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Top 25 Most Amazing Abandoned Corners of Earth. It doesn’t matter how beautiful are the new tourist destinations, those that are curious will always go to visit some historical places, and when those are abandoned and not touched by the human hand for a long time, they become a mysterious riddles.

Top 25 Most Amazing Abandoned Corners of Earth

Abandoned Isle, Netherlands Abandoned City Near Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, Ukraine Boat from 2nd World War, Homebush, Australia Railway Station in Poland Mysterious Road Kerry Way, Ireland Abandoned Castle from 15 Century, Black Forest, Germany Asunción, Paraguay “El Hotel del Salto”, Columbia Underwater Bronze Statue of Jesus Christ, Mediterranean Sea, Italy Hall, West Welsh Abandoned Building for Distillation, Barbados Abandoned Domes in South-West Florida Body of Crashed Plane, Antarctica A Structure in Cambodia Fishermen House at Lake, Germany Bodiam Castle, East Sussex, England Abandoned House in Namib Desert Sea Supervisory Houses in England Mill in France Bulgarian Communist Party House. The Coolest Nature Video Ever [Edited By Roen Horn] Pop Culture Coins - Hijacking coins with some paint. - StumbleUpon. The Most Astounding Fact. EVER. 38 Maps You Never Knew You Needed.

- StumbleUpon. We declare the world as our canvasChalk Art by David Zinn - A Collection. Shower by James Puttick. Photos du journal. - StumbleUpon. Magical Long-Exposure Firefly Photos Go Viral. July 8, 2008Photo: Tsuneaki Hiramatsu June 6, 2008Photo: Tsuneaki Hiramatsu June 16, 2009Photo: Tsuneaki Hiramatsu Jully 7, 2009Photo: Tsuneaki Hiramatsu June 27, 2010Photo: Tsuneaki Hiramatsu July 9, 2010Photo: Tsuneaki Hiramatsu June 15, 2011Photo: Tsuneaki Hiramatsu June 19, 2011Photo: Tsuneaki HiramatsuJuly 8, 2011Photo: Tsuneaki Hiramatsu July 8, 2008Photo: Tsuneaki HiramatsuJune 6, 2008Photo: Tsuneaki HiramatsuJune 16, 2009Photo: Tsuneaki HiramatsuJully 7, 2009Photo: Tsuneaki HiramatsuJune 27, 2010Photo: Tsuneaki HiramatsuJuly 9, 2010Photo: Tsuneaki HiramatsuJune 15, 2011Photo: Tsuneaki HiramatsuJune 19, 2011Photo: Tsuneaki HiramatsuJuly 8, 2011Photo: Tsuneaki Hiramatsu Tsuneaki Hiramatsu knew something was up.

Magical Long-Exposure Firefly Photos Go Viral

It was the end of December and his amateur photo blog had suddenly jumped from a handful of visitors a day to thousands. The telephone customer service agent and hobby photographer was surprised. Untitled. Pictures of Moments Speak More than Thousand Words...... Picture can speak thousands of words.

Pictures of Moments Speak More than Thousand Words......

Random pictures of insignificant moments always been the most important and most valuable. Photographers and painters beautifully imprint huge number of events, objects and types. Some do it by accident on the momentary desire. Others do it in order to fix the time for the future. For me they are really different and thoughtful, simple but speak lots of words……… 1. Photographer – Zilvinas Valeika 2. 3.

One of the best photos on the version of Red Bull Illume 2010. 4. Little boy is going to ask Santa for his father returns from Iraq. 5. Photographer – Roman Balaev. 6. 7. 8. This picture consists 365 photographs that were made by each day from the same place. via. - StumbleUpon. Crossing by Tom Eikrem - StumbleUpon. Actresses in character and prosthetic makeup.

Cooking. Maria-Luisa (dite Coré) In this design, John Galliano for Dior combined the elements of a robe à la française with the vast crinolined silhouettes of the mid-nineteenth century.

Maria-Luisa (dite Coré)

The stomacher, open overskirt, and petticoat are expressly eighteenth century, but the huge wired cages that support the skirts over nine feet wide are constructed more like the hoops of the Second Empire than the discrete by comparison panniers of the ancien régime. While the eighteenth-century woman could at least sidle through a doorway, Galliano's beauties, because of the depths of their skirts, would have to torque and deform their hoops to squeeze their way through.

The Rare White Lion, a photo from Attiki, Attica. Critiques | Translate carper hoi Panos, This is a great head of a lion.

The Rare White Lion, a photo from Attiki, Attica

My compliments for it. Very, very nice. Quegardens In this and other of your wonderful shots Panos,you bring out great expression in the eyes of your subjects.Those soft welcoming eyes could be decieving though....I wouldn't want to get too close:-)Great focus on where it matters most. Edwin A nice portrait Panos. Dob_31 Excellent additionto the "Fauna" theme. Cdewet Hi Panos, Yes, from Timbavati stock. Santosh Wow.. Dsidwell. - Home.