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Small Space Living

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Suspended Tiny Living Spaces. Exploring small spaces and simple living. Jeremy's Tiny House - My Tiny House on Wheels. Tiny houses – small dwellings of every shape and size. My Mini Mobile Cottage Building Journey. Tiny Houses Design Ideas, Pictures, Remodel and Decor.

Tiny House Living brought to you by Tiny r(E)volution — IRREGULAR SHELTER. Owen Sound, Ontario N4k5N3. Small & tiny home ideas. Darlingamericancurl: An alternative to lofted... Small house plans, designs, modular, prefab, modern, solar @ smallhousestyle. Small & tiny home ideas: Archive. Sustainable Living and Tiny House Resources - Treading TINY. I’ll sprinkle great sources of self-sufficient living, good clean food, and sustainable housing info all over this page.

Sustainable Living and Tiny House Resources - Treading TINY

Stay tuned. The go-to virtual spot to buy,sell, and rent tiny homes: Andrew & Crystal Odom over at: Small & tiny home ideas. Living Big in a Tiny House. Small Home. Big Life. Radiant Floor Heat - A Review - MiniMotives. I often get questions about my radiant floor heat and I realized I never reviewed it… So here we go!

Radiant Floor Heat - A Review - MiniMotives

Was it ‘worth it’ – It certainly served its purpose as a learning project, I learned how to install and operate it, I have no regrets about adding the thermal mass in the floor (and the extra axle that came with accommodating that). Life in 120 Square Feet. Rustic Campers. Living Big in a Tiny House. Tiny House Contest 2014 - Simple Solar Homesteading. 2014 Tiny Off-Grid House Design Contest Results Sponsors: and The purpose of this skills contest was to give people an opportunity to explore the ways that off-grid alternative power, water, septic, and grey water systems could be incorporated into tiny house designs.

Tiny House Contest 2014 - Simple Solar Homesteading

The categories for the contest were houses under 200 sqft, houses 201-400 sqft and alternative houses such as houses on wheels, houseboats, etc. We received 31 entries that were accepted and from those we selected the designs that best captured the full intent of the contest. All of the designs entered show a lot of imagination and skill in creating these small off-grid structures and there are no bad designs in this group and we appreciate all of the hard work that went into creating these designs. Grand Prize Winner: Jordan Spuck 2532 House. A blog dedicated to interesting design and small space living. Lighting Design For Tiny Houses, Pt 1 - Daylighting. On January 17, 2013 Lighting is one of the most important ways to define a space and make it feel comfortable and inviting.

Lighting Design For Tiny Houses, Pt 1 - Daylighting

It’s also an opportunity to indulge your creativity and individuality. There are two basic types of lighting to consider: daylighting and artificial lighting. Today’s post looks at daylighting and how to design a space to take advantage of the free, high-quality light from the sun. Build a Shoe Dresser. The boots are still there, but the shoes are gone.

Build a Shoe Dresser

It was indeed odd, seeing our Alaska entryway free of shoes and outfitted with a green dresser. Mom, where are my Uggs? In the dresser, honey. Hey, that's not a dresser! That's a shoe bin! Yes, this is a shoe bin. Someone once asked me: Why do women love shoes? Folding Tables, Folding Chairs, Folding Table and Chairs, LIFETIME'S official UK distributor for folding tables & chairs, Cheap Folding Tables, Cheap Folding Chairs. The Lovely Side: Small Space Inspiration: Fashion Blogger's Studio. Even though I love my big bedroom, huge bathroom, and lovely hallway – I still can't help but crush on adorable small spaces.

The Lovely Side: Small Space Inspiration: Fashion Blogger's Studio

I'll always have a soft spot in my heart for tiny studio spaces that have been perfectly decorated. Like this fashion blogger's studio in San Francisco. All the white, splashes of color, and mix-and-matched patterns are so lovely together. And the quirky elements are right up my alley. I love that the bed is scooted right up next to the window – perfect for window gazing and day dreaming! The large antique dresser that holds the television has such a perfect blue color, aged surface, and vintage drawer pulls. Small Seams. It has been over a week since my last post because I have been busy, busy, busy.

Small Seams

Not necessarily with sewing, just with life- work/interview (for full-time- yikes!) And Halloween craziness. BUT- my largest project of all over the last few weeks has been the transformation of my attic sewing studio! Woo hoo! I cannot believe I am lucky enough to have a space like this all to myself- I am in LOVE. I was so excited to get started I didn’t start snapping pictures until midway through- darn it. Here is a mid-process shots of the space. A Gathering For Kindred Souls looking to live off The Grid. Archive Seattle aPodments. Cash strapped minimum wage workers and students in the Seattle area are seeking and welcoming more affordable housing in their city, but the explosion of the aPodment micro housing units in Seattle is drawing new criticism in this dense metropolitan area.

Archive Seattle aPodments

City officials are claiming that these 200 square feet tiny units are unregulated and skirt the city’s building laws. Many of the aPodments built by Calhoun Properties offer downtown amenities like private bathrooms and kitchenettes, lofts, security, private decks, access to public transportation, skylights, granite countertops and shared amenities like BBQs, roof decks and ADA accessible group kitchens.

Some of these tiny spaces also come with furniture and utilities paid all for around $500-$750 a month. All this in a city where rent prices are around $1,200 a month. Photos by aPodments/Calhoun Properties By Christina Nellemann for the [Tiny House Blog] Small Space Survival Strategies. Wise Bread Picks Living in a New York City apartment for a decade certainly taught me how to prioritize a small space.

Small Space Survival Strategies

However, some of the greatest lessons I learned from apartment living can be applied anywhere, whether it be a house or a cramped room. Here are a few small space tips that can help you take advantage of your square footage, no matter what type of dwelling you have. (See also: Why Smaller Houses Are Smarter) 1. Many hooks and racks can be easily installed on or over a door to free up space. 2. If you like to read in bed, but are short on night table space, wall-mounted lamps with plug-ins to use as sconces are not only are functional, but can also be beautiful. 3. It’s no secret that adding wall mirrors to a small space can make a room appear larger. Small Space Living. Small Spaces Art Studio. Studio Snapshot – Tejae FloydeIs it a large or small space?

Small Spaces Art Studio

My printmaking journey: Home art studio solutions for small spacesHere is my print studio in a Tiny Corner of Heaven by Kearsten - Submit an Entry: What's Your ...My studio is very small but it Studio Tour: Show Us Where You Make Space for Art | Art&SeekNumber of years in this space: Studio Snapshot – Tejae FloydeIs it a large or small space? The Biggest Art Studio Myth - Cloth Paper Scissors Today - Blogs ...The Biggest Art Studio Myth Art Studio of Goerge La Mont - Submit an Entry: What's Your Art ...Art Studio of Goerge La Mont. How to Live in 320 Square Feet: Update with photos: What you can fit into a small kitchen. I am re-posting this, but with photos of the ‘innards’ of the kitchen.

Scroll to the bottom if you want to skip it. Here is my stunningly gorgeous kitchen (yes, I am in LOVE). This post is on what I have behind my six cabinet doors. I cook every day, we prepare three meals a day, albeit simple meals, but prepared nonetheless. We also have company almost every weekend, and I cook for them as well. CANNOT do without this. Exploring small spaces and simple living.