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Guys backflip into jeans
WheelChair Back Flip
Shaq Is Asked A Stupid Question About His Mother
Dumb And Dumber (1994) - The Most Annoying Sound In The World
Will Ferrell The Landlord
so dirty: Sesame Street
MAtrix Ping Pong
Watermelon Launch
Mikenastics 6
Best Street Party Ever - Parents Yet To Find Out
Dumb And Dumber Big Gulps
Fat kid gets nailed with paintballs
My New Haircut
Bob and Doug MCkenzie - Steamroller Video
Douche Off
We Are Douchebags
Jesus Pwn3d U
One Finger Stand
break dancing!!!
Keith Stone... Always Smooth
Broadcast Yourself.
it was me (short) (liar liar)
How To Kiss