Construct 2

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Construct 2. Physics in Construct 2: The basics. Construct 2 includes the Physics behavior, powered by Box2DWeb.

Physics in Construct 2: The basics

This allows you to have objects moving with real-world physics - here's a demo to show the idea. Physics can make your games really fun and engaging! On Screen Touch Controls For Button Games. If your a newbie to C2 then this will probably be a hard task for you until you read around or post a thread asking about it.

On Screen Touch Controls For Button Games

How To Do It:Basically what you have to do is use the press of something to simulate control of an object. To do this you can maybe add arrows keys on the screen of your game then add a touch event for "is touch" to the image file. Making an iOS web app with Construct 2. Did you know iOS supports web apps - apps that are installed from a web page, rather than from the App Store?

Making an iOS web app with Construct 2

They'll even keep running after going offline! You can add them to your Home screen as well, so they work very similarly to native apps. The Big List Of Pixel Art Tutorials. Indie Resources. On the 30th July 2014 the site got updated, restrutured and redesigned… however the update is still not finished and thus this new Indie Resources overview page is partly incomplete.

Indie Resources

In case you are missing something you can still check out the outdated old Indie Resources page until the update is complete. Thank you for your understanding. (Game Making Tools, Game Design, Postmortems, Programming, Project Management…) (Create/Download Graphics, Hire Graphic Designer…) Publishing and promoting your Construct 2 game. Construct 2 games run in a browser using HTML5 technology.

Publishing and promoting your Construct 2 game

This means there are many ways you can publish your games. Here's an overview of the ways to share your games with the world. There are also some other tips and points to consider before publishing your game. Before you publish Support touch controls. Touch controls and a trick to detect input method. These days it's naïve to assume everyone on the web has a mouse and keyboard.

Touch controls and a trick to detect input method

On the modern web, many people are now browsing via touchscreen devices like iPhone, iPad and Android phones. If your game can only be controlled by mouse and/or keyboard, users on these devices will be unable to play your game! Making a Sword Character. Example Capx: ExampleObs: Adapted from my Little Knight game.

Making a Sword Character

Feel free to use the code as you wish, but please don't steal the assets :D Step 1. Making a Fancy Lifebar. Getting Started Here i'll assume you already have the graphics for your lifebar - make it however you want!

Making a Fancy Lifebar

But the basic structure is this: The second one is optional. It just gives it a better look. Step 2. Beginner's Basics For Construct 2. Ok i thought i'd have a go at a tutorial, never done one before, and i'm not an expert at Construct 2 by any means, But i thought i'd share some of the things i've learn't since using Construct 2 that may help some beginners.

Beginner's Basics For Construct 2

It may seem a bit random and some ways may be better done differently but it's like a tips section. And the way i do things. TIP: Before you Add any Sprites, Backgrounds etc. In the layers Tab on the right, Add at least 2 more layers so now you have 3 in total, Name them from the bottom up, Background, Objects, GUI. Building a platform game - a beginner's guide. You'll learn how to:- Best use built-in behaviors- Switch animations: standing > running > falling ...- Test for progress and award points Building blocks - the objects to insert Key to a platform game are two types of objects: Solids and Platforms.

Building a platform game - a beginner's guide

Solids are obvious: they form the floors and walls that restrict players' movements.