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How To Effectively Use Visual Storytelling. Social Media has become a massive hub for generating traffic and sales for most businesses today.

How To Effectively Use Visual Storytelling

One of the greatest ways to convert a user is to use visual storytelling. Visual Storytelling intrigues the user by using images to garner the user’s click leading to your content. Pictures and graphics have been proven to increase click-through rates on all social channels. Videos are also incredibly useful when it comes to visual storytelling. Videos help educate and sell a user on a product better than most other mediums on the web.

Community management. Social Media Marketing for Real Estate Agents. When someone wants to buy or sell their home, they want help from someone that they know, like and trust.

Social Media Marketing for Real Estate Agents

Many real estate agents will join local business networking organizations and chambers of commerce to help create and foster those kinds of connections. What if there was an easier way to connect with local customers? Real estate agents everywhere are realizing that social media could possibly be their best marketing medium. Instead of bus benches and newspaper ads, agents can use social media to create a steady stream of inbound marketing leads. Here's Your Download. I'm really excited that you're interested in improving your LinkedIn profile and making it work for your business.

Here's Your Download

You can download a copy of the complete article in PDF format below, or wait for the email you're about to receive. The Ultimate Guide to the Perfect Linkedin Profile (You can click either the image or the link. Right-mouse click and choose Save Link As. Or, when you open the PDF in your browser, look for the Save icon.) While I've clearly asked for your email address for marketing purposes, please rest assured, I won't be spamming you at all.

So enjoy, and we'll talk again soon. ~ Mike P.S. The Complete Guide to the Perfect LinkedIn Profile. Last Updated: July 26, 2015 Because LinkedIn began as a platform for connecting employers with employees, essentially an online resume service, our LinkedIn profiles are far more complicated and advanced than the other social networks.

The Complete Guide to the Perfect LinkedIn Profile

This is no 140 character Bio like on Twitter. Welcome to Forbes. 3 brilliant LinkedIn summaries that will inspire you to update yours. Like your resume and your cover letter, you know that a LinkedIn profile is must-have in your job search.

3 brilliant LinkedIn summaries that will inspire you to update yours

It’s not only a great platform for job seekers to showcase their work, but it also has the added benefit of having recruiters crawling all over it. So, it makes perfect sense for people to optimize their profile’s potential. However, a surprising number of people ignore the most flexible and, arguably, most useful part: the “Summary” section. I get it, though. It’s open-ended, and a blank canvas can be scary. 1. From Jenny Foss My business cards say such things as career strategist, recruiter and resume writer. Enrichissez votre storytelling avec le scrollitelling. Nous avons le plaisir de recevoir à nouveau Stéphane Dangel de StoryTelling France.

Enrichissez votre storytelling avec le scrollitelling

Dans cet article Stéphane nous parle d’un nouveau outil dans le Story Telling : le ScrolliTelling ! C’est quoi le ScrolliTelling ? Ça y est, encore un nouveau nom ! On commençait à peine à s’habituer au mot storytelling, que voici venir le scrollitelling. Pour être précis, ce n’est pas une nouveauté 2015 : on en parle depuis bien deux-trois ans, et on en voit depuis cette époque sur les sites des médias d’information notamment. Ah, ce sont les journalistes qui en font, ce n’est donc pas juste la nouvelle astuce publicitaire à la mode ? Pour faire simple, scrollitelling vient de storytelling, la technique de communication qui consiste à raconter des histoires et de scrolling, comme scroller sur une page de site web. Le scrollitelling, C’est donc une histoire à scroller. Le New York Times aux USA et le Guardian en Angleterre ont été parmi les premiers à l’utiliser et le quotidien sportif.

Je vous offre mon guide. Blog.hootsuite. With 42% of marketers planning to increase their use of Instagram this year, visual content is more important than ever to a brand’s marketing strategy.


But for many brands, creating a captivating Instagram profile and generating high quality visual content can be challenging. To help marketers get the most impact out of their Instagram profiles, here are the top three marketing trends that any business can learn from, whether you have 300,000 followers or 300. 5 Ways Your Social Media Profile Is Losing Jobs For You. The Biggest Differences between Articles and Blogs. In a digital world where content reigns over all, we all know that we need content, but we're not sure what type and why.

The Biggest Differences between Articles and Blogs

As a digital marketer, I get a lot of questions about what content really means and why it's necessary, but the most commonly asked question I've received over the last year is "what's the difference between an article and a blog? " Believe it or not, there are a lot of differences between the two content types, with each serving different purposes but ultimately working to meet the same goal. Check out the biggest differences between articles and blogs below. Purpose of an Article The overall purpose of an article is to provide in-depth insight on a particular topic or subject. Think about the last time you read an article in a magazine—I'm going to guess it was long, insightful, and required you to read the entire piece to understand what its intention was. That's the thing about articles.