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SolarMyPlace is an Online B2B and B2C Solar and LED Marketplace which aims to minimize the gap between the consumers and manufacturers/suppliers market through their extensive worldwide network. Our products include solar wall lights, solar street lights, solar indoor/outdoor lights, solar string lights, solar panels, LED indoor and outdoor lights and much more.

Buy the A1 LED Solar Lights at When we are talking about brightness: then these Solar Wall Lights available in 5700K of color temperature and provide you with a neutral day white light with an 80+ CRI ensure a realistic reflection of an object and the surroundings in the dark.

Buy the A1 LED Solar Lights at

With an IP65-rating, this Solar Wall Lights is crafted dust and moisture resistant. However, these lights do not contain any lead or mercury in them, making the fixture eco-friendly at the same time. Easy Installation IP65-rated Die-Cast-Metal Energy Saving CRI>80 Photocell Sensor Premium LED Chips Shatterproof Low Maintenance Cost UV and Mercury Free UltraWide Beam Angle Easy Installation The installation of these Wall Packs is quite easy, you just need a pack of screws and anchors. IP65-Rated Just to ensure the durability of the fixture, wall packs are protected from dust and water. Die-Cast Metal Zinc and corrosion was the most common problem with fixtures and especially in moisture areas. Energy Saving It’s all about energy saving! Buy the Order Online LED Solar Lights at the Best Price.

Install LED Bulb at Your Home At a Reasonable Price. Why Choose LED Solar Lights Compared to Normal Lights? Why Choose LED Solar Lights Compared to Normal Lights? These lights are highly energy-efficient and deliver utmost illumination without any flickering, that we used to have in metal-halide fixtures.

Why Choose LED Solar Lights Compared to Normal Lights?

While these Solar Street Lights conceive (4000K, 5700K, 6000K) ensures to deliver day-white light even in the dark. These lights consist of die-aluminum housing that creates a heat-dissipation system and prevents the fixture from corrosion. These lights bring you 100% of energy-saving and do not create any carbon emission and make the fixture completely safe for the environment. However, Solar Street Lights is IP65-rated and protects the fixture from dust and water. Crafted luminaires, these street lights have Universal mounting options. While these shoeboxes lights are UL & DLC listed and do not contain any mercury & lead and make the fixture completely safe for the environment.

Easy Installation. Wish You a Very happy Teacher day by ‘Go Green’, Here’s how LED lights can assist. Holidays come to go, there’s an interesting announcement with us for you which will be there to reduce your darkness and will contribute to the world’s environment day, do you know about it?

‘Go Green’, Here’s how LED lights can assist.’s going with the natural resource for your life’s sake. If you’re someone who loves the ecosystem as much as you love yourself then this post is for you to make a contribution in 2020, switch your traditional lighting system with Solar LED Lights that will assist you accomplish your mission to ‘Go Green’. Artificial Lighting will allow you to have a sense of natural lanterns. Benefits of adopting Light Emitting Diode (LED Lights) Technology Lifespan and Energy Efficiency The average LED lasts 50,000 to 1,00,000 operating hours which is 2-4 times longer than fluorescent lighting options and 40 times long as incandescent bulbs, therefore, it causes lower maintenance costs.

A heat sink absorber is fixed in these lights which protect them to get overheated, moreover, Eco-friendly in nature Bottom Line. Buy the Trendy LED Lights At an Affordable Price. The Best LED Lights for Decorating Your Home and Communal Space. Solar LED lights Produce Positive Energy in One's Life. We're not talking about scientific terms while adding positiveness but what we meant is how an individual can bring in a qualitative atmosphere in the home and commercial spaces with beautiful lanterns.

Solar LED lights Produce Positive Energy in One's Life.

Everyone wants to have peaceful lighting energy and enthusiastic nature and when both combine a new normal journey begins. The Sun energy effect on both physical and psychological movement, there are many people preferring darkness over lighting for them also we're sharing good news which is Solar LED lights have a special brightness controlling feature via which you're free to reach to the next world, directly we want to say that you have access control on brightness. How you can derive positive energy Maximizes the exposure to renewable resource Sunlight plays a crucial role in your life, keeping personal requirements aside your physical body requires a lot from the Sun, agree? But at least you can add natural ingredients to your home and offices to intake the best ingredients. Conclusion. No.1 Solar LED Lights in India. Illuminate Your Place With Solar LED Lights. Get the Top-Quality LED light in India at the Best Price.

Buy the Cost-Effective LED Light in India. The Best, LED Lights in India. Buy the Save Energy LED Light at the Best Price. Lifestyles are evolving, lighting is not just left for illuminating the entire structure but for adding a beauty touch with smart sensor able lanterns. 'Effective and Efficient energy is generating magnetic touch, time to go with the latest trended solutions'.

Buy the Save Energy LED Light at the Best Price.

Solar LED lights are a matter of qualitative illuminations, interior designs, productivity, ecosystem, and cost. Lockdown is turning into irritating but bright luminous could reduce the negative layering from life. Let's go into lighting trends of 2020. How LED lights will assist in redecorating your space 1. Right stuff leads to a positive attitude, all (Traditional offices, coworking spaces, or private official Spaces) have effectively understood the requirement of solar lights. The top ratings have been given to multi-functional lanterns due to its durability, energy efficiency, consistency, and other creative features. The Best Indoor LED Lights in India. Buy the Affordable LED Solar Lights. The Best Indoor LED Lights in India. The Most Advantage of LED Solar Lights. Top Quality LED Solar Lights in India. Best Solar LED Lights in India - solarmyplace. World-Class Solar LED Lights in India.

Get the Solar LED Lights at the Best Price. Best Solar LED Lights. Buy the Powered LED Solar Light Bulb in India. The #1, led solar light bulbs In India- Solarmyplace. Bid adieu to the traditional halogen bulbs and replace them with energy-efficient LED Bulbs.

The #1, led solar light bulbs In India- Solarmyplace

These LED Bulbs has a capacity of 6.5W to 15.5W and comes with a correlated color temperature of 3000K to 6500K. It will illuminate the indoor spaces and mimic natural light so that you enjoy good exposure to excellent lighting. These bulbs will give a lumen output of 500lumens to 1600 Lumens and it can replace halogen bulbs of 24W to 60W. Our integrated LED Bulbs come with a 5-years warranty from the manufacturer’s end and these will provide more than 50,000 operational hours.

The sleek and elegant design will blend with any indoor space and add more charm to the area. Features Easy to Connect You can connect these LED Bulbs directly to the fixture with a simple twist. Flicker-Free Halogen Bulbs or Metal-halide bulbs are frustrating because they flicker too much! Voltage fluctuations. Gorgeous Solar Flower Lights at a Reasonable Price.