Theresa May's grubby little warning: an independent Scotland will be out in the cold It is a good thing that government ministers come to Scotland sometimes. It is a bad thing that they insist on opening their mouths when they do. Earlier this year we endured the spectacle of Philip Hammond making an arse of himself; today it has been Theresa May’s turn to make one wish cabinet ministers would, just occasionally, contemplate the virtue of silence. Theresa May's grubby little warning: an independent Scotland will be out in the cold
Labour’s pains Labour’s pains A Westminster Labour front-bench politician asked me last week at his party conference in Perth how I felt the polls were looking for 2016. “Didn’t he mean 2014?” I asked before realising that for him, the referendum was all but won. And worse, he had already bought into the belief that with the SNP soundly thumped at the ballot box, his party would rise, phoenix like, to assume power 18 months on.
An independent Scotland will inherit a fair share of the UK’s £1.3 trillion assets. This is of huge significance. These assets will generate a huge economic windfall for the people of Scotland of £109 billion. It will make Scotland far wealthier and allow us to reshape our institutions’ towards priorities that suit Scotland. How will this happen? After a ‘Yes’ vote negotiations will share UK assets between Scotland and the rest of the UK. Independence will generate a £109,000,000,000 asset windfall for Scotland Independence will generate a £109,000,000,000 asset windfall for Scotland
To September And Beyond: Cybernats Ate My Hamster Should No campaigners venture out into the streets without body armour? That’s the question currently being posed by self-styled influential commentators after a study by IBM (Incredibly Biased Media) revealed that Cybernat rudeness is reaching epidemic proportions. “It was bad enough when Cybernats were confined to their bedrooms,” said one political figure, wearing a paper bag over his head for anonymity. “Having the word PISH tweeted at you isn’t very agreeable when your Scottish cringe is normally greeted with nods of approval in the House of Lords. But at least they used to be out of sight, unless one of them accidentally managed to Skype you, so you didn’t have to gaze with horror upon their sweaty countenances and grubby semmits. “Now we’ve let them get hold of iPhones, so they’re able to go outdoors, meet up in huge gangs and go on…. on…. sticker rampages.” To September And Beyond: Cybernats Ate My Hamster
10 economic benefits for a wealthier independent Scotland 10 economic benefits for a wealthier independent Scotland In January Business for Scotland published 10 key economic facts that made it clear that Scotland is a wealthy nation. The facts show that Scotland is already in a stronger economic and fiscal position than the UK as a whole. This article looks at Scotland’s future and makes it clear how independence will improve Scotland’s economy, providing greater prosperity and opportunity for both businesses and citizens. By moving economic decision making from Westminster to Scotland, Scotland will have greater control over policy making in crucial areas. Control over issues like taxation, employment, immigration, exports, and industrial policy provides many opportunities to improve Scotland’s finances.
England don’t go. England don’t go and drift off into a fantasy isolationism, anti-immigrant, anti-EU and anti the interconnectedness of the modern world. England don’t go and vote for UKIP. England don’t go on fuelling the London City-state with subsidies and tax-breaks, denuding the rest of your country of jobs and opportunity. England don’t go | England don’t go |
Margo MacDonald was a rare and precious gift, a politician who was warm, likeable, truthful and passionate. No matter how brightly her star shone – her feet remained firmly planted on Scottish soil. She embodied a great paradox, a miracle even, despite being an extraordinary woman Margo was always one of the ordinary people. Margo made me a into supporter of independence. I only met her once, very briefly, when she was standing for election as rector of Glasgow University back in the early 80s. I was shy and tongue tied in the presence of my hero, she’d already worked her magic on me long before when she won the Govan by-election. Thank you, Margo « Wee Ginger Dug Thank you, Margo « Wee Ginger Dug
Dr Eurovision's Blog A Song for Scotland? Dr Eurovision's Blog A Song for Scotland? Today the Scottish Government launched its blueprint for independence. The document, titled "Scotland's Future: Your guide to an independent Scotland" outlines the justification for independence and sets out a series of policy pledges which the Scottish National Party would pursue in the event of a yes vote. The white paper is substantial and covers diverse topics including defence, environmental issues, economics and indeed culture. On page 532 of the report, under the section titled “Culture, Communications and Digital” the document categorically states that Scotland would seek to enter the Eurovision Song Contest. “The Scottish Broadcasting Service (SBS) would seek membership of the EBU.
To September And Beyond: The Clash Of The Cabinets Monday’s UK Cabinet day-trip to Aberdeen, the first occasion in two years when Tory MPs outnumbered pandas in Scotland, was a complicated logistical exercise. Public safety was a huge concern, since most Cabinet members aren’t accustomed to being that far north without being seized by the urge to shoot something. In addition, there was the threat of the Scottish Cabinet unexpectedly appearing on the scene and subjecting Dave and his pals to a hilarious Benny Hill chase sequence. When, despite Michael Gove’s intensive tutoring, the Cabinet proved to be absolute rubbish at spikkin Doric, it was the last straw. Aides regretfully concluded that the politicians would have to be kept apart from the general public at all times. To September And Beyond: The Clash Of The Cabinets
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Twitter and Cyber-Bullying Monday, January 27th, 2014 @ 3:07PM I had the opportunity to fulfill a personal ambition when I was invited on to Question Time last week, a programme which as a young person was an introduction for me to real political debate and one I still find tests my certainties and assumptions. So I had the chance to emulate many of my Labour heroes last Thursday night by taking on David Dimbleby, Ruth Davidson, John Swinney, Jim Sillars and an impressive Dundee audience who weren’t going to be conned by anyone.
So. That's that then. And how did Mr. Cameron's exhortation to hug a sweaty go down with the Great British public? They were told to make their voices heard. Reporting the Referendum: Love, bombing again
Barbarian Politics I ask this question because I'm now totally confused as to precisely what the SNP propose for an independent Scotland. In the beginning..... Scotland was to stand as an independent nation, with its own currency, economic policy, military and so on. Free of the shackles of Westminster and Europe and let the people decide.
Economic policy in an independent Scotland : Business for Scotland Exploding the Scotland will not be fully independent myth! It is an often quoted ‘No’ claim that keeping the pound and allowing The Bank of England to set interest rates, means that Scotland won’t have control of its own economic policy after independence, or that it would not be truly independent. Leaving aside the fact that this argument implies that France, Germany, Denmark and all the other eurozone countries are not fully independent, I thought the claim was worthy of fuller investigation.
From Poisonous Little Acorns… | Scottish Independence 2014 Blog It’s been few months now since Johann Lamont, Labour’s leader in the Scottish Parliament, raised eyebrows with a speech in the chamber in which she outlined her ‘fear’ of Scotland voting for independence and the inevitable side-effect of the ‘foreignisation’ of her friends and relatives in rUK. Many of us ridiculed her comments at the time, pointing out that the idea of someone being foreign presented us with no problem whatsoever. At the ‘United with Labour’ launch recently, she revisited this when she said “In simple terms, why make Alex Ferguson a foreigner?” . She evidently didn’t get the memo. Then today on BBC Radio Scotland’s ‘Good Morning Scotland’ show, Margaret Curran MP, Labour’s Shadow Secretary of State for Scotland, made similar remarks.
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