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Men’s Fashion Ads From The 70s. Fordington Field sur Twitter : "#bbcdp Only just spotted the credits of the show yesterday - looks like it's now official -... Nick Sutton sur Twitter : "Friday's Scottish Daily Express: SNP rewrites election history #tomorrowspaperstoday #bbcpapers #GE2015. Iain Whyte sur Twitter : "#SNPbecause Labour should never prefer a Tory Government over a progressive alliance for change #bbcqt #VoteSNP. Stewart Bremner sur Twitter : ""Be bolder Ed" – Nicola Sturgeon #BBCDebate... Mr Malky sur Twitter : "#bbcqt Toby Here's how the Tories create jobs ya muppet... BBC Question Time sur Twitter : "Some Labour members have tweeted pictures like the following: #bbcqt... BBC Question Time sur Twitter : "Our most retweeted comment came from @NicolaSturgeon : catch up on @BBCiPlayer #bbcqt. BBC iPlayer - Question Time - 19/02/2015. The rainbow election. Let’s start with the obvious: nobody has a clue who’s going to win the 2015 general election.

But almost without exception, commentators are saying that should Labour’s vote collapse in Scotland to the extent that current polling says it will, it will radically alter Ed Miliband’s chances of kicking David Cameron out of 10 Downing Street. That’s a message that Labour are delighted to hear, because their entire Scottish electoral strategy/manifesto is the phrase “If you vote SNP the Tories will get back in”. Now, we already know that on the empirical level that’s complete cobblers – the Tories historically get in when the SNP vote is lowest.

But it could be fairly argued that those statistics are correlation rather than causation, isolated as they are from the rest of the UK’s results. We took as our starting point the dramatic projection from Sky News yesterday: (There’s a similar one in today’s Guardian with the SNP on 49.) So let’s get to it. SCENARIO 1A – Sky projection. Join the SNP | SNP Members. MP For Vendetta. We’ve noted on a number of occasions that the BBC is fond of using the late-night papers review show on the News channel as a sneaky little Nat-bashing section in which London-based broadsheet journalists (always, always Unionists) get to display the full depth of their arrogant cluelessness about Scottish politics. Last night’s, however, was quite something even by the usual standards. The Telegraph’s Tim Stanley didn’t make even the most token of attempts to conceal his extraordinary hostility, and alongside someone called Petrie Hosken (who seems to be chiefly known for presenting a breakfast show on London radio station LBC) embarked on a sustained personal attack, littered with falsehoods, on Alex Salmond.

Hosken’s rage at the idea of Scottish MPs voting at Westminster was particularly misdirected, given the SNP’s long-standing policy of abstaining from any vote not affecting Scotland. An incredible achievement. From today’s Media Guardian: “Despite the huge interest and debate around the Scottish independence referendum, BBC Radio Scotland saw its figures fall for the third quarter of this year.The station had a weekly reach of 870,000 listeners between 23 June and 14 September (the period accounted for by these audience figures) ahead of the independence vote on 18 September.BBC Radio Scotland was down 2% on the year and 8.9% on the previous three months.The BBC faced intense criticism of bias in its coverage of the referendum from pro-independence supporters, with a demonstration outside the corporation’s Glasgow headquarters and participants unfurling a banner calling for political editor Nick Robinson to be sacked.”

It’s worth taking just a few lines to examine those stats more closely. It’s difficult to even begin trying to find an excuse for such an abject performance. The people’s judgement is one we can’t find fault with. Gill sur Twitter : "Anyone else seeing it? Poor Kathy. #bbcqt... Scott Nelson sur Twitter : "If Nigel Farage died tomorrow UKIP would die with him #BBCQT... Yes Scotland on Twitter: "Nuclear weapons cost Scotland around £250 million a year or £684,931 a day #bbcindyref... Witter / ? BBC 1 Scotland | Grabyo. Platforms installed as £4.5bn Clair oil project proceeds. 13 August 2013Last updated at 06:29 ET An installation barge was used to put the drilling and production jacket into the sea bed The latest milestone in the development of a "monster" oil field has been completed.

The jackets for the drilling production and living quarters platforms for the Clair Ridge project have been safely installed. Clair Ridge is a £4.5bn investment in the second phase of development on the Clair field. The development will produce about 640m barrels of oil over 40 years. The Clair field was discovered in the late 1970s but, because of the technical difficulties in bringing oil ashore, actual production did not start until 2005. Continue reading the main story “Start Quote The safe installation of the two jackets in to the sea bed is a fantastic achievement by the project team” End QuoteTrevor GarlickBP The field is being developed by BP and co-venturers ConocoPhillips, Chevron and Shell who are involved in the project. Clair Ridge lies 75km west of the Shetland Islands. Better Together ‘tipped off’ on BBC debates. Mentorn Media also produces Question Time SCOTTISH nationalists have voiced fresh concerns about the BBC’s approach to the independence referendum, suggesting a production company organising debates for the corporation gave advance notice to the No campaign.

Emails seen by The Sunday Times show a senior member of staff at Mentorn Media, which also produces Question Time, alerted a Better Together regional campaign organiser 10 days ago of forthcoming televised debates. A note from its producer, Sheena Lahive, says this would give the organiser “a head start in spreading the word” to get supporters to apply to join the audiences in Stirling, Inverness, Edinburgh and Aberdeen. A Yes Scotland source said the nationalist campaign appeared to have received no comparable message. The BBC’s guidelines for covering the referendum state: “The choice of contributors to represent each side of the debate will be made on editorial grounds, but care must be taken over the course of the campaign. Hitler Youth tweet Labour candidate resigns. 1 July 2014Last updated at 08:11 ET Kathy Wiles made her apology after posting the Hitler Youth image on her Twitter page A Labour parliamentary candidate has resigned after tweeting an image of the Hitler Youth in relation to a pro-independence demonstration.

Kathy Wiles, who was to stand in the 2015 Westminster election, said she wanted to highlight the dangers of using children in political campaigns. She initially apologised, but Labour later accepted her resignation as a candidate in Angus. The party said it would swiftly get a replacement in place. Ms Wiles tweeted in response to an anti-BBC protest outside BBC Scotland on Sunday afternoon, ahead of the 18 September independence referendum. Kathy Wiles resigned as a candidate after the tweet She was responding to a photo from the protest which showed children standing underneath a promotional banner for pro-"Yes" blog Wings Over Scotland.

Ms Wiles was criticised by the father of two of the children in the protest photograph. Is Nigel Farage on Question Time? Scottish independence: UK 'could delay independence date' 16 May 2014Last updated at 05:21 ET There are currently 59 Scottish seats in the House of Commons The proposed date of Scottish independence should be delayed if it is not in the best interests of the rest of the UK, a House of Lords report has said.

The recommendation was made by peers on the constitution committee. They also said MPs for Scottish seats should not be allowed to negotiate for the rest of the UK on the terms of independence. The SNP said the House of Lords was an "undemocratic anachronism". The Scottish government has proposed 24 March 2016 as a realistic date for Scotland's independence day, which would allow about 18 months for negotiations to be concluded if there is a "Yes" vote in the referendum on 18 September. Continue reading the main story “Start Quote The prime minister should feel under no obligation to conclude negotiations by March 2016” End QuoteBaroness Jay of Paddington "The Scottish government's proposed timetable has no legal or constitutional standing.

" Scottish independence: BBC will not suspend CBI membership. 15 May 2014Last updated at 12:49 ET The BBC said it believed that "it is no longer necessary to suspend its membership" The BBC will not suspend its membership of the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) during the Scottish independence referendum campaign. The BBC faced calls to resign membership when the CBI registered as an official backer for a "No" vote. The application was later nullified by the Electoral Commission. The BBC had said it would suspend its membership during the campaign period, but announced that this was "no longer necessary" given the CBI's new stance.

Continue reading the main story “Start Quote As the CBI is no longer registered with the Electoral Commission as part of the Scottish Referendum Act, the BBC believes that it is no longer necessary to suspend its membership” End QuoteBBC statement It added that it would instead transfer membership to its commercial business, BBC Worldwide. 'Honest mistake' SophiaPangloss : Who the hell dressed David... 'World's oldest calendar' discovered in Scottish field. Archaeologists believe they have discovered the world's oldest lunar "calendar" in an Aberdeenshire field.

Excavations of a field at Crathes Castle found a series of 12 pits which appear to mimic the phases of the moon and track lunar months. A team led by the University of Birmingham suggests the ancient monument was created by hunter-gatherers about 10,000 years ago. The pit alignment, at Warren Field, was first excavated in 2004. The experts who analysed the pits said they may have contained a wooden post. The Mesolithic "calendar" is thousands of years older than previous known formal time-measuring monuments created in Mesopotamia. The analysis has been published in the journal, Internet Archaeology. The pit alignment also aligns on the Midwinter sunrise to provided the hunter-gatherers with an annual "astronomic correction" in order to better follow the passage of time and changing seasons.

Vince Gaffney, Professor of Landscape Archaeology at Birmingham, led the analysis project. Scottish independence: Better Together targets voter 'tribes' 19 July 2013Last updated at 11:41 ET By Raymond Buchanan BBC Scotland political correspondent Better Together will use its new "Patriot" system to categorise voters The group campaigning for a no vote in Scotland's independence referendum has said it will embark on the most sophisticated targeting of voters seen in British political history. Pro-union Better Together has launched its new "Patriot" system. It will divide Scotland's four million voters into 40 different tribes. This will then allow the campaign to speak directly to undecided voters using letters, emails and face-to-face discussions. Better Together said the technology, which has been developed with information from credit rating agency Experian and input from former advisers to President Obama, will allow them to identify lifestyle indicators like the number of cars a family has and local house prices.

Voters will then be "linked" to activists of a similar age or with similar social media friends. SophiaPangloss : The only answer tae #bbcqt... Scottish independence: 'A tilt to the upside' 12 March 2013Last updated at 04:03 ET The issue of gas an oil is at the heart of the independence debate As all investors should know, asset valuations can go down as well as up. On Monday, Alex Salmond was reminding his critics that the opposite is also true. Yes, oil and gas tax revenue is a volatile basis on which to base your budgets. But it isn't just volatile to the downside. The First Minister was setting out his government's assessment of what an independent Scotland might expect to make out of oil and gas.

He was starting a new week, after one in which an unhelpfully candid ministerial look at Scotland's public spending profile was leaked. That was on the same day that falling oil revenue projections left Scottish independence plans with a relatively small deficit now, but a problem emerging in the future. The soberly-titled Oil and Gas Analytical Bulletin was an attempt to get back on the front foot.

It seemed more substantial than that. He likes to keep some practice in. Fuel poverty. Anger at BBC Scotland virtual news blackout of Healey North Sea Oil admission. General Tuesday, 21 May 2013 06:45 By G.A.Ponsonby BBC Scotland bosses have provoked anger after they employed a virtual news blackout of revelations that the Labour party hid the true worth of North Sea Oil from Scots in the seventies. The broadcaster is facing growing accusations that it is refusing to give deserved profile to stories that might harm the campaign against Scottish independence, after it all but ignored an admission from former Labour Chancellor Denis Healey that his party deliberately downplayed the value of North Sea Oil in order to thwart support for independence.

The admission from the Labour peer emerged during an interview conducted by the editor of Holyrood Magazine, Mandy Rhodes, in which the senior Labour politician who was Chancellor from 1974 to 1979 was asked about the North Sea Oil issue in the run-up to the 1979 referendum for Scottish Home Rule. "The BBC in Scotland has let itself and the Scottish licence payers down very badly with this decision. " Propaganda against Scotland. A particularly sickening trick from the BBC a few weeks back raised my blood pressure whilst in hospital and almost finished me off. A French Euro MP was asked for “the French view” on Scottish independence. She said that France would oppose it and the French government takes the view that an independent Scotland would be outside the European Union. I was absolutely astonished that the BBC had managed to find the only French person in the entire world who is against Scottish independence, and that she was telling an outright lie about the position of the French government.

Then I realised who she was – the former research assistant (and rather more) of New Labour minister and criminal invoice forger Denis Macshane. She worked for years in the UK parliament for New Labour, in a Monica Lewinsky kind of way. All of which the BBC hid, presenting her simply as a French Euro MP. There are seventy million French people. But even that is not the full story. Brewerdossier.jpg (JPEG Image, 829 × 467 pixels)

Parent calls to remove 'religious observance' in non-denominational schools. 22 February 2013Last updated at 07:03 ET Ms Wikman wants religious observance at school assemblies scrapped A parent in Edinburgh has launched a petition calling on the city council to look at banning religious observance in non-denominational schools. The move has been backed by Edinburgh Secular Society. At present, education authorities are required to provide religious education as well as opportunities for religious observance. But mother-of-one Veronica Wikman wants things such as hymn singing and worship at assemblies scrapped. Under the Education (Scotland) Act 1980, schools have a statutory requirement to offer religious education and religious observance.

Scottish government guidelines state every school should provide opportunities for religious observance at least six times in a school year. Continue reading the main story “Start Quote Religious observance is imposed as truth, sometimes by evangelising visitors” End QuoteNeil BarberEdinburgh Secular Society 'Spiritual dimension' BBC Scotland 'hard core' on war footing as the battle for minds heats up. Wednesday, 06 March 2013 23:48 By a Newsnet reporter It’s hardly a surprise to find that the British Broadcasting machine’s Scottish outpost has kicked into full war mode when the future of the United Kingdom is under threat, this after all is what state broadcasters do.

The first ‘law’ of broadcasting during any war is to provide as much ‘news’ as possible to ensure the man (or woman) in the street keeps faith with your side. Downplay your opponents gains and exaggerate your own is the rule. The war of course is the independence referendum, the WMDs (weapons of mass distraction) are words and the foot soldiers are the ‘reporters’ of BBC Scotland - well some of them. The publication of the report that details Scotland’s fiscal health has confirmed that Scotland is subsidising the UK.

There’s really no other way to portray the figures contained in GERS. The late night introduction ended a particularly bruising and brutal day for those of us who longed for the days of honest journalism. Scottish independence: 'No mandate' for multi-referendum. Rivercitytweets : Deek's trending in the UK! Ian Davidson accuses Isabel Fraser and BBC of pro-SNP bias on Newsnight Scotland. MP Eric Joyce fined for curfew tag offence. Clyde nuclear contract awarded. Wimbledon final: No 10 raises Scottish flag for Andy Murray. Scottish independence: Electoral Commission 'will not test panel's question' Edinburgh tram project bosses payments revealed. When you talk too much for Twitter. Scottish tourist attraction numbers 'soar'

Olympics 2012 rings 'not suitable' for Edinburgh Castle. John Swinney warns chancellor 'don't do down Scotland' National Museum of Scotland is most visited outside of London. SNP MP alleges Ian Davidson made 'doing' remark. Ruth Davidson: David Cameron is not my boss in Scotland. Scots Lib Dem leader Rennie sorry for Salmond cartoon.