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I Write Therefore I Am

I Am The Messenger. Non-Negotiable Beverages Vocabulary One Vocabulary Two Appetizers: Reading Guides (Please choose one) Mild: Study Guide Create and answer level I and II questions for the book as you read.

I Am The Messenger

Make sure you do at least one question for every two pages. Medium/Spicy: Log/Journal A log or journal needs to include at least two of the following: A summary of the section you have read A quotation and an explanation of why you liked the quotation Text-self, text-text, or text-world connections Side dishes: Reading Enhancement (Please choose two) Literary Devices.

Curious Incident

Vietnam War. Reading & Writing Skills. Boy in the Striped Pyjamas. Romeo & Juliet. Interactive Activities. Chinese Cinderella. Scared Stiff. Animal Farm. The Giver. Greek Mythology.