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Art Paintings

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Liquid Particles - canvas experiment. Greatest body painting illusions » Viso114. Waterhouse. John William Waterhouse - Vanity. John William Waterhouse Paintings 50% Off. Rossetti:" Ophelia" - Waterhouse inspired Pre-Raphaelite dress. Waterhouse was very fond of using the same gown on different models for different paintings.

Rossetti:" Ophelia" - Waterhouse inspired Pre-Raphaelite dress.

Miranda in "The Tempest" and "Fair Rosamund" both wear the same blue dress as the 1910 "Ophelia" in the woods (only Ophelia is adorned with heraldic symbols). "It was the time when Lilies blow, And clouds are highest up in air, Lord Ronald brought a lily-white doe, To give to his cousin, Lady Clare. Waterhouse.

My art

Arts. Art. Pattaya Graffiti: The Walls. Pattaya Graffiti on Flickr: This is my little sideline project: I'm currently running around Pattaya to document all the Graffiti found here.

Pattaya Graffiti: The Walls

It seems to be the trend, to use Graffiti, in some respects, as a form of unofficial advertising for local tattoo shops etc. These works however, are not as prolific or wide spread as one might find in western cities; predominantly found around the Sukhumvit Rd and Pattaya Klang area of the city (in a building I refer to as the Bat Cave). And, exhibit more like a gallery of works, rather than random street art; less intellectual than Banksy, nevertheless, they exhibit a high-quality of workmanship by accomplished street artists. I had no idea why I started this project. JR Art - Photographe.