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Lily Pad Hexagons... Hello from not so sunny Scotland!

Lily Pad Hexagons...

I haven't forgotten you all, it's just taken me longer than expected to get organised, and I also wanted to have something good to share....... but first.... Scotland in the rain is lovely; I'm really enjoying my new job and I love my new home. This is the view from my kitchen window - and these were my moving in treat to myself... I can see a loch from my bedroom window, but I'm not taking any pics until I can get out there when the sun is shining, and that has only happened so far while I've been at work. Now enough of the necessities of life and on to the good stuff! And if you look from the side I think they look rather like lily pads...... SmoothFoxs_Another_Variation_of_a_Granny_Square. Daisy_Coasters. Simple Solid Granny by Kristie-Beth. The Solid Granny Square by Tamara Kelly.

A few weeks ago I did a video tutorial of the Traditional Granny Square, but I also talked a little bit about how “officially” a granny square is any motif worked flat, in a square, from the center out.

The Solid Granny Square by Tamara Kelly

Nonetheless, there are a few squares that are considered typical, while the rest rarely get called “grannies.” One of the better known simple squares is the Solid Granny Square, and here’s how it’s made! Switch up to HD using the little gear icon for optimized viewing, or use a smaller resolution if you have a slow internet connection. How to Crochet the Solid Granny Square: Written Instructions for the Solid Granny Square: Ch 4, join with a sl st to form a ring. Round 1: Ch 5 (counts as first dc and ch 2). Round 2: Sl st into the ch sp. Round 3: Sl st into the ch sp. Round 4: Sl st into the ch sp.

At this point you can fasten off, or you can just keep going! There are, of course, many variations on this square as well. Simple Filet Crochet Starburst Square. Here's a super simple yet quite lovely fillet crochet/granny square star burst, with just enough detail to make it interesting, yet simple enough for crocheters of any level to pull off.

Simple Filet Crochet Starburst Square

And, since there are no color changes that means a lot fewer ends to weave in! I was inspired by the gorgeous blanket I saw here, which was purchased as a kit from a Danish yarn company Yarn Freak. I am so grateful to them for their amazingly gorgeous yet simple idea, and for the inspiration to finally make that crocheted blanket I've been dreaming of, but just couldn't decide which pattern to go with! And the fun part is that the squares are attached by crocheting them together, first with a row of single crochet and then a raised row of double crochet, simple and really unique! Impossible Hexagon Granny Square by Stramenda.

Colors and hooks: Hoola! Como estais?

colors and hooks: Hoola!

Me imagino que relajaditas después de estos días de fiesta que hemos tenido,os muestro éste tapete que me ha tenido entretenida éstos dias entre otras muchas cosas! Es sencillo como veis! Pero hacia tiempo que tenia ganas de tener uno asi!! El borde ha quedado bonito, aqui os dejo el patrón por si os gusta es fácil y queda muy bien. tiene nada que ver con éstos que hacia hace unos años, pero que tambien eran preciosos! Y ésta muestra de granny... y en ésta entrada no podia olvidarme de agradecer la entrega de tres premios de varios blogs que me han concedido, muchísimas gracias por pensar en mi! Edging for Openwork Crochet Dishcloth. This is an edging to crochet for the cotton openwork dishcloth.

Edging for Openwork Crochet Dishcloth

Work in back loops of stitches unless otherwise directed. Place a marker around the last stitch in your last row to keep track of where your edging begins. To begin the edging, you will need to rotate your work clockwise so that the left-hand edge of your work faces up. Round 1: Ch 2. Work 36 sc across the top edge of the work, making sure to space them evenly.

To Form Corner: Ch 2, and rotate work clockwise so that your foundation chain is facing upward. Sc in each loop of your starting chain. (36 sc.) Pom Pom Edge. Mata & Ora - Free Knitting Patterns - Homewares Patterns. Using 4mm hook and turquoise (or pink or coral)yarn, make 115ch ?

Mata & Ora - Free Knitting Patterns - Homewares Patterns

Row 1: Work 1dc in 2nd ch from hook, 1dc ineach of next 111ch. 113sts ? Work two more rows of dc (remember to work2ch in place of first dc of each row) ? Row 4 (eyelet row): 4ch, miss one st, 1htr in next st, *1ch, miss one st, 1htr in next st, rep from * to end ? Crochet Trim: Luxurious Braid. How to make a granny shrug... You can do it too!

How to make a granny shrug...

Today is your day! HowIt seems that the mulberry granny shrug has inspired a few of you to have a crack yourself. That’s super exciting & exactly why this patch of web space exists. Over the weekend Lara & I have worked together to present to you the whole box & dice for the granny shrug enthusiast. There’s something for everyone. You can just skip over the “instructions” & make the granny exactly as you always do. You’ll just end up with a lovely curly hexagon…good, that’s great…exactly what we want. Mine have been 9 rounds (in the Wilderness) but depending on your tension & hook size yours might be 8 or 10 or more. The patternMy very favourite crocheter is Lara. & the videoJust so you know it was really hard to crochet standing up stradling a tripod & keeping (or trying) the crochet in the frame.