo consumo energético de suas lâmpadas LED com o design têxtil da Kvadrat Soft Cells, para criar uma espécie de papel de parede luminoso.

Papel de parede luminoso economiza energia e absorve ruídos

A novidade combina a variação de luminosidade que os LED´s permitem, à propriedades de absorção de som, por meio do revestimento das luzes com um tecido especial. O revestimento tem a capacidade de atenuar ecos e ruídos difundidos no ambiente em que a parede se encontra. Bom para festas e recepções mais barulhentas. L i m o n a d a - B I Z. Motivos florais estão longe de ser uma novidade em matéria de papéis de parede, mas a designer sueca Camilla Diedrich descobriu uma forma de inovar: em uma homenagem ao músico americano, que perdeu a visão durante a infância, sua linha "Nature Ray Charles" traz luz para a decoração de paredes. O diferencial fica por contas das fibras óticas, utilizadas por ela para tecer delicados arranjos de linhas resplandecentes, com um resultado é belíssimo. Disponíveis em diversas cores como ouro, bronze, verde, azul e framboesa, os papéis de parede vêm em rolos de 135 cm x 260 cm que podem ser aplicados repetidamente conforme a área desejada.

A designer tem um talento especial para transformar superfícies planas em formas tridimensionais ricamente texturizadas. 12 Feet Wide Family House in Barcelona by Ferrolan LAB. Barcelona-based studio Ferrolan LAB has designed this narrow contemporary family house.

12 Feet Wide Family House in Barcelona by Ferrolan LAB

Completed in 2010, the 12 feet by 82 feet home is located in Barcelona, Spain. Family House in Barcelona by Ferrolan LAB: “The house is situated in the heart of an old town district in Barcelona. The urban grid of the area is characterized by small, narrow and long plots. This house is probably situated in one of the narrowest spaces around the neighborhood, as it measures only 3,7m wide.

The dimensions of the plot (3.7 m wide x 25m long), its location (between neighbouring walls) and its orientation (N-S) dictated the development of this housing. Our proposed architecture attempts to take these shortcomings and try to turn them into positives. In addition, because of the pre-existing features, we decided to explore developing the house vertically, putting in different floors to meet the different needs of our project.

Therefore, the layout is distributed as follows: The first floor. Modern art - nova68 modern design.