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July 2015

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Michelle Mone has been made a Tory peer. She has made a career out of supporting tits. Now they are returning the favour. Hell yes ⚡️⚡️help the little woman⚡️⚡️very sexist also misogyny at its best⚡️⚡️#disgrace. I may have just found the most incredible anecdote about a leadership candidate ever in this comments section. Another brilliant episode of #WentworthPrison tonight, felt a bit sorry for poor #Boomer I bet that stung a bit! @daniellecormack is awesome. But fair play to the wee wummin behind me who said what we were all thinking ... "for fuck sake, son, gonny no...." #DadOfTheYear. If you're just getting up, here's your news in brief from the Scotsman #news.

Kezia comes across as someone playing the part of a politician, rather than actually being one. There's no sincerity there. The most electrifying moment, the only electrifying moment in this debate was Jeremy Corybn #Scotland2015. My housemate has fallen into a state of depression because she's realised today she's wearing the same bra as Lord Sewel. 70 years ago today #ClementAttlee became Prime Minister. UK politics travelled far rightwards since that day. They sacrificed a noble Lord today in the hope that coke & hookers looks a bit more normal than raping 8 year olds. #CSAinquiry #60mins. These new Enid Blyton books don't pull any punches.

BBC news jumped on Alex Salmond's comments about working with Corbyn very quickly didn't they? Very nicely put. Whenever someone claims austerity is necessary, you can be sure it won't affect them, their family or friends Always other -poorer - people. We must stop the #Labourleadership campaign temporarily, as people appear to be leaning towards voting incorrectly. We'll leave the red flag lying here ... Ooh, a really interesting list article! Oh, every entry is on its own page. Oh, and there's fifty of them. *loses interest*

This bit of Blair's speech is incredible. It literally doesn't mean anything. Loving it. Expert trolling from SNP, sitting in official opposition benches. Must be last day at school. A rearranging of furniture is required in the HoC. SNP are clearly the only opposition after Labour fail to vote against the Finance Bill. Hannah Bradell MPP - Here comes the real Opposition! #Team56 #SNP #WelfareBill. If you look carefully at that recently purloined Sun footage, you can just about make out Harriet Harman goose-stepping in the background. England giving the famous Nazi Wave. The arguments around Jeremy Corbyn bring out the very worst "this is how things are, play the game" bollocks from Stockholm syndrome voters. I really don't like Kendall #bbcsp. Liz Kendall has just admitted that she is not a Labour person. Did a quick search for 'Scotland' in the Observer's long chin-stroke about Labour's situation. Oh look, it isn't there! How mysterious!

Fallon must know so much about the moon seeing he's wired to it. This revelation about Edward VIII will be shock news to anyone who has never read a book in their lives. Just checked the weather for Balmoral tomorrow. Apparently they are expecting a Heil storm. My assessment so far? EVEL is a bigger shamble than I originally thought. I don't think it will reappear after the recess. Suspect it'll get rather less attention than Mhairi Black's, but this is a cracking maiden speech from @AnneMcLaughlin too. #GrowingUpScottish Watching yer granny shouting at the telly during the wrestling on tv on a Saturday afternoon. Swapping yer Maw's best skirt for a balloon fae the ragman. #GrowingUpScottish. Imagine being current @scottishlabour MSP with talk of 'A List' former MPs, who led the party to worst ever electoral defeat, replacing you. Mhairi Black headlining T in the Park 2016 #CampaignForRealChange. You realise politics has changed when friends in America, Canada, Israel and Australia unilaterally share a Mhairi Black speech on Facebook.

Which is why they dropped the vote - can't carry their own party. We have govt in power for only months & it tries to bring back fox hunting, which ~80% oppose. Need any more proof of who it represents? .@MhairiBlack Your maiden speech was truly tremendous. Solidarity from just south of the border in Northumberland. I got a Margo vibe from Mhairi Black before. It's double that now. Good job. :D. People voted @theSNP because they believed the SNP were on their side. They were right - the SNP are on their side. Delighted #SNP will vote against Government plans to relax fox hunting restrictions. We'll also look at tightening the law in Scotland. Never thought I'd be hostile to Scot/UK membership of EU but happened now after way EU facilitated corporate bankers takeover of Greece #out. There are never less people getting connected online. There will always be more Scots finding this debate. Once online, most move to Yes.

Politics Scotland , and who is involved ? Two nonentities from the gutter press , both representing branches of English owned newspapers. Don't go Brechin my heart #ScottishASong. Three quines in the fountain. #ScottishASong. I Kissed Argyll And I Liked It #ScottishASong. Here's why I don't buy anything made in Israel or anything owned by an Israeli Company #Killers #Gaza1YearOn. If Murray wins now, it will be the biggest comeback in tennis history. Let's do this! On this day 1451 James III was born at Stirling. Hearing that 50,000 people have signed up to join Andy Murray since his defeat.

Anyone else stopped breathing? #murrayvsfederer #BBCWimbledon. We've got @TommySheppard nuff said. #bbcqt Figured out who's body language and facial expressions (4!) Anna Soubry reminds me of - it's Anne Widdecombe, but without the humour. So the good news is that after a week off, #MoodieVision will begin a new 3-month stay at @bellacaledonia from the 22nd. You're so so lucky. A budget for the old and wealthy, Preying on and paid for by the poor, families and young. Brought to you by the people of #bettertogether. This, from latest @HolyroodDaily, seems particularly relevant today during #evel debate. "A spokesman for the leader of the house said the inclusion of Scotland on list of English and Welsh issues was a mistake" #GraylingTrolling.

This is an absolute sham. SNP debate whilst Tories/Labour sit in the bar. Then they troop out and vote down amendments. #scotlandbill. #ScotlandBill Carmichael is just digging a grave for the rest of his Lib Dem colleagues in Scotland Willie Rennie #KissYourAssGoodbye. Minister No More! Well done citizens of Greece for thumbing your noses at the greedy swines who think they can rub your faces in the mud. #greekreferendum. I absolutely LOVE that the Greek Finance Minister does a press conference in a t-shirt. I can feel a dance of joy coming on #Oxi @DMHull. @Shiny02 I read somewhere that they'll lose the Parthenon if they vote no. It's not worth the risk.

Martin Rowson on Jeremy Hunt's price-label plan – cartoon. Retweet if @HeatherWatson92 just made you feel really effing proud! Favourite if she made you feel really effing proud! Oh well lives up to plucky lose stereotype at end of the day but a great effort nonetheless. Won't beat that in rest of Ladies competition. EVEL, Tory vote engineering so no Scottish MP can be PM or cabinet minister again. The union doesn't work for any nation but England. UDI. Hey @NatalieMcGarry, congrats on the election and all, but it's times like these I miss your tennis account ;-)

I like the cut of his jib! Long hair, clarty T-shirt, bit o weed at half time. Whit? #Team56 #SNP Committees. IT BEGINS.