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Pearltrees: a multifunction visual bibliographic tool. While preparing the bibliography on energy security foresight, I was wondering if it would be useful to also apply a visually appealing approach to bibliographies, which would then be conceptualized as a product.

Pearltrees: a multifunction visual bibliographic tool

As usual, there is no simple answer to this question, and if the classical bibliography will most probably have to be kept for a while, Pearltrees also appears as a perfect bibliographic tool. Because delivery of product must consider both the product’s material support and the recipient or customer, then the traditional way to write a bibliography will probably have to be kept for some time. Indeed, for anything that uses paper and print as support, the usual, alphabetical bibliography is best.It is furthermore the most practical way to find a reference as quickly as possible, especially for long bibliographies.

Indeed, for long and complex topics and thus references, we enter the categorization problem, as usual. The potential improvements could be. Pearltrees: Slick Social Bookmarking and Curation Tool Now on iPad. WHAT: A web-based and iPad application to organize and curate your social life online.

Pearltrees: Slick Social Bookmarking and Curation Tool Now on iPad

Users collect, or bookmark, web pages, tweets, Google+ posts and more, and arrange them in pearls or pearltrees. A pearl holds anything interesting you find on the web with a URL. A pearltree is a collection of webpages that functions like a folder. On the iPad, you simply organize your pearls by touching and dragging. Pearltrees also features pearl sharing and collaboration with others. Users can write editorials that explain the pearltree's purpose to effectively attract visitors.

LAUNCHER: Patrice Lamothe, founder and CEO. WHY: Everyone consumes content online, but there's no easy way to curate all your content across several websites and social networks. BACKSTORY: Pearltrees first launched as website, but when the iPad came out, Patrice realized that the tablet is a "natural and a perfect fit. " BUSINESS MODEL: Freemium. CUSTOMERS/GROWTH: 200K registered users. Here is a tech pearltree.

Interview de Patrice Lamothe – Pearltrees. [Entretien exclu] Pearltrees lève 5 millions d’euros. C’est une nouvelle levée de fonds pour la start-up lancée en 2009.

[Entretien exclu] Pearltrees lève 5 millions d’euros

Spécialisée dans la curation de contenus, Pearltrees avait réalisé 3 levées pour un montant total de 3.5 M€. Le groupe Accueil, société familiale diversifiée et présent dès le début, a principalement contribué à ce nouveau tour qui va servir à industrialiser et monétiser le service : développement mutliplateforme (web, iPad, et bientôt iPhone), ouverture de l’API et passage au Html 5. Mais surtout, Pearltrees – suite à une demande croissance de son audience – va proposer un modèle « freemium », pour des Pearltrees privées. Le service de social curation français, qui permet d’organiser, de découvrir et de partager la connaissance sur tous types de sujets, revendique 1M de VU/mois, 30M de pages vues et 350 000 contributeurs à ce jour. Ses utilisateurs sont pour 30% d’américains, 25% français et 45% répartis sur les cinq continents. Entretien exclusif avec Patrice Lamothe, CEO de Pearltrees.