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TAAM Inc., Aquarium Products. An Open Source Reef Controller and Monitor Giving You Peace of Mind Where Ever You Are. Co -Reactivi indigeni. Tunic. Algae in the Planted Aquarium. Introduction Every aquarium keeper has likely had to deal with an algae problem.

Algae in the Planted Aquarium

In a planted aquarium, an even more complex set of variables can easily go out of whack, and end in a sad algae state. I’ve combined information from a few different websites, added some personal experience, and have hopefully assembled a complete reference for the most common types of algae seen in the planted aquarium, along with their causes and cures. This is an ever-evolving document, so if you feel anything is incorrect or misleading, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment with your correction. Table of Contents Black Brush/Beard (Rhodophyta) Black brush, or BBA, algae can be one of a number of specific genera of “red” algae in the Rhodophyta family.

Cause: Nutrient Imbalance – potentially excess N, P, Fe. Cure: Increase CO2 – This will stimulate plant growth, which should help the plants out-compete the algae for resources.Excel/H202 treatment – Use a syringe to spot treat problem areas. Causes: Cures: DIY Aquarium Background. By Chris Greenwood - Just thought I would post some images of a DIY background I put together six months ago on a Tang. display tank. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.

I realise that this is not too different from other plans on the web, however, this was done using local materials. Stage 1 Using a 50mm thick block of Styrofoam I carved out the rock shapes using a screwdriver and then applied a heat gun to the surface to smooth out the foam. Stage 2 Using an epoxy resin to which I added some black oxide, I applied a single coat.

Stage 3 Second coat of coloured epoxy resin was applied. Stage 4 Before the second coat of resin set I covered the sections in river sand. Stage 5 This shows the sections dried with the sand embedded into the resin. Stage 6 The sections were then siliconed into the back of the tank and left to dry. Stage 7 Tank installed, decorated and filled with water. Total costs, sources & time Parts and Labour. Total $87.80NB. Same tank, several months on. Make Your Own Background From Styrofoam (DIY DECORATION PROJECTS) I had seen several very nice backgrounds made from styrofoam in various tanks so when I bought my new 720 liter I decided to make one.

Make Your Own Background From Styrofoam (DIY DECORATION PROJECTS)

This is how it went. I bought six thick pieces of Styrofoam that measured 120x60x10 centimeters and one beer. The Styrofoam will become the background for the tank and the beer is for drinking while working on it. 3D polyurethane foam background. In the African cichlid breeding many of the fish keepers are not satisfied only with one-colour background of an aquarium so that they buy some of the commercially offered products imitating the African lakes environment.

3D polyurethane foam background

These backgrounds are mostly plastic or laminated casting. Many of them are very good, however, they are not always available for everybody and often are expensive. Those are the reasons why skilful fish keepers are trying to make some similar background or also better looking one and cheaper. There are many technologies and materials useable for this purpose and it depends on one’s skills.

I had decided to make the polyurethane (PU) background after the study of a very few sources in 2001. Material preparation and making the background base I had used 2 cm thick polystyrene board as a base of the background. Warning! I had cut the polystyrene board by the aquarium back wall dimensions to fit between the side walls and horizontal brace accurately.

Warning! Warning! View topic - EXECUT LA COMANDA TERRARII SI ACVARII CU DECOR. 190 litre Aquarium - Malawi. Cum sa va construiti singur un acvariu ? Cum sa va construiti singur un acvariu ?

Cum sa va construiti singur un acvariu ?

Nu este greu... Iata cum... D oriti sa construiti un acvariu dar nu stiti cum sa procedati? Urmati cu atentie sfaturile mele si o sa reusiti. Va sunt necesare urmatoarele materiale: Sticla taiata la dimensiuni cat mai exacte si cu respectarea unghiurilor de 90 grade ale colturilor Un tub de silicon pentru lipirea acvariului Un pistol pentru extragerea siliconului din tub - acesta poate fi imprumutat dar are un pret destul de mic si poate sa va fie util si alta data Folie autocolanta pentru mascarea lipiturilor (are doar rol estetic - este optionala) Cateva sticle de 1 litru (de sticla) pline cu apa pentru a fixa geamurile pana se intareste siliconul P asii pe care trebuie sa îi parcurgeti sunt descrisi in detaliu pe site.

A cum ca aveti tot ce va trebuie puteti sa incepeti. A cum puteti sa respirati usurat: acvariul este ca si gata. M ai departe gustul si inspiratia fiecaruia pot sa isi faca simtita prezenta. . © Madalin Ianuarie 2001. Comunitatea - acvariu, acvaristica, pesti, plante: Content / Acvariu / Construirea acvariului (Metoda 2) Comunitatea - acvariu, acvaristica, pesti, plante: Content / Acvariu / Construirea acvariului. Germany - Products - Tropical Aquarium - Tetratec EX - Product Line.