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Stella Maris Berdaxagar

I was born in Quemú Quemú ,La Pampa.Argentina. I am a teacher of English as a second language and a Higher Education and ICT Specialist.I am fond of ICT integration as a disruptive innovation in teaching 21st Century soft and hard skills. I am an Edmodo Ambassador & Certified Trainer, MIE Expert 2016 and Lifelong learner.

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Learning Platforms and Tools for Flipped Classes. Women in History. Blended Learning -Flipped Learning. Cartoons in Class. Podcasts: paths to learning and interaction. Authoring Tools. CLIL resources. Screen recorders. Reverse Image Search Tools. Bookmarking tools for PD , Content Curation & Training.

Festivities. Augmented Reality. Microsoft. Student Voice.


Academic Writing : Features, Word Lists & Tools. Sentence Structure: Word Order in English. Mythology. Free Sounds and Images. Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. Our Brain. Videos for ELT. General Vocabulary : Tools , Glossaries , Lists and Tips. Vocabulary: Containers. Puns & Tongue -Twisters.

Vocabulary : Geographical features. Vocabulary :Utensils and tools. Vocabulary: the Universe. Vocabulary: The CIty, Countries & Nationalities. Vocabulary: Family & relations.

Vocabulary: Means of Transport.

Vocabulary : Food & Drink. Vocabulary: School things. Vocabulary: Animals and Plants. Vocabulary: Musical Instruments. Vocabulary: House & furniture. Vocabulary :Jobs, buidings and shops. Vocabulary :Body & health. Vocabulary weather, seasons, clothes. Timeline tools and resources. Whiteboards & Corkboards. Book Creators. Infographics : the Anchorage to Memorable Learning. Phrasal Verbs.

Learning Theories

Proverbs : Universal Gems of Wisdom! The Evolution of the English Language. Phonemic charts and SWFs. Phonics. Root Word Dictionaries & Resources. Quiz & Test creating tools and resources. Corkboards. Encyclopedias. Dictionaries and Reference Tools. Themes and Topics. Lyrics and Music.

Paired Texts and Books. Think-Pair-Share. Flashcards: Tools and resources. Mind Map Creating Tools & Tips. Assessment Tools & SQ3R. Read & Listen Along Sites for Summertime & Beyond.

Songs,Toons, Games and Rhymes for Kids.

Visual aids and templates. Databases. Critical Thinking. Word Formation. Punctuation & Syllabication. English Tenses. British and American Literature. British and American English. English Language and Grammar.

Writing Skills

Listening Skills. Reading Skills. Speaking Skills. Presentation tools and collaborative platforms. Web 2.0 Tools. Third Party Sites , Virtual Worlds, LMS and Networks. Parts of Speech. Reading Resources.

Writing tools.

Achievements & Professional Development