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Want Healthy Mouth Breathing? By:Col Dr Mahendra Azad Clinical Director & Chief Consultant, Maxillofacial Surgery & Implantology Clove Dental Healthy breathing occurs through the nose, with right amount of Oxygen intake while breathing in and release of Carbon-dioxide while breathing out.

Want Healthy Mouth Breathing?

When you stop breathing from the nose, your mouth tends to open and you start breathing through your mouth instead. This leads to deficiencies in O2 (Oxygen), CO2 (Carbon-dioxide), and NO (Nitric Oxide) in body cells due to hyperventilation – a condition in which you start to breathe very fast. Our nose acts as a natural filter for all the particulate material suspended in the air and warms it when the air passes through the nasal passage. In this manner, the air which goes inside our lungs is much cleaner than what we breathe directly through the mouth. 1. 2. SinusitisEnlarged TonsilsEnlarged AdenoidsExtra Mucous (Phlegm production) 3. 4. Deviated Nasal SeptumDepressed Nose 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 1. 2.

Leave a Reply. Tooth Extraction. Wisdom teeth often known as third molars are the last teeth to erupt.

Tooth Extraction

One usually gets them in late teens or early twenties. However, even instances of eruption in late adulthood are common. If they erupt smoothly and without any interruption, then they can be proved as an asset. Reverse Premature Greying of Hair with Ayurveda. Premature Greying of hair is one of the most prominent problems in India’s youth today.

Reverse Premature Greying of Hair with Ayurveda

Starting way before young people even reach their 30s, premature greying not only takes away confidence but also is a sign of the ill-health of the body. Ayurveda can help with this seemingly modern problem. Many ayurvedic products online are working wonders for people with grey hair and making them healthier with time. If the greying is not extreme, you can try some ayurvedic treatment at home as well.

OilsOiling our hair has always been one of the golden rules laid down by the elders for a healthy head. Premature Greying of hair can be a big blow to your confidence. Kidney Stone Pain: Managing it with Ayurveda. Baby Tone Up Syrup Online. Product Details DOSAGE: Infants (Below 1 Year): 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoonful twice a day Children (1-3 Years): 1/2 to 1 teaspoonful 2 twice a day Children (Above 3 Years): 1-2 teaspoonful twice a day.

Baby Tone Up Syrup Online

Wisdom Teeth Infection – Symptoms and Treatment. Dental Implants – Facts To Surprise Friends And Family. Myths about Having Braces Busted. 12 Facts about Invisalign You Need to Know. Are you suffering from dental deformities and don’t want to go for metal braces?

12 Facts about Invisalign You Need to Know

If yes, clear and removable aligners can prove to be a wise treatment option for you. It is a process of wearing transparent or invisible aligners that are meant to straighten and even out misaligned teeth. They don’t have any wires and brackets attached to them. Here are some interesting facts about Invisalign that you must be unaware of: Invisible braces are generally expensive than regular ones. Essential tips for Post-surgical Dental recovery. Dental emergencies can occur at any point of time and literally to any said individual without prior hint.

Essential tips for Post-surgical Dental recovery

It is a very common health condition and can happen to any person with even the slightest chance of teeth or gum issues. In case of an dental emergency, patients should immediately rush to see a dentist and get the treatment done. However, not all dental conditions can be treated using routine methods.

In case of heightened emergency situations, the best possible resolve comes in the form of dental surgery which most of the emergency care doctors suggest to promote long term dental benefits. While dental surgeries are carried rather easily, there are few focus areas and precautions which a patient needs to follow in order to ensure the success of the surgical process. The foremost precautionary measure is to keep your mouth clean and avoid any food item which can promote the growth of bacteria around the treated spot.

What Parents Must Know About Their Child's Permanent Teeth? Everything You Should Know Before Getting A Wisdom Teeth Removal. Most oral health problems are easy to cope with mentally because you know that you missed a little something and will go to lengths to stop the pain now.

Everything You Should Know Before Getting A Wisdom Teeth Removal

However, wisdom tooth pain is something completely different because no matter how good your oral hygiene is, the pain will still come. Removing the teeth is a memorable experience, albeit a lot of people will disagree by saying that the pain, bleeding, and swelling is not really something they would want to remember. Nonetheless, it is an important part of your oral health to remove any wisdom teeth that may give you pain or cause other effects on your teeth and jaw. Different Types of Braces and How to Select One. Good and Bad Food for Your Teeth. 5 Must Do’s To Manage Tooth Sensitivity Post Dental Filling Treatment. 5 Questions to Ask Before Root Canal Treatment. 1.

5 Questions to Ask Before Root Canal Treatment

What Caused The Infection At First Place? Root canal infections are not rare and hence it's wise to ask your endodontist about the causes that lead to the infection or decay. The information will help you not just guard your other teeth against future infections bust also in maintaining good dental hygiene. 2. Are There any Hard-to-Reach Areas that are Infected? If there are hard-to-reach areas, a root canal treatment may not be able to help heal your teeth completely. 3.

Ideally, a root canal treatment requires not more than 2-3 visits. 4. While it is natural to feel that there is no use of implants if the teeth are not visible, a missing tooth does affect the overall jaw structure, bite force, and most importantly it leaves the other neighboring teeth susceptible to decay. Clove Dental — 4 Reason for which you need Orthodontic Treatment. Keep An Ageless Smile With These 3 Tips.

While our birthday counts increase with each passing year, one thing that we all wish could have remained constant for eternity is our smile.

Keep An Ageless Smile With These 3 Tips

However, for an ageless smile, it is important that we take good care of our teeth as well as follow great dental hygiene from the very beginning. And in case of some unanticipated dental trauma, it is imperative that we visit our nearest dentist at the earliest for immediate damage control. Our smile is the most valuable natural asset that we all have, and one can take good care of it; one follows the below tips ardently. What Is The Importance Of Regular Dental Cleaning?

Top 7 Reasons for Seasonal Teeth Sensitivity. Best Breast Cancer Hospital in Delhi. Have Dental Cavities? Here Is Everything You Need To Know! Dental cavities have become a common concern in people of all age groups around the world.

Have Dental Cavities? Here Is Everything You Need To Know!

This is majorly due to lifestyle changes directly affecting the oral health of an individual. 6 Conditions When a Tooth Extraction Is Required. Neurosurgeon In Jodhpur. Which is the most common type of congenital heart defect in infants? 5 PRECAUTIONARY MEASURES TO TAKE AFTER LIVER TRANSPLANT SURGERY. Vaping And Your Oral Health : What You Need to Know. Vaping is considered to be a better alternative to smoking a cigarette as it does not contain tobacco. E-cigarettes uses aerosol or vapour for nicotine to reach the lungs. It does not make tobacco smoke like usual cigarettes and hence considered better. The recent studies have shown that vaping also harms the health of a person just like smoking does. Vaping causes many oral health problems that might go unnoticed initially, leading progressive problems. Dry Mouth – E-cigarettes use liquid containing propylene glycol that reduces saliva in the mouth. Not only these, but researches also showed that flavoured juices in vaping cause more harm to oral health.

Considering the ill-effects of e-cigarettes on the oral and overall health of people, the Government of India banned the use of e-cigarettes. HERE IS WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT BILIARY ATRESIA: A RARE DISEASE THAT AFFECTS CHILDREN. HOW TO PREVENT OBESITY AFTER LIVER TRANSPLANT? ARE SUPPLEMENTS GOOD FOR LIVER? HERE’S WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW. What Causes Endometriosis In Women and How Can It Be Treated? Acute Liver Failure: Know What Experts Say. 6 Common Signs of Infected Dental Implants. Infection in dental implants is usually caused by bacteria causing infection to gums.

This condition is known as peri-implantitis. It damages the tissues around the implants and loosens them. There are a few common signs of infected implants that can be observed easily and require immediate medical attention. Take a look at these signs to know when it is a medical emergency: Gum Recession – This is one of the initial signs of infected implants. When knowing the signs of dental implant infection, it is also necessary to understand the reasons that cause the situation.

Poor oral hygieneSmokingPoor immune systemBones with low densityDiabetesPoor dental implant surgeryUsing low-quality dental implantsUse of infected and unsterilized dental tools Refusal of the body to accept implants and treat them as a foreign body Dental implant cost in India is more than other related treatment and requires more sitting, time, and patience. All You Need to Know About Rheumatic Arthritis.

Looking For Symptoms Of Gum-Related Oral Health Problems? Here Is An Answer! What all you Need to Know about Dental Fillings? The dental filling is the most effective solution to tooth decay leading to other dental problems. A dental filling process involves removal of decay and later on filling the space with material that gives the tooth the same colour of the adjacent teeth & prevents decay in the future. Here in this blog, we will answer all the queries related to dental filling that most patients have. What are the symptoms that indicate one may require dental filling?

Tooth sensitivityGeneral tooth painFood getting stuck between specific teeth repetitivelyPain while eating. COVID-19- Health Tips For People With Liver Disease and Liver Transplant. Root Canal Treatment: After-Care & Treatment Results. How Braces Affect Overall Oral Health. Here's What You Can Do For Maintaining Your Child's Health. Cholesterol and Liver: 5 Things You Must Know. Alcoholic Liver Cirrhosis: A guide. 7 Dental Care Tips For Adults. Adults need to take care of their teeth just as much as kids need to, and in some cases, even a little extra care is required for adults.

For instance, adults with dentures, people with a bad oral hygiene routine, dental filling, or people facing recurring infection in some teeth require much more than regular attention. Taking proper care of dental health prevents an individual from multiple conditions that can cause discomfort and pain. Must-Follow Dental Home-Remedies During Corona Virus Lockdown : clovedentalclinics. The Special Endometriosis Diet: What You Need To Know? Ear Infections in Adults: Everything That You Need To Know. Things You Need To Know About GI Surgery.

What Does A Smile Makeover Treatment Involve? Emergency Dental Care: When You Must Press The Panic Button. We all have encountered dental emergencies at one point or another in our lifetime. Gummy Smile - Don’t bother, We can Fix it! Have you ever wondered if your full smile could show only your beautiful teeth and not the gums??? MEN WITH CHISELED JAWLINE..FREAKISHLY ATTRACTIVE! Its the nature of a man that makes him what he is. EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT CIRRHOSIS: THE LIVER KILLER. PRECAUTIONS TO TAKE AFTER A LIVER TRANSPLANT SURGERY. What Is The Process Of Getting Braces? Here’s Your Answer! 8 Diet Changes In Eating Habits For Healthy Teeth. Misaligned teeth have been a big blow to the confidence of a number of young people in the current generation. 5 Tips For Reversing Gingivitis And Keeping Gums Healthy. Exercise Guideline for Cancer Patients. Why Is Adolescent Health Check-Up Important.

A Guide To Liver Fluke Infection. How to Prepare for Endometriosis Laparoscopy. 5 Signs Your Kidney Is At Risk. Best Laparoscopic Surgeon In Jodhpur. Ignoring Oral Health may lead to Sensory Problems. Gastrointestinal Surgeons In Delhi. NONALCOHOLIC CIRRHOSIS – CAUSES, SYMPTOMS, AND TREATMENT. Liver Transplant Price in India. Recommended A Dental Implant? Here is what you must know!

5 Facts About Dental Filling Everyone Must Know! Here's what you need to know about the effect of Braces on Face and Jaw? 4 Ways Your Dentist Can Help With Bad Breath. Top 3 Useful Alternatives Of Dental Implants. Never Ignore A Missing Tooth!! - Clove Dental. WHITER TEETH? LET’S KNOW ABOUT TEETH WHITEING…. Want to know how braces work? Here is a quick guide for you!

5 Tips Invisalign Patients Should Know. Top 10 Gastroenterologists In India. Best Liver Transplant Surgeon In India. All you need to know about diet and nutrition requirements pre-liver-transplant. Thinking about Getting Braces? Here’s A Guide to Dental Braces. Teeth Bonding: Everything You Need To Know. What You Need to Know About Dental Emergency? 5 Signs That Show You Need To Change Your Dentist. What is a Gastroenterologist? 5 Resolutions For Perfect Oral Health in 2020. How to Treat Harmful Oral Habits in Children? Post-Operative Liver Transplant Care Tips. What Are The Best Options For Replacing A Missing Tooth? 5 Habits For Stronger And Whiter Teeth. What are the Different Types Of Teeth And Their Functions? What are Dental Implants? How much time does the complete process take? All You Need To Know About Liver Function Test. 5 Myths About Teeth Whitening That You Should Stop Believing.

ALL THAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT TYPES OF HEPATITIS VIRUSES. 3 Dental Situations That Need Immediate Care. 5 Ways to Check Sweet Tooth. WHAT IS ACUTE LIVER FAILURE: LEARN FROM THE EXPERT. 8 Signs That Mean You May Need a Root Canal Treatment. ALCOHOL AND THE LIVER: KNOW WHAT IS AT STAKE. Your Liver Won’t Tell You That It’s Fatty, But These Signs May. What is A MELD score and Why it Matters During Liver Transplant?