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Current Surface Analysis in United States. _meterological basics. Home Page - NOAA Satellites Portal. When you watch the news and see pictures of weather from around the United States or the world, you are seeing data from NOAA’s environmental satellites.

Home Page - NOAA Satellites Portal

NOAA’s environmental satellites provide data from space to monitor the Earth to analyze the coastal waters, relay life-saving emergency beacons, and track tropical storms and hurricanes. NOAA operates two types of satellite systems for the United States - geostationary satellites and polar-orbiting satellites. Geostationary satellites constantly monitor the Western Hemisphere from around 22,240 miles above the Earth, and polar-orbiting satellites circle the Earth and provide global information from 540 miles above the Earth. NOAA Home Page. HPC North American Surface Analyses. NOAA_7-Day Forecast for Latitude 40.45N and Longitude -74.19W.