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How Many Of These Call-And-Response Chants Have Y... I’m A Feminist, But I Don’t Support Planned Paren... Sorry, people who want everyone to fit into neat categories, but I refuse to be reduced to a label.

I’m A Feminist, But I Don’t Support Planned Paren...

Yes, I am a feminist. No, I don’t support Planned Parenthood. I strive for the full equality of women and men, yet on a date I absolutely expect the man to pay. Campaign Setback: Jeb Bush’s Bus Broke Down On A. The 2016 Republican presidential primary race has not been going as expected for former Florida governor Jeb Bush, from plummeting poll numbers, to a poor showing in the Iowa caucuses, to several lackluster debate performances.

Campaign Setback: Jeb Bush’s Bus Broke Down On A

And with the New Hampshire primary in full swing, the latest news out of the Bush camp adds to that list of woes: Jeb Bush’s campaign bus broke down on a train track, and a train is rapidly approaching. Not good, Jeb! Six months ago, if you had predicted that Jeb Bush would be in fifth place nationally and sitting helplessly on train tracks in his campaign bus, turning the ignition over and over while yelling “Come on! 6 Things Everyone Experiences When They Go Throug... Second puberty is part of growing up.

6 Things Everyone Experiences When They Go Throug...

If it hasn’t happened to you yet, don’t worry, because it will. It can happen at any time, whether you’re 30 years old or 80 years old. When the time comes, your body will begin changing in sickening and terrifying ways. All Of My Equally Perfect Daughters…Ranked. Kind, beautiful, talented, smart—I just can’t seem to gush enough about my amazing, wonderful daughters!

All Of My Equally Perfect Daughters…Ranked

They may be different in their own special ways, but a mother loves all her babies the same. So, here’s a guide to my dearest Lily, Amanda, and Kelly...ranked! 3. Kelly Just knowing Kelly is bringing up the rear makes me positive I’m the luckiest woman in the world. 2. Can You Survive A Night On The Town With The Rat. Kennedy’s already-deceased head explodes on November 22, 1963, and a nation mourns.

Can You Survive A Night On The Town With The Rat

There’s a funeral. The man the Mafia pinned the assassination on gets killed by some other guy. JFK Jr. salutes his father. Lyndon B. Johnson becomes president. However, you were the one who was responsible for the death of JFK. But slowly, things get better. You decide to spend the remainder of your days trying to help your fellow man. The perfect American. Will You Make A Suitable Bride For Oscar Isaac? What Your Teen Is Really Doing When She Says She’s Going To A Warehouse To Get All Holes Stuffed. In the age of tweeting, texting, and emoticons, sometimes it seems like teenagers are speaking an entirely different language.

What Your Teen Is Really Doing When She Says She’s Going To A Warehouse To Get All Holes Stuffed

10 Quotes Lookin’ Pretty At Home Next To Mark Twain. It just feels right seeing this quote with a picture of Mark Twain.

10 Quotes Lookin’ Pretty At Home Next To Mark Twain

It’s like they were made for each other. Mark Twain’s instantly recognizable face makes this quote seem all the more biting, wouldn’t you agree? The man himself, next to what sure looks like a classic Twainism if we ever saw one. Nothing weird about this guy snugglin’ up next to a picture of Twain. These two just look good together. I Went Through Gay Conversion Therapy And Emerged... An abomination to God.

I Went Through Gay Conversion Therapy And Emerged...

An immoral choice. Growing up in a conservative Christian household, those are just a couple of ways that I was raised to view homosexuality. So when I finally came out to my family, I was issued an ultimatum: submit to gay conversion therapy or move out. As a scared 16-year-old, I chose the first option, only to emerge years later more uncertain than ever and incredibly talented at basketball. It wasn’t so bad in the beginning. Kissing Is Sex. Some friends and I were exchanging stories yesterday when the topic of kissing came up.

Kissing Is Sex

“We went back to her place and kissed on her couch,” said my friend, whom I’ll call John. “That was all, though. No sex.” Kissing, but not sex? Science FTW: NASA Sent A Man Into Orbit And Got A... Well, it looks like science has done it again.

Science FTW: NASA Sent A Man Into Orbit And Got A...

NASA officials announced today that a manned spacecraft they recently sent into orbit has returned safely to Earth, bringing back with it a different man than the one who was originally on board. Wow. Science FTW! “Eleven days ago, we sent astronaut Michael McCullough into space,” said NASA spokesperson George Diller at a press conference earlier this morning. We Asked 22 Limo Drivers About The Worst Time Som... Twenty-two limo drivers. One question: What was the worst time someone got sucked out of your sunroof? 1. 16 Goddamn Deer I Accidentally Hit On My Way Out. How did this keep happening to me? 1. My small drive from hell got started when this deer ran in front of me right as I pulled out of my parking spot. Like all the deer that followed, I never saw it coming. 2.

I thought that first deer would be all the deer I’d hit for the night. 3 & 4. 5 & 6. 7. 8. 9, 10, & 11: These three rolled out of the back of a flatbed truck that was driving in front of me. 12. It’s Our Duty To Support The Troops And The Secon... I Don’t Let My Kids Watch Winnie The Pooh Because... 9 Photos Proving That, Sadly, Bacon Is Everything. Heartwarming: When This Terminally Ill 6-Year-Old... Heartwarming: J.J. Abrams Arranged For This Termi... 7 Sweet Perks Of Being Home From College. Great News, Foodies! The Easter Island Heads Are. Please. Look At This Corn. Please. If Any Terrorist Organizations Want To Use My Ide... 5 Tips To Fuck Good. Father’s Day Is Always Bittersweet For Me Because...

Plan Your Son’s Funeral! “Here are our most impressive and costly coffins. “At the back of the room, we have the Crestwick Bone Estate, which, with polished ivory hemispheres lining the cabin and bespoke cashmere limb shackles, is the industry leader in posthumous indulgence. “Next is the Crestwick Bone Estate Sport, which is much like the original, only it’s outfitted with a rear spoiler, stink-wicking microfiber upholstery, and rubber performance grips for maximum pallbearer maneuverability. The Pharaohs Of Silicon Valley: My Journey Throug... Science FTW: IBM Just Announced A Robotics Compet... 6 Gazebos Forever Sullied By The Blow Jobs That T... Finally! NASA Announces Rescue Mission To Retriev... Find A Vein, You Nematode Sluts, Because Here Com... 16 Ways The Human Body Is Actually Unbelievable. It Is Important To Honor Those Who Made Others D... Are You A Good American? 7 Of The World’s Deadliest Snakes Who Would Be No... Heartwarming: J.J. Abrams Arranged For This Termi...

While I Agree That Hitler Was One Of History’s Gr... Dan, Calvin, John, The Whole Gang Is Here! There’s No Use Moving The Sliders, Jim. She’s Gone. Relax. The Beautiful Woman You See In The Thumbna... An Oral History Of Pixar. 9 Inspiring Photos That Will Make Your Brain Spra... Amazing: Check Out These Letters Between Ernest H... 6 Hymns Celebrating The Birth Of The Second Child... If Only Once, It Would Be Nice If Hodor Said ‘Wom... 8 Game-Changing Keyboard Shortcuts You Need To Be... Class Action Finally Settled! If You Owned A Tama... The House From The Windows 95 Maze Screensaver Is... Meet The Terminally Ill Woman Who Is Choosing To... I Put On A Fat Suit To Understand What It’s Like. How Many Of These Ben Franklin Sayings Inspire You? There’s An Island Of Trash In The Pacific The Siz... Where Did These Daddies Go? 18 Insane (But True!) Sex Facts. What Is Your Social Status According To Jenna? LIFE HACK: Most Restaurants Will Let You Die Ther... I’m Only Hard On The Movie ‘Interstellar’ Because...

6 Things You Didn’t Know Siri Could Do. Just Where Do You Think You’re Going Dressed Like... What Hope Do We Few Have Against The Armies Of By... My friends, although the enemy may outnumber us, do not look to me to issue the order to surrender. The armies of Byzantium are at your door, and they will slaughter every man, woman, and child they find alive within these city walls. I cannot command you to surrender, for I should just as soon issue you an order to perish. Do not look to me for orders any longer, for I have been usurped as your general.

Fate is your commanding officer now, and She has issued the ironclad command to do battle. 10 Reasons You Just Gotta Put The Gun Down. What Would It Be Like If A Real Woman Had Furby’s... This Is The Speech JFK Would’ve Given If The Cuba... Latest Attack: ISIS Just Changed Its Name To ‘Goo... 6 Elderly Couples Share Their Secrets To A Long,