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Visual Novel

Quiero hacer un videojuego, y tengo una gran idea. Nivel Infierno Casi a todo el mundo que juega a videojuegos habitualmente se le ha pasado por la cabeza hacer su propio videojuego, normalmente inspirados por algún juego que le ha hecho disfrutar de una gran experiencia.

Quiero hacer un videojuego, y tengo una gran idea

Esto lleva a mucha gente a preguntar en Internet cómo se hace un MMORPG (World of Warcraft), el GTA 4, o incluso un juego de navegador como el OGame. Todo esto con la intención de hacer algo parecido. Obviamente es un disparate, es el desconocimiento lo que hace que de un día para otro alguien se plantee desarrollar algo que ha llevado años de trabajo a equipos de decenas de personas, con mucha experiencia y con un gran presupuesto.

No existen libros, atajos, trucos ni herramientas para hacer el juego X. Moosader - Rachel J. Morris' projects, tutorials, and our game development community! Game Developer Magazine. Design Gallery, Deals, Tutorials & Community. Tips para Game Dev Story - Univision Juegos. El éxito de tu compañía dependerá de que tan bien le vaya tus juegos. - Apple FOTO Fast Five the Movie: Official Game Ver fotos FOTO Infinity Blade, el mejor título Ver fotos FOTO Juegos indispensables para iPhone y iPad Ver fotos FOTO Cut the Rope para iPhone y iPad.

Tips para Game Dev Story - Univision Juegos

GameQuery - a javascript game engine with jQuery. Scoreoid the ultimate game platform for developers!

HTML5 Development

Journey to Perfection. JavaScript Garden. Function Declarations and Expressions Functions in JavaScript are first class objects.

JavaScript Garden

That means they can be passed around like any other value. One common use of this feature is to pass an anonymous function as a callback to another, possibly an asynchronous function. The function Declaration function foo() {} The above function gets hoisted before the execution of the program starts; thus, it is available everywhere in the scope it was defined, even if called before the actual definition in the source. foo(); // Works because foo was created before this code runsfunction foo() {} The function Expression var foo = function() {}; This example assigns the unnamed and anonymous function to the variable foo. foo; // 'undefined'foo(); // this raises a TypeErrorvar foo = function() {}; Due to the fact that var is a declaration that hoists the variable name foo before the actual execution of the code starts, foo is already declared when the script gets executed.

HTML5 Game Dev Tutorials. iOS 7.1 - minimal-ui is anything but minimal for HTML5 game developers Posted 15:16PM on March 20 2014 by Pascal Rettig This is a guest post from Odobo CTO Peter Mareš.

HTML5 Game Dev Tutorials

As the developer program for real-money gaming, we assess the impact that any new software update is likely to have on our developer community. The positive news with iOS 7.1 is that this version presents a great opportunity for all HTML5 game developers and full screen app producers. The most exciting addition is a modification to how Safari handles web apps: it makes development easier, improves the look of games and enhances the player experience.

In this article, we cover some iOS 7.0 history, prior solutions, and the future ahead with 7.1. iOS 7.0 Safari: a brief history In iOS 7.0, Mobile Safari hid the address bar and changed the behaviour of both full-screen browsing and full-screen mode. Eloquent JavaScript. Playn - Cross platform game library for N≥4 platforms. PlayN is a cross-platform game abstraction library for writing games that compile to: Desktop Java HTML5 Browsers Android iOS More?

playn - Cross platform game library for N≥4 platforms

PlayN is free and open source, and we hope you will make kick ass games with it! Demos and Getting Started Please try out some of the DemoLinks. See GettingStarted for details on how to build and run the demos yourself and on how to create a project that uses PlayN. Release Notes Read the javadocs for the latest release and the release notes. See the platform status page for details on the supported platforms, and the roadmap for future plans. Getting Help If you run into issues getting the samples working or getting your development environment set up, please post to Stack Overflow with the playn tag: That's also a good place to post "How do I do X in PlayN" questions. Please read our getting help wiki page if you need help and want to get an answer as quickly and efficiently as possible. For other general discussion, please participate in the discussion group at. Your Home for Java and Open Source Development Knowledge.

Create a Drawing App with HTML5 Canvas and JavaScript { William Malone } By William Malone This tutorial will take you step by step through the development of a simple web drawing application using HTML5 canvas and its partner JavaScript.

Create a Drawing App with HTML5 Canvas and JavaScript { William Malone }

The aim of this article is to explore the process of creating a simple app along the way learn: How to draw dynamically on HTML5 canvas The future possiblities of HTML5 canvas The current browser compatibility of HTML5 canvas Each step includes a working demo; if you want to skip ahead: Define Our Objective Let's create a web app where the user can dynamically draw on an HTML5 canvas. Our tools could use colors (except maybe our eraser). Similarly let's also give our user 4 different sizes to draw with, because we can. 3 tools: crayon, marker, eraser 4 colors to choose from (except eraser) 4 sizes to choose from.

William Malone. Crafty - JavaScript Game Engine, HTML5 Game Engine. HTML5 Game Design and Development.