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Petits papiers. Comment fabriquer du papier recyclé. Source : Fun Science Gallery - Voir tutoriel papier recyclé Source : EDD Guyane - Voir fabriquer du papier recyclé Source : - Voir fabriquer papier recyclé Source : Tout Zazimuth - Comment faire du papier recyclé Source : - Faire du papier recyclé Source : - Fabriquer du papier recyclé.

Comment fabriquer du papier recyclé

25 Ways to Reuse Jars. Collection of Creative and Cool Ways to Reuse Jars from all over the world.

25 Ways to Reuse Jars

Organizers: In these jar organizers, the caps are fixed to the wooden shelf that sits above the worktop. Just simply fill your jars with whatever small items you need for storing. More directions - 1| 2| 3| 4| 5| 6. (Image: Credit). (Image: Credit). (Image: Credit). Lanterns: Make lanterns out of jars. Party Favour Boxes from Recycled Plastic Bottles – Step-by-Step Tutorial. Difficult to believe that these five party favour boxes were once plastic bottles that contained soft drinks.

Party Favour Boxes from Recycled Plastic Bottles – Step-by-Step Tutorial

By recycling plastic bottles in this way, you not only do your bit for Mother Earth, but you also have quite unique favour boxes for your child’s birthday party. Older children can make these boxes too, but please supervise the cutting procedures. You can use the bottles as is and just decorate with ribbons and a bows, and add small items for further decoration. You can paint them, decoupage them, cover them with modge-podge or white glue that dries clear and add glitter or simply add a few stickers for decoration purposes. You can fill them with snacks or anything else that will suit the theme of your child’s birthday party.

How To Make Beads From Old Plastic Bottles. DIY Eco Friendly Packaging. February 26th, 2013 Have you ever needed to find a box to package up a gift in a hurry?

DIY Eco Friendly Packaging

Look no further than the simple plastic PET bottle you have in your kitchen. Certainly don’t throw it in the bin! Don’t put it in the recycling either! Transform it into a fabulous pillow box and impress people with your ingenuity and resourcefulness. Party Favour Boxes From Plastic Bottles – Step-by-Step Tutorial. Pocketbook & Pocket Book From Water Bottles. Plastic Hearts Mobile - Valentine's Day. An idea of ​​decoration for valentine's day recycling plastic bottles (again ;).

Plastic Hearts Mobile - Valentine's Day

It's very simple and totally doable with your kids. Una idea de decoración con botellas de plástico recicladas para el día de San Valentín. Es muy simple y lo pueden hacer con sus hijos. Get some plastic bottles, any size. Cut bottles in "slices" to have plastic rings. Agarren botellas de cualquier tamaño. Decorate the rings with permanent marker, I made flowers, hearts, lines, or write what you want .... use your imagination! Decoran los anillos con marcador permanente, hice flores, corazones, líneas o escriban lo que quieran .... utilice su imaginación! Then fold rings twice (see photo) to form a heart! Luego doblan los anillos dos veces (ver foto) para formar un corazón Do as many as you want! Hacer tanto como lo desean!

Pass a thread with a needle through the heart to hang them together, end with a node. Pasar un hilo con una aguja a través de los corazónes para colgar los juntos, terminan con un nodo. Bracelets From Plastic Water Bottles. Featured by Craftgawker on 8/16/12 (link).

Bracelets From Plastic Water Bottles

This one was quite a learning curve. I’ve seen a fair amount of water bottle / soda bottle bracelets and figured it couldn’t be too hard. This is what not to do: 1) use Mod Podge, 2) try using heat to seal it, unless you’re better with an extinquisher than me; 3) use paint on any item that’s likely to spring back towards you when you let it go, unless you want paint all over you; 4) work in an area heavily contaminated with animal fur; 5) wait till after you’ve made the bracelet to think about closures.

Having put all that to one side this is what did work: Plastic bottles are surprisingly resistant to being cut, due mostly to their ability to squirt out of your hand while trying to grip them. You want two of these of the same size. Then you get a bit of duct tape: I recommend the newly available sheets rather than the rolls. At this stage you can open the bracelet like a book. So there you have it. Let me know how it goes for you if you try it. 25 Awesome Ways To Re-Use Plastic Bottles. Don’t miss out!

25 Awesome Ways To Re-Use Plastic Bottles

Follow on Facebook and bring more love and life into your home. ---------- Sponsored Links ---------- There are so many awesome ways to re-use plastic bottles. You can create flower shapes, containers and even build a boat! I prefer to use them for storage of various odds and ends. I just found a great resource of 25 different plastic bottle DIY projects. Here’s the link to all 25 ideas… 25 Things To Do With Empty Plastic Bottles. Plastic Bottle Crafts Tutorials. Recycling Paper Into: Ideas of How To Upcycle Plastic Bottles. Party Favour Boxes From Plastic Bottles – Step-by-Step Tutorial. Plastic.