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Interactive Displays - Tihoi History

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Social Studies, Intake 2, 2016

KOKAKO by Angus Woore and Isaac West. MILL HISTORY by Sam Harcourt and Dower De Boer. TIHOI PRIMARY SCHOOL by Thomas Whiting and David Hancock. TIHOI TAVERN by Jacob Gibbs and George Hayward. HISTORY OF TIHOI MILL by Blake Walker and Robert Merryweather. TIHOI PRIMARY SCHOOL by Max Watson and Ply Thanachanan. TIHOI HISTORY By George Ott and Aaron Taylor (POWTOON TAB ALREADY OPEN) TIHOI THROUGH THE AGES by Gus Hanham and Marcus Li. TIHOI TIMELINE by Te Waiti Rawiri and Nick Karton. TVS BUILDINGS by Harry Coxhead and Louis Brown. <div>Franks house, </div><div>Franks house is named after a old original mill worker Frank Rivers.

TVS BUILDINGS by Harry Coxhead and Louis Brown

It is the newest house and was finished building 19</div><div><br></div><div><br></div> <div>Tihoi Dining room also know as the gallagher centre was built in 2005. it cost 1,000,000 and was funded mainly by gallagher. </div> <div>Gills House </div><div>Named after a original mill manager, Gill Richards. TIHOI CLOTHING THROUGH THE AGES by Jack Deane and Rico D'Anvers on Prezi. OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES by Henry Mandeno and Aidan Nelson on Prezi. NATIVE WILDLIFE by Tom Davidson and Angus Orsler on Prezi. TIHOI FITNESS by Alex Zhong and Daniel Rickman on Prezi.