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Pentagon Evidence

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Pentagon searchers encounter grisly scenes. The fireball occurred when the jetliner's full fuel tank exploded on impact and roared down corridors so fast that "90% didn't know what happened to them," he said.

Pentagon searchers encounter grisly scenes

Many were sitting at their desks or behind partitions. One woman was found frozen in a sitting position, her arms posed as if reading a document. Several bodies were found huddled in groups near televisions. 2005.05.07 - "I know what happened to flight 77" I started researching FLight 77 and its passengers.

2005.05.07 - "I know what happened to flight 77"

Approximately 16 to 21 of the 58 passangers work at classified positions in the defense sector!!!! Look at how many of them are aerospace engineers. One is a lifetime CIA operative who works for veridian as an aerospace engineer, Yamnicky is his last name. The first passenger listed, Caswell, led a team of 100 scientists for the navy. Several work for Boeing and Raytheon on the Global Hawk in El Segundo, California. I think many people faked their deaths. Perfect Infidel: David Beckham and Flight 77 in Paris. Strange things afoot!

Perfect Infidel: David Beckham and Flight 77 in Paris

We had to run up to Paris on Monday last for a meeting and it turned out to be quite an adventure! The meeting was with the Rector of an European University who approached us some time back, offering my husband a teaching contract with VERY generous terms - so generous, in fact, that we were suspicious of the motives. This individual is the son of a former government Minister (I'm not naming the country for reasons that will become obvious as I proceed with the story) who presided over the downfall of an entire government, and who left with a LOT of money. And here I mean a "lot of money" in global terms, not just a "local rich guy. " So, this son grew up to be an academic with lots of money and very interesting government connections both inside his own country and within the governments of other countries, including France, where we live.

This leads us to HOW this offer came to us. We have friends who move in French Government circles. Hmmmm... She has a point. +++ Russia Watched 9/11 In REAL TIME on SATELLITE +++ [Date Prev][Date Next][Thread Prev][Thread Next][Date Index][Thread Index] Anyone remember that marvelous photo of Putin when Bush visited Russia after 9/11.

+++ Russia Watched 9/11 In REAL TIME on SATELLITE +++

The most astute leader in the world, was looking at Bush into his eyes as if Bush was his adored boyfriend. It was a scene from a romance novel. It was the most hilarious photo. Indeed, Putin EXACTLY knew what 9/11 was and sought to turn that to his advantage. +++ Russia Watched 9/11 In REAL TIME on SATELLITE +++, lemnitzer <= NATIONAL SECURITY ALERT - Evidence. The Pentagon Attack: What the Physical Evidence Shows. The Pentagon attack left debris scattered over a wide area.

The Pentagon Attack: What the Physical Evidence Shows

Judging from the dimensions of punctures in the facade the vast majority of debris ended up inside of the building. Nonetheless, the few photographs that show portions of the lawn near the building show an extensive debris field, easily accounting for the portions of a 757 that did not penetrate the building. Although no photographs show large pieces of aircraft, it is not reasonable to expect large pieces to have survived intact given the nature of the crash. It is noteworthy that many crashes that left very little to no large recognizable pieces involved much lower impact speeds than the Pentagon attack. Since the Iranian C-130 was attempting to land, its airspeed was probably less than 150 mph. Phot. Doctored Pentagon video proves 9/11 cover-up and inside job. From the frames released in 2002: notice the wrong date and the helpful descriptions so you know what you’re seeing.

Doctored Pentagon video proves 9/11 cover-up and inside job

June 13, 2014 By Craig McKee A single frame gives it away. Government Involvement in 9/11. In the summer of 2000, the Project for the New American Century (PNAC), a neo-conservative think tank riddled with soon to be Bush administration officials and advisors, issued a document calling for the radical restructuring of U.S. government and military policies.

Government Involvement in 9/11

It advocated the massive expansion of defense spending, the re-invasion of Iraq, the military and economic securing of Afghanistan and Central Asia, increased centralized power and funds for the CIA, FBI, and NSA, among a slew of other policies that would, in the near future, be enacted upon their ascension to power. In the same document, they cite a potential problem with their plan. Referring to the goals of transforming the U.S. and global power structure, the paper states that because of the American Public's slant toward ideas of democracy and freedom, "this process of transformation is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event - like a new Pearl Harbor.

" (ibid.) back to top. The plane flew over the pentagon. National Security Alert!

The plane flew over the pentagon

August 7, 2010 Kevin Barrett talks with Craig Ranke of Citizen Investigation Team (CIT), makers of the documentary National Security Alert. Pentagon debates expose emptiness of large-plane-impact scenario. We can see in this composite photo that there is no room for a plane to have entered without large pieces of wreckage remaining outside.

Pentagon debates expose emptiness of large-plane-impact scenario

The work that Craig Ranke (of Citizen Investigation Team) has done on the witnesses for the north path is some of the most solid, irrefutable evidence that one could ever assemble on 9/11, period – Massimo Mazzucco, creator of September 11: The New Pearl Harbor It was my understanding there would be no math ― Chevy Chase as Gerald Ford in 1976 presidential debate, Saturday Night Live March 16, 2016. Doctored Pentagon video proves 9/11 cover-up and inside job. How we KNOW an airliner did NOT hit the Pentagon. By Craig McKee The government and the media have told us that a Boeing 757 airliner hit the Pentagon at nearly 9:38 a.m. on Sept. 11, 2001.

How we KNOW an airliner did NOT hit the Pentagon

But we know it didn’t. For the Pentagon to have been hit at by the allegedly hijacked American Airlines Flight 77, the laws of physics would have to have been repealed. Admittedly, it wouldn’t be the only time that this appears to have happened that day. I believe that any reasonable person who is willing to look at the evidence (photo and otherwise) will have to conclude that there was not enough damage to the Pentagon for it to have been hit by a Boeing 757. There are many elements of the official Flight 77 story that need to be picked apart. According to Boeing’s own web site, the 757 is 155 feet, 3 inches long. Flight 77 took off from Washington Dulles International Airport near Washington D.C. bound for Los Angeles at 8:20 a.m. – 10 minutes late.

Missing wings at the Pentagon: study says they’d have snapped off, not folded in. “When you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains — however improbable — must be the truth.” – Sherlock Holmes By Craig McKee I’m not in the habit of quoting fictional characters, but these words (actually written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle) are so perfect when challenging assumptions about what happened with Flight 77 and the Pentagon on Sept. 11. Unfortunately, many people approach things the other way around. They imagine that alternative scenarios are too far-fetched to be possible – so we have to stick to the official story.

What I choose to do is to show what’s impossible and see what remains. 9/11 Commissioner Admits Missile Hit The Pentagon! (VIDEO) Southwest Plane Hits Light Pole At Denver Airport (PHOTO) Southwest flight 792 had just landed from Los Angeles at the Denver airport when it had a bizarre run-in with a light pole. The 737 was taxiing to the gate when, a passenger Tweeted, it ran into a pole on the tarmac. Twitter user and passenger @Hilary_NH Tweeted: "I was just in a plane crash!! Seriously. The pilot bit a light pole @ Denver International Airport (DEN)". Ken Doc - INVESTIGATE 9/11. There are a lot of people in this movement that claim there is no debris at all from whatever plane hit the Pentagon. These people are either deliberately ignoring the photographic evidence or refuse to believe that an impact was possible.

There are many photos clearly showing lots of debris scattered over the lawn and the heliport pad. You don’t have to believe anything I say but I do ask that you at least look at all the evidence before you come to a conclusion. Going full debunker: Chandler devotes most of Pentagon talk to boosting 9/11 official story. Chandler thinks the Truth Movement will look ridiculous if we don’t agree with him about a large plane crashing at the Pentagon.

By Craig McKee with Adam Syed and Adam Ruff With truthers like this, who needs debunkers? NATIONAL SECURITY ALERT - 9/11 PENTAGON ATTACK. What hit the Pentagon. 8:20 am : Flight 77 departs from Dulles Airport. Some 20 miles from the Pentagon. 8:50 : Last radio communication with flight 77. Now some 280 miles from the Pentagon. 8:56 : Transponder contact lost. The PentaCon-There was no plane at the Pentagon on 9/11 it was a decoy! 9-11 Here's something the government didn't want you to see. Pentagon External Impact Damage. Response to snopes pentagon "rumor" urban legend 9/11. Well, Lee, nothing looks bolted together here. Pentagon Damage. What Really Happened on September 11 at the Pentagon. By Enver Masud FREE ebook -- "9/11 Unveiled" (Also Arabic, Chinese) American Patriots — Muslims didn't do it Read Enver Masud's new article on the Pentagon There is little if any hard evidence available to the public, that American Airlines Flight 77, a Boeing 757 flying from Washington Dulles International Airport, crashed into the Pentagon on September 11, 2001.

At the Dept. of Defense (DoD) News Briefing on September 12, 2001, American Airlines, Flight 77, Boeing 757, and Dulles were not even mentioned. Phot. (NEW 2014 WTC DEMOLITION PROOF) DEBUNK THIS (REMAKE) RARE FOOTAGE AND INTERVIEWS SHOWING NEW PROOF. Leaked 9/11 Video Footage Showing Cruise Missile Hitting The Pentagon.