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Humanities 8

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Lesson Plan/Procedures - The Renaissance and Reformation: Unit 3: The Renaissance and Reformation - Mr. Lambert. All handouts are posted below.

Unit 3: The Renaissance and Reformation - Mr. Lambert

Week of 9/21 Day 1 - Intro Renaissance Day 2 - Intellectual and educational impact of the Renaissance. Notes. Day 3-4 - Reading: Medici in Florence. Week of 9/28 Day 1 - Renaissance art analysis Day 2 - Renaissance art analysis Day 3 - Machiavelli Day 4 - Machiavelli Week of 10/5 Day 1-2: Selfie Project Day 3-4: Work on project/finish Machiavelli. Renaissance Theme Unit. Make a Daily Renaissance Activity Lesson Plan Book Reading Comprehensions History What Was the Renaissance?

Renaissance Theme Unit

Leveled Reading Books Renaissance Analogies. The Middle Ages: Feudal Life. B. Introduction - Ms.Wei's Medieval Europe Web-quest. Middle Ages Webquest - Ms. Drayss' Global History Website. Ilike2learn Menu. Declaration child1959. Social Studies Lessons - INQUIRY-BASED LEARNING. Social Studies Lessons We are very excited to be supporting the Ontario Ministry of Education's 2013 Revised Social Studies - Grades 1 to 6 History and Geography - Grades 7 and 8 curriculum implementation roll-out.

Social Studies Lessons - INQUIRY-BASED LEARNING

You can view the document here.Scroll down to view lessons -First Nations - Origins of Our CountryRemembrance - How We Won Our FreedomCanada From Coast to Coast to CoastPioneer Life is the Life for MeYou Don't Have to Fight City Hall Adventure and Intrigue - The TitanicFirst NationsBlack History MonthElection IssuesNEW lesson added regularly, so check back often. First Nations - Origins of Our Country When and Why: The founding peoples of many countries are not honoured for their contributions to the cultural makeup of the land. In too many instances, aboriginal people become the marginal or forgotten few, their sacrifices and struggles relegated to a few lines in a history book or dusty prints. Initiate: This exploration can begin with a mini-exploration. 1. 2. 3. 5. 6. 2. 3. Inquiry-Questions - Social Studies.

Socials 3 Which was more important to the Haida, the salmon or the cedar?

Inquiry-Questions - Social Studies

Which was more important to the Inuit, the seal or the caribou? Given a selection of significant individuals in Canada's history, who should be featured on the new Canadian Quarter? & why? Which physical region would I move to if I had to move from here? Given two countries, which one would I choose to live for a year and why? Here's a sample Inquiry wiki developed by Val Martineau of of Fairview Elementary, Nanaimo, BC.This inquiry unit connects with many Social Studies, Language Arts, ICT and cross-curricular outcomes.Question: What would be a great city to host the next Olympics?

Ancient Mesopotamia Are Canada’s laws better than Hammurabi’s or not? Ancient Egypt Why is mummification considered to be one of the greatest legacies of the Egyptians? Ancient Greece What made the Greeks’ greatest legacy the Olympic Games? Ancient China How is the Three Gorges Dam good for China? Ancient Rome Ancient Times Medieval Projects. World Religions Webquest. The Middle Ages: created with Zunal WebQuest Maker. Short Story Writing - Grade 8 rubric - P6BAWX: RCampus. LA8U3L5: The Street That Got Mislaid. Language Arts 8 Introduction In this selection, you will meet a group of people who have protected their private, secluded paradise for many years.

LA8U3L5: The Street That Got Mislaid

For purposes of utilities, taxation, and postal delivery, the city's engineering department has the layout and location of every street in the city. But in this story, a street has disappeared from record! The main character discovers the forgotten street and makes a very interesting choice at the end of the story. As you read this selection, pay particular attention to the way the author describes the setting and characters of Green Bottle Street and also at the way he describes the place where Marc lives at the beginning of the story. Lesson This story introduces you to the process of taxation.

Watch the video about the tax increases: Ask your parents how they feel about paying taxes and the whole tax process? Turn to page 4 of your Sightlines 8 text book and read "The Street That Got Mislaid". 1. 20 marks Closure Extension: Evaluation.