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SoftGrid Computers is home to some of the best developers of central India in PHP, iOS, Android, and other platforms. We are dedicated to maximizing your benefits and giving you an overall rich experience in managing your business.

We offer you customized Drupal development services for building a robust website and a functional app with seamless performance. We provides end to end customized zend development solutions for your business enterprise to fulfill your business requirements. Web Dedign & Development srvices - An effective website will successfully showcase your brand identity, communicating both what you do and who you are. Buzz of Ecommerce in Today’s Market. RUNNING an e-commerce website is no longer a luxury or the domain of big business.

Buzz of Ecommerce in Today’s Market

Small businesses require a website just to compete in today’s market and the rise of instantly open information and technology online makes it much easier than ever to increase your own. Ecommerce essentially implies doing business on the internet. According to various sources, ecommerce product sales are growing year on year by 10 to 19 percent. Some reports show more than 80 percent of customers have bought a product online. And it is remarkable that customers buy more when on the online shopping than in a traditional retail outlet. Thanks to an array of platforms available to small business you no longer need development skills, be computer savvy or hire an expensive expert to assist you to build an ecommerce ready site. The Advantages of E-commerce: There are many advantages of doing business online. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

We make shopping experiences smooth and robust by creating custom eCommerce websites for our clients concentrating to their industry requirements. Our Android expert can help you convert your creative vision into live applications. Design your creative Dream in real life with our WordPress Development Service. We deliver high quality Shopify development services. iPhone App Development Services. Ways To Increase Your Website Traffic Today. There are so many different ways to get Visitors your website, so let’s jump into the most effective ones. 1.

Ways To Increase Your Website Traffic Today

Bigcommerce Development Services. What difficulties & challenges are experienced in Wearable App Development? Wearable apps are perhaps the next big thing in technology.

What difficulties & challenges are experienced in Wearable App Development?

The way it has been catching on in the recent past speaks volumes of its potential. Cisco estimates that the number of wearable devices is going to jump to about 177 million by 2018. Although these numbers do not represent an absolute figure, with the exponential rate at which mobile users are growing coupled with ever-expanding internet bandwidth, this number might come across as conservative in the future. However, like everything in technology, this rate could be stopped by a few challenges and roadblocks. How a Digital Marketing Organization Can Help You Improve Your Business. Digital marketing or Online marketing is indeed an exciting tool for growing your business.

How a Digital Marketing Organization Can Help You Improve Your Business

It has proved invaluable for little to medium business organizations regardless of items or solutions that are on offer. You do not really have to worry if you have shunned this web marketing strategy so far. There is no time like the present, so gear up and get started. No, you do not actually require an entire team or to add an additional department on the lines of a successful Digital marketing organization. Just outsourcing your needs or taking timely advice from a well-known Digital marketing adviser will do.

Top IOT Tools and Platforms for Developers. Internet of Things is surely the next biggest advancement in technology.

Top IOT Tools and Platforms for Developers

Its application will require a highly sophisticated infrastructure, one that could potentially take years in the making. Let us discuss some tools that developers could employ for building next-generation IOT applications. #1- Eclipse IOT Eclipse IOT has been designed with a view to build Internet of Things devices, gateways and Cloud platforms. This has been designed on the premise of building an ecosystem of individuals and companies that are collaborating with each other to establish a world of Internet of things which is based on open source technologies.

. #2- Dronesmith This is a path-breaking area in the Internet of Things space. How a website performance can be monitored? How a website performance can be monitored?

How a website performance can be monitored?

What is website performance monitoring? It is the activity that gathers and analyses data against which the success of a website can be evaluated. This is important to know the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) against which their site is being evaluated. The two most commonly used are: Android development. Hiring. Explore your business through to the... - SoftGrid Computers. SoftGrid Computers #MobileApplications... - SoftGrid Computers. Are you looking for expert... - SoftGrid Computers. #Hiring #jobs Inviting references for... - SoftGrid Computers. SoftGrid Computers Ecommerce Web... - SoftGrid Computers. LinkedIn. SoftGrid Computers - Indore, India. StumbleUpon. SoftGrid Computers (@SoftGridC) Thank You Softgrid for giving 7 Incredible Years. Thank You Softgrid for giving 7 Incredible Years Wow.

Thank You Softgrid for giving 7 Incredible Years

Seven years !!!! Gone so fast. It’s been an incredible ride. Happy yesterday, Happier tomorrow: A tribute to 7 years. Happy yesterday, Happier tomorrow: A tribute to 7 years 7 long years!

Happy yesterday, Happier tomorrow: A tribute to 7 years

SoftGrid completes 7 years in its making and it could not have been a more exciting journey for all of us here at SoftGrid. We cannot possibly leave out the most important aspect of our journey, and that is: our lovely customers who have made everyday a learning experience, giving us the opportunity to discover such diverse talent and the honor to serve the needs of entrepreneurs who are determined to change the paradigm of business conduct. We started off as an idea but today, with the help and support of all our customers, we have translated into a vision, constantly striving towards achieving a higher version of ourselves. We were entering a space that was dominated by big names with enough resources at their disposal and it was only with conviction that we could help serve our customers in the best possible way. SoftGrid Computers (softgrid) on Pinterest. SoftGrid Computers Pvt. Ltd. SoftGrid Computers (@SoftGridC) WHAT ARE THE MOST POPULAR PHP FRAMEWORKS IN 2015?

PHP has been used by web developers all over the world.


PHP frameworks help to build rapid web application development which saves your time, helps build more stable applications, and reduces the amount of repetitive coding for developers. Frameworks can provide a great resource & solutions to facilitate the process. IOS MUST BE FIRST PRIORITY FOR MOBILE DEVELOPERS. It’s time for your business to develop a mobile app to better engage your audience, but you’re not quite sure what route to take when choosing the best operating system.


With the enhanced need of smartphone use is enhancing need for mobile enterprise application development. Being the most advanced mobile operating system; iOS keeps on redefining features to provide excellent user experience. More preference given by mobile apps developers. PHP LOVERS!!!!! ARE YOU READY FOR PHP7? 2015 has been an important year for PHP. The next major release of the now 20-year-old script language is designed and finally a new major version is finally coming our way! PHP 7 is scheduled for release before the end of the year, bringing many new language features and an impressive performance boost.

Some features we can already talk about because they are already being implemented. The new PHP is compared to its predecessor be much faster under the version number 5.6. So in announcements of up to twice the speed of the speech, compared to PHP 5.0 the next PHP is probably even 14 times faster. HERE COMES WINDOWS 10. Microsoft says its’ new Windows 10 operating system is now running on more than 14 million computers, two days after the software was released as a free download. That’s a far cry from the company’s goal of getting Windows 10 onto a billion devices within three years. Microsoft says it’s releasing the software in waves to make sure downloads go smoothly. Windows 10 bridges the gap between PCs and tablets without alienating anyone.

The new OS combines the best bits of old and new Windows features into a cohesive package, while correcting nearly all of the missteps of Windows 8. ZEND SERVER 8.5 IS OUT WITH AWESOME PERFORMANCE GAINS. With the release of the new version of the PHP application server starts its manufacturer, the Zend Gallery, are collected in the developed by companies and the community plugins. The Zend Server 8.5 release builds on the Zend Server 8 milestone, which debuted with the Z-Ray application insight technology.

For the release, the developers have accepted not only the user interface, which now comes with a new menu structure and more modern design, but they are also discussed issues such as user support and scheduling. As part of the new Zend Server 8.5 release, the new Zend Gallery is being added, providing a library of Z-Ray add-ons that can be used. GIVE BIGCOMMERCE A TRY. Do you already have an established Bigcommerce site? Or are you looking to make the switch? No list of ecommerce platforms is complete without the inclusion of Bigcommerce. Bigcommerce is currently supporting over thousands of online stores, making it one of the proven giants of the ecommerce world.

WORDS BEHIND THE SUCCESS OF ECOMMERCE. “Sometimes the only way to present to a thing of reality or truth of life is to pour your thoughts out onto the page, so in the same way if people are looking to spread their business in the market then web media is the best solution to make product promotion across the world.” Have you ever imagined the power of an ecommerce? No? We will tell you a story the behind the success of Precious Jason from her words. WHO’S WINNING THE MOBILE PLATFORM WARS, APPLE’S IOS OR GOOGLE’S ANDROID?

Google Play apps win for volume but iOS continues to win for revenue share. Ironically, though, Apple continues to make more money than all of the Android smartphone makers combined. THE NEXT BIG THING FOR MOBILE APP DEVELOPERS – PHONEGAP. GOOGLE IS RECOMMENDING RESPONSIVE WEB DESIGN FOR SEO. Google has finally taken a clear stance on mobile SEO practices. With more people using their smartphones and tablets to browse the internet, it has become increasingly important to create a website that works across multiple platforms. SoftGrid Computers (softgrid) on Pinterest. SQL SERVER 2016: NEXT MICROSOFT DATA PLATFORM. Recently a preview – SQL Server 2016 has been released. SOFTGRID COMPUTERS IS NOW PART OF THE BIGCOMMERCE FAMILY.

FINAL ANDROID M PREVIEW RELEASED: ANDROID MARSHMALLOW. WHY PROTOTYPE WEBSITE IS IMPORTANT BEFORE DEVELOPMENT? BEST WEB DESIGN TRENDS. The best and top web design trends include powerful and innovative trends emerging, in 2015. When we think about web design, designer must consider the full spectrum of possibilities that the internet presents and super cool imagination.

DO I REALLY NEED SIDEBAR FOR MY BLOG? The sidebar… that’s probably one of the less talked about topics when it comes to Internet marketing and blogging. Most blogs these days have a sidebar alongside the content on their pages. AM I GOING TO LOSE TRAFFIC OR SALES, IF I REDESIGN MY WEBSITE? Teaching Coding to Kids – Next Generation of Programmers. Why choose SoftGrid Computers as your PHP web development company? Why does native app development attract people? Hire WordPress Developer. Free Tools for System Admins. New PHP Ransomware Looking for your Websites. iOS 9; Better just got much better ! Sign Up. What’s interesting in Android N Developer Preview? What should you know about Big data? Why are so many businesses moving to the cloud? Get your website for the monthly checkup !!! How Much Does it Cost to Develop an App? Mobile UX Design Tips to Create the Best and the most User-Friendly Apps.

Bad Photos = Bad Website. MongoDB Atlas – MongoDB’s Foray into the Cloud Platform. MongoDB Atlas – MongoDB’s Foray into the Cloud Platform. Web Design and Development. Mobile Application or Responsive Web Design: What does your company need? Why don’t we use “content-first” approach? Why don’t we use “content-first” approach?

What needs to become a good PHP developer? Some Interesting tips for Android Application, a developer should know. Does small business owners really need mobile apps for their businesses? Good Copywriting and its importance for your Business Website. Why have Minimal Websites become such a fixture ? Six Most Popular Conversational Commerce Apps of 2016. Fresh Content – Does it really matters? Where can I find a great mobile app developer in London? Run your web app as a mobile app using Apache Cordova. Now Smart Digital Glasses – What made Apple iGlass better than Google Glass?

Just few steps will make your website optimized for Google’s Mobile Index. Why online marketing is the buzzword in 2017? Twitter Analytics: the best tools for Monitoring Twitter Audience Responsiveness. Performance Metrics for Mobile Apps. The next major version of Angular is 4, not 3. Google can remember things for you. Google can remember things for you. Google releases first preview of Android O to developers. Top 5 WordPress Security Plugins: Prevent your Website from Getting Hacked. 5 ways to make your blog visually attractive and interesting.

How Augmented and Virtual Realities may change Web Design. How to refurbish your website photography in 2017. SoftGrid Computers. Drupal Development Company - SoftGrid Computers. WooCommerce. Magento. Shopify App Developer - SoftGrid Computers. Web Design Services SoftGrid Computers. eCommerce Application Development - SoftGrid Computers. Custom Web Design Services - SoftGrid Computers.