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Collective Hub. The Farmhouse Project: Eco-Friendly Restoration And Country Living – New York Makers. In 2012, Shawn Lang and Kris Prepelica, the (home)makers behind The Farmhouse Project, fell in love with and purchased a 217-year-old farmhouse in Hortonville, New York, along the western Catskill Mountains.

The Farmhouse Project: Eco-Friendly Restoration And Country Living – New York Makers

Ever since, they have been working room by room as a DIY restoration project, and documenting their progress online. From sharing their story with a dedicated community of readers and followers, a “farmhouse family” was born. The knowledge: Baking sourdough at home. The world’s gone mad for sourdough in recent years.

The knowledge: Baking sourdough at home

Instagram is bursting with pictures of it (with obligatory avocado topping), artisan bakeries are opening up everywhere, and the Real Bread Campaign is helping put quality loaves back on the table. About Us - Australian Traveller. Our vision is a world where every journey is an incredible one.

About Us - Australian Traveller

Our mission is to connect people to their incredible experiences through our outstanding and inspirational content. Founded in 2005, Australian Traveller Media began life with a simple idea; inspire Australians to see their own country. (Read the full story from co-founder Quentin Long) Mediakit Travelettes October 2016.


Garden and Gun. 25 Summer Blog Post Ideas. I recently did a very mundane thing I’d been meaning to FOREVER, and boy was I happy to cross it off the list: go through my browser bookmarks!

25 Summer Blog Post Ideas

I’ve been bookmarking for 3 years, and always forget to go back to them. I had a post in mind for months with the idea that I’d finally gather these inspiring posts I’d read and stored away to eventually share. Phoenicia Flea – DVEIGHT. Phoenicia Flea Founder James Anthony.

Phoenicia Flea – DVEIGHT

The Last Lifestyle Magazine. Two years later, Nathan and Katie, along with another Brigham Young couple named Doug and Paige Bischoff, founded Kinfolk, an $18 minimalist print quarterly that has become the go-to lifestyle magazine for a certain type of pour-over-loving millennial.

The Last Lifestyle Magazine

Despite a relatively small circulation of 85,000 (for comparison, The Atlantic boasts 486,000; the New Yorker, 1,055,542; and Cosmopolitan, 3,015,858), Kinfolk can feel surprisingly omnipresent. Walk into a tasteful design store, carefully curated fashion boutique, or immaculate Airbnb loft anywhere in the world, and you're likely to find its pristine pages laying in wait, the way bibles nestle in hotel drawers to comfort sinners. All the ideals that now make the publication so instantly recognizable were already present in Nathan's fairy-tale proposal: close friends, home-cooked meals, and a nostalgia for a simpler way of life.

This photo of a Danish kitchen appears in The Kinfolk Home. 10 Essential Design Resources for Creative Entrepreneurs. “What makes a viral campaign?”

10 Essential Design Resources for Creative Entrepreneurs

It’s a burning question every entrepreneur should be asking, especially when it comes to the visuals they’re using to promote their products and services. In an effort to answer that question and spark some ideas for your own visual marketing campaign, I’ve rounded up 14 genius, effective examples for your viewing pleasure. 1 | Dove: Campaign for Real Beauty For the longest time, companies fed on women’s insecurities by telling them how to improve their attractiveness. Campaigns like “Always a Bridesmaid, Never a Bride” were commonplace and seemed to be effective. Until Dove. They took the opposite approach and asked women which of their current qualities made them beautiful. Somerset Place: The Official Blog of Stampington & Company » Blog Archive Get Published: March Calls and Challenges » Somerset Place: The Official Blog of Stampington & Company. Our Stampington publications want your submissions.

Somerset Place: The Official Blog of Stampington & Company » Blog Archive Get Published: March Calls and Challenges » Somerset Place: The Official Blog of Stampington & Company

Magazines - Stampington. With the largest number of art and crafting magazines in the industry, Stampington & Company has every corner of the crafting community covered!

Magazines - Stampington

Upstate Diary. Upstater - Live Like a Local. Delaware Valley 8 – Dedicated to covering the upstate scene. Wander guide : a weekend in paris. I’ve only ever stopped in Paris for brief stints, usually on long layovers, but I’m headed there this coming May to explore for a couple of weeks and to host a little two-day weekend retreat with my friend, chef & Paris expert, Olaiya Land.

wander guide : a weekend in paris

Prop Stylist

So You Want to be a Stylist? - Prop Closet. I hear from so many people who ask me "How did you become a stylist? " "What was your career path like? ", so I know it's on a lot of minds. The desire to live and breathe creativity, to shop constantly and live in bright airy photo studios or go on location to gorgeous places sounds like an incredible way to earn a living! Chicago's Best Craft Beer Crawl - Travel - Thrillist Chicago. With breweries popping up around the city like delicious, booze-filled daisies, it's about time that somebody put together one crawl to rule them all.

One of a Kind Magazine by One of a Kind Show & Sale. Celebrating Scottish creations, people, places and events. Beach Tomato - it's better at the beach. Issue Fifteen: The Entrepreneurs Issue - Kinfolk. Welcome to Kinfolk Issue Fifteen, the Entrepreneurs Issue. For the Entrepreneurs Issue, we explore the motivation and innovation that drives the spirit of entrepreneurship in our workplaces, as well as provide inspiration to balance our regular workdays with more leisure time. After all, we’re all budding entrepreneurs in one way or another, whether we own a small business, have grand plans for starting one or just enjoy daydreaming about throwing caution to the wind to make donuts full-time.

No matter if you’re working in an artistic field as a maker and doer, crunching numbers or saving lives, creativity can be found in all our pursuits. While Kinfolk often focuses on the choices we make outside of work hours, this issue gives the same mindful attention to the time spent improving our professional selves. Live Rural Newfoundland & Labrador. The Great Northern Peninsula has a number of craft producers that are hobbyists, part-time or engaged in the business earning a living full-time. There is significant opportunity to start and even grow markets in this sector. I recently attended a workshop at 50 Centuries Interpretation Centre, Bird Cove to learn more and provide my own feedback. I was impressed by the array and diversity of craft producers at the session, ranging from two Youth Ventures participant presentations including Sami’s Cakes and Jasmine’s Nail Designs.

Coordinator Sidney Coombs was on hand to talk about the businesses and willing to assist others throughout summer, providing support and advice. Shopping Archives - RuralBuzz. Birthday Celebrations with Deals, Discounts and Birthday Card Draws. Be a part of four great businesses marking their anniversary in beautiful historic town of Blyth, Ontario. (more…) Hanover’s 2014 Fall Fashion Show ” Express Yourself ” is a great success for creating awereness and driving traffic to the downtown fashion stores and businesses. The event was Thursday October 2nd at the Hanover Knights of Columbus Hall. (more…) Enjoy the spectacular Fall colours in Dufferin County and discover the Artists Studios and fine Art during the North of 89 Studio Tour. The 7th annual artisan market presented by the Southampton Art Gallery has something for everyone!

The Lovely Town of Neustadt is having their annual town wide yard sale Saturday June 7th from 8 am. Drop by the Neustadt Spring Craft and Garden Show today to find lots of fabulous gifts from fine artists, garden plants, crafts, fresh backed pies and lots more…. This is our deal. Pineapple - A Magazine from Airbnb. Issue One - Winter 2014 London | Seoul | San Francisco This is a printed magazine where honest stories are told by the unexpected characters of our community.

It is a crossroad of travel and anthropology; a document of community, belonging and shared space. Pineapple is a platform for the incredible stories from Airbnb’s extended family to be shared; it is somewhere for readers to see how people live and create connections in cities today. With stories collected from London, Seoul and San Francisco, Pineapple has enlisted award-winning photographers and writers to capture the adventure and bring the people, places and communities of these cities to life.

Branded Content 101: The Rise Of Brand Publications — Create + Cultivate. By Dana Kelly. OTB + Kaufmann Mercantile: Applesauce Recipe. DIY Post-it® Note Photobooth Backdrop - Poppytalk. About. Travel - Reader photos: Britain’s greatest hidden gems. O Canada: Beautiful Blogs to Discover from Our Northern Neighbors. "The Rabbit Hole" by Nydia Kennley It's a pretty safe guess that Apartment Therapy readers enjoy looking at beautiful, compelling, and sometimes unusual things.

Get your travel on! Get Your Travel On on Pinterest. The new way to stay in a city. Roost. How to Start a Non Profit Literary Magazine: 7 Steps. Edit Article.


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