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Waterfall-Castle-Poland. The 12 Most Beautiful Castles in Europe. For centuries, people have been fascinated with castles.

The 12 Most Beautiful Castles in Europe

Whether they were home to cruel leaders (such as Count Dracula) or the settings of love stories, the castles always played an important part in European history. Nowadays, they make “guest appearances” in movies or are the perfect place to spend an interesting vacation. There are actually thousands of castles throughout Europe, though many of them are in surprising states of disrepair if they are even recognizable as castles at all. But there are also hundreds of well preserved castles you can tour yourself, and the dozen below just might be the most beautiful of all of them. 1 – Château de Chenonceau, France The castle is built on river Cher, offering one of the most beautiful sights as it reflects in the water.

The castle is located in the small city of Chenonceaux. >> Read about train travel in France or find out what to eat in Paris 2 – Neuschwanstein, Germany Does this castle also look familiar? 4 – Ashford Castle, Cong, Ireland. Carrigeen Castle, County Tipperary - Irelands Most Historic Castle Hotels Slideshow at Frommers. Ashford Castle Luxury Hotel in Ireland Hotels. Mansfield Castle Hotel - Directions. Cabra Castle Hotel County Cavan Ireland offers excellent Irish Hotel Castle Stays. Cabra Castle Hotel boasts a proud history dating as far back as 1760.

Cabra Castle Hotel County Cavan Ireland offers excellent Irish Hotel Castle Stays

Its long history lends a mature, cultured air to the castle which can be felt by one and all as they stroll along the castle's magnificent hallways and stairwells. Cabra Castle is less than an hours drive from Dublin Airport, and is the perfect location for a weekend break in an Irish castle. The castle is situated in the wonderful County of Cavan, which features a variety of activities and places to visit.

The castle's extremely rich history can be experienced by all hotel guests who wish to spend the night in one of eighty historical and richly designed bedrooms. Choosing from the splendour of the Lords Bedchamber to the spacious elegance of the Courtyard Bedrooms or the charming Gate Lodge, a sumptuous stay awaits.......... Home | Accommodation | Weddings | History | Activities | Location | Booking. Culcreuch Castle Hotel, Scotland. - StumbleUpon. 15 Amazing Castles from Around the Globe - StumbleUpon.

Although designed and built for the prominent purpose of defense, today the castles seem like somewhat unrealistic constructions straight from the fairytale world.

15 Amazing Castles from Around the Globe - StumbleUpon

From solid strongholds to oriental fortresses and highly decorative palaces, the castles are our connection to the past, where legends mix with history and reality blends with a fairyland. This fairytale castle is the historical seat of the Prussian Kings and German Emperors. Its origin dates back to the Middle Ages - it was built in the 11th century, then completely destroyed in 1423 and reconstructed in 1461. The view from the castle that stands on top of Mount Hohenzollern (855 m) is as stunning as the complex itself.

The castle is located about 50 kilometers (30 mi) south of Stuttgart, the capital of the Baden-Württemberg state. Although it looks like a castle, Howard is actually a stately home - a private residence of the Howard family that has resided in the complex for more than 300 years. Burg Eltz castle.