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SPEC INDIA a Leading ISO 9001:2008 Software Development Company in India providing a quality rich Web & Mobile App Development, Software Testing & QC, Business Intelliengence & Big Data Services for all Industries like Healtcare, FMCG, Entrprises, Real Estates, Ecommerce and many more. To get More about us visit :

Contact Us - SPEC INDIA. News, SPEC INDIA News and Events - SPEC INDIA. SPEC INDIA. Portfolio - Mobile Applications. Portfolio - Software Applications. Web Development Portfolio. Our Portfolio. Effective & Innovative Business Solutions - SPEC INDIA. Vehicle Tracking System, GPS Tracking Systems - SPEC INDIA. SPEC INDIA - Online Helpdesk Management Software, Online Ticketing System, Help Desk Software.

SPEC INDIA’s web based Online Help Desk Management System is an effective and efficient customizable framework that helps the application support and maintenance services, bug tracking and change management requirements of any service organization, catering to various domains: IT, Manufacturing, Service Industry etc.

SPEC INDIA - Online Helpdesk Management Software, Online Ticketing System, Help Desk Software

The framework helps in building a web based support desk, which focuses on administration and supervision of Service Level Agreements (SLA) in a very crisp manner. This multi functional tool takes care of the complete lifecycle of the ticket with functionalities like creating tickets online, setting priority, tracking SLAs, communications, manage documents related to the ticket, Impact Analysis and Approvals. It’s MIS Reporting and Dashboards allow for an in-depth issue analysis and SLA compliance tracking. The system has email integration which auto generates emails. Our Helpdesk solution enables the organization to reap significant benefits like: Proposed Technology:

Service and Maintenance Application (eSAM) SPEC INDIA’s comprehensive solution, ‘Electronic Service and Maintenance Application – eSAM’, is an application to carry out field service activities like field survey, data capture and collection, service and routine maintenance for in-premises installations and facilities, manufacturing units, engineering industries, hospitals, hotels etc.

Service and Maintenance Application (eSAM)

It is of most use to the field maintenance staff and the field service engineer teams. Providing clients with valuable and competent service and maintenance as per defined Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) or as per companies’ standardized compliance is the USP of eSAM. Industries that show interest for such solutions are Hospitality, Production & Manufacturing, Gas & Energy, Utility segments. This application comprises of an easy to use web based back office system and an android tablet based client application and finds its needs for industries undertaking on-call or scheduled maintenance and services onsite. Mobile Device Management (MDM) Solution - SPEC INDIA. Enterprise CRM Solutions, Business Mobility CRM Services.

SPEC INDIA has in its kitty of business solutions, an Enterprise Business Mobility CRM Solution, which has been successfully implemented at various clientele locations and is augmenting its prospects and enlightening organizations with its benefits and value additions.

Enterprise CRM Solutions, Business Mobility CRM Services

Centralization of customer information, insight into customer needs and behavior, better customer experience – that is what CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software is meant to be. It is intended to help organizations achieve their goals and objectives of customer relationship management. Mobile Sales Force Automation, Mobile Sales Force Automation (SFA) Solutions - SPEC INDIA. SPEC INDIA’s Mobile Sales Force Automation (SFA) solution, ZooM, is based on mobilizing and automating the routine activities of the sales force, customer executives and the field representatives who are on the move.

Mobile Sales Force Automation, Mobile Sales Force Automation (SFA) Solutions - SPEC INDIA

It is developed exclusively to connect the mobile field sales force with the corporate back office and thereby, ensure a real time, robust and comprehensive flow of information to and fro between both the entities. The end result is a complete end-to-end field force automation application focusing on integrating the planning and execution of field staff activities along with the availability of business critical information right on time. Our Mobile SFA solution can be ported on Android OS compatible Smart Phones / Tablets, HTML 5.0 browser compatible mobile handsets and Windows Mobile 6x based rugged hand held devices.

Connectivity to the back office is through GPRS, 3G mobile internet, Wi-Fi or Blue tooth (for slip printing). Partner with Us - SPEC INDIA. SPEC INDIA has been successfully servicing its niche global clientele and Fortune 100 companies over the last two and a half decades and is expanding its presence across global regions to serve various needs of large and small organizations for their software development requirements.

Partner with Us - SPEC INDIA

Our experience with some of our partners and affiliates over the past several years has been flourishing in various geographies. We strongly believe that we have proficiency in diverse technologies, domains and business solutions, which we would wish to expand across the globe. Having partners globally, our processes for association with them are well set and tested. SPEC INDIA.

We are a boutique ISO 9001:2008 certified company, providing world class quality work to our Fortune 100, Medium & Small Enterprise companies with our mature process implementations.


Embarking on our journey 27+ years ago, with a single support desk, SPEC INDIA, today has become your one stop solution provider for enterprise business solutions. We have traversed a challenging and exciting path, harnessing a multitude of technologies, domains, services, nurturing a skilled pool of resources and serving a niche global clientele. Gaining expertise and experience in Enterprise Mobility, BI & Big Data, Custom Web and Desktop Applications, Support & Maintenance, Automated and Manual 3rd Party Testing & Design Services, we have provided end-to-end solutions to a large portfolio of customers around the globe. We live up to our vision "To Deliver Effective Business Solutions in line with International Standards that Generate Customer Value". Third Party Application Testing Services. We believe in enforcing quality at every stage of the project development lifecycle, integrating the working of both our QA teams and your project development teams, making test processes a closely co-ordinated effort of both the teams.

Third Party Application Testing Services

In typical waterfall model projects, our QA teams will get involved in the project, right from the requirements study and analysis phase, giving them insights to draw up test strategies, test plans and test schedules. Test scenarios and test case preparation are prepared in the early stages of the project, taking inputs from the real life business scenarios. Once the developers carry out the unit testing, the modules are released for QA testing. Our QA along with the planned QA testing, also cross check the closure of the bugs posted by the developers during Unit testing. Automation Testing - Automated Software Testing Services. SPEC INDIA recognizes the obvious advantages of both manual testing and automated testing.

Automation Testing - Automated Software Testing Services

To increase the reliability of software quality checks, we harness the potentials of Automated Testing tools like Selendroid, Selenium, Appium, Robotium, Quick Time Pro, Load Runner etc. which help in simulating scenarios and performing continuous routine mundane tests. We have a smart mix of manual and automated software testing in our Test Plans and Test Cases making our quality checks with no compromise on project deadlines and “Go to Market” plans. Automated testing has specific advantages of improving the long-term efficiency of a software testing processes and ultimate turn around time. It improvises the trustworthiness of the testing processes, by furnishing flawless, steadfast outcomes. These tools deliver unerring, fast and reliable results repetitively, proving them to be very cost effective. Manual Software Testing Services. Manual testing activities conducted at SPEC INDIA provide an unbiased, independent view of your software to put forward to you the real picture and portray the risks underlying if any, by identifying errors.

Manual Software Testing Services

Our competent testing teams get into the skin of the users themselves to replicate user behavior while confirming software reliability. The user interfaces and the user experience itself are put to test to determine and remove any unexpected bugs coming up especially during unusual user gestures. Unlike automated testing, this kind of testing requires human prudence to eradicate any possibilities of mistake by emulating user behavior. Manual testing services by our testing teams include designing meticulous test plans, test cases and scenarios before actually conducting the manual tests and establishing user acceptance. Manual Testing. Hire Web Application Tester. As your reliable testing partner, SPEC INDIA offers quality assurance services and testing services with flexible business partnering models which match your budgets, maximize your ROI and reduce “Go To Market” time.

Hire Web Application Tester

“Hire a Tester” service at SPEC INDIA ensures that when you associate with us as a testing partner you allow us to take care of all your QA requirements with our flexible business models. Our Testing and QA professionals make up a strong team to enable us to offer testing as a service by taking care of all your QA requirements. As per your testing requirements, multi skilled resources are pooled in and their experience and expertise enable us to deliver impeccable test results proving to be a value addition to your quality assurance practices. The comprehensive test coverage rolled out by our experts with the test cases, test plans and reports only certify that testing is one of our core competencies. Database Development Services, Data Management Systems. Database Modeling and Design We possess skilled expertise in Database Modeling and Designing. We use Modeling techniques like E-R Modeling, Semantic Modeling, Star Schema Design and Snowflake Schema Design Database Optimization.

Business Intelligence Services, BI Solutions. BI Analytics is the answer to a multitude of questions hidden in the business information, to survey and discover from the findings and extract advanced analytics. Cloud Based BI A perfect mishmash of business intelligence solutions with cloud computing. Business organizations can utilize resources in the cloud with least investment as related to their IT infrastructure. Self Service BI An independent framework, in which the end users can independently, extract the data and create desired reports and queries with least help from the technical department. Data Visualization Through this mechanism, data can be represented in visually appealing formats. Highlights: Interactive Dashboard Mashups Balanced Scorecard Geographical charting Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) is a data processing method which provides a multi dimensional view of the measures and enables user to easily and speedily access consolidated enterprise data.

Key features: Pentaho Business Intelligence Services. Organizations today have a plethora of data that gets collected from various sources and in various formats (formatted / unformatted data), which needs to be consolidated, cleansed, analyzed, stored and visualized. Pentaho BI suite can help enterprises manage all of this through its well proven stack. It is a complete suite of Pentaho analytics for BI, Big Data & Data Integration. Pentaho Open Source community offers modern, integrated and Embeddable platform built for accessing virtually all types of data sources including Big Data. Big Data Analytics, Enterprise Big Data Solutions. Volume Higher the volume of data, more comprehensive will be the 360 degree view of information, thereby increasing insight and depth of information ensuring better decision making. Velocity This refers to the influx and investigation of flowing data.

Increasing customer data fed rapidly into the Big Data platform leads to increased likeliness to make the right decision at the right time to achieve management goals. Value This dimension talks of identification of value added information. Variety. Cross Platform Application Development. At SPEC INDIA, we focus on HTML5 and CSS3 development, with core engagement of the experts to deliver cross platform, functionally rich and robust enterprise solutions which are demanded by today’s enterprises in various domains, this could be our Sales Force Automation solution ZooM; for FMCG, Manufacturing, Sales & Distribution, Healthcare & Wellness, Consumer durables or Vehicle Tracking System(VTS), a GPS based Fleet Monitoring solution or Business Intelligence Solutions like BI SFA Reports with dashboards for visualization and analysis or a dynamic CMS based website for a leading real estate organization and our very own website. e-CRM e-CRM, a cross platform Enterprise Business Mobility CRM Solution, provides our clients with a flexible, customizable CRM solution to automate and synchronize interdepartmental workflows with an aim to enhance collaboration between teams resulting in a satisfying customer relationship.

Windows Mobile Application Development - Hire Windows Phone Developer. The Windows Mobile genre of mobile operating systems from Microsoft, which is based on the .NET Windows Mobile Framework for smartphones and pocket PCs, is one of the oldest mobile platforms, whose journey began with Windows CE for handheld portable devices then moved on to Pocket PC 2000, based on Windows CE 3.0, and later to Windows Mobile operating system as is known today. Enterprise Mobility Solutions, Mobile hand-held Applications. iOS Application Development - Hire iOS App Developer.

iOS has slowly and surely entered into our lives and there is then no wonder that SPEC INDIA with its insight and technical finesse brings to you niche solutions for iPad and iPhone to propel refinements in the quality of your lives. Android Application Development - Hire Android App Developer. The Android Application Developer Team at SPEC develops managed code in Java, controlling the devices via Google developed Java libraries.

Legacy Application Migration Interfaces, Software Migration. UI UX Design and Development Services. Software Consulting Services, Software Development Company - SPEC INDIA. Microsoft Technologies - RIA & ASP.NET Application Development Services. SPEC INDIA mobilizes the competencies of the Microsoft Silverlight, the application framework to implement Rich Internet Applications providing Cross Platform and Cross Browser support catering to business applications, vector based graphics, 2D animation and audio/video playback emulating the features of desktop applications on web applications. Silverlight Advantages. Java Application Development Company - Expertise Developers.

Our Java proficiency encompasses knowledge of various J2EE frameworks and toolkits although not limited to. Hire Dedicated Developer, Web Developer - SPEC INDIA. Hire Mobile App Developer. Enterprise Software Development, Maintenance and Support Service. Application Interface Development Services, Application Programming Interface - SPEC INDIA. E-Commerce Application Development Company, E commerce Solutions. Web Application Development Services. Desktop Application Development Services. Custom Software Development Services. Software Testing - Off Shore Application Testing Service Provider Company. Business Intelligence, Big Data and Database Services.

Hire Mobile App Developer - Mobile Application Development Company. Software Development Service Provider Company. Custom Software, BI-Big Data & Mobile Application Development Company.