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Knitting Scarves in the Tropics. I’m back in Liberia again this week, and as a result I have a bit of time to blog, but as usual, am struggling with the internet.

Knitting Scarves in the Tropics

Today’s web pages seem to be built for high speed connections only. As a result, I’m playing my favorite game, “wait for the page to load.” Or reload. A good lesson is to save anything you’ve written (blog post, email, etc.) in a Word document before you try to save it online. Chances are the connection will time out at least once, deleting what you’ve written. Besides refreshing web pages, I’ve also been knitting.

Creating Laura: The Triplet Shawl: An Arm Knitting Pattern. As promised in last Sunday's Link to Love post, I've successfully completed an arm knitting project.

Creating Laura: The Triplet Shawl: An Arm Knitting Pattern

Now that I've done it, I would say that arm knitting's relationship to traditional knitting is similar to finger painting's relationship to fine art. Both are capable of producing lovely results, one is just a lot more precise than the other. Arm knitting and traditional knitting utilize the same general principles -- casting on, binding off, etcetera -- but arm knitting is inherently freeform; it simply can't be as exact as traditional knitting. The size of a knitter's arms varies greatly from person to person, and even on a single knitter's arm the forearm is usually quite a bit wider than the wrist, so it's nearly impossible to make sure all the stitches are identically sized. However, each stitch is so large that the final result is incredibly malleable and all the stitches shift and even each other out once the project is complete.

Weave in the ends and try on your new shawl! Double knit slippers.jpg (JPEG Image, 640 × 430 pixels) How to knit a scarf - step by step instructions. Browsing Handmade > Knitting > Womens > Scarf. No-Knit Scarf by Dainty Loops - Craftsy. Basic Skills Necessary: No special skills needed!

No-Knit Scarf by Dainty Loops - Craftsy

Pattern Description: Hangzhou Tianhui Knitting Co.,Ltd. Sticking to your knitting and what you are good at. I have spent my entire career in consulting, working with other consultants and service providers.

Sticking to your knitting and what you are good at

So I have had a lot of experience in working with not only some outstanding individuals and teams, but also some who have unfortunately not met my expectations or delivered outcomes that were critical to successful projects. What I have noticed is that there are too many individuals and companies out there who are too eager to get the next sale through the door. They talk a good game; convince you they have the experience, the expertise and the team behind them to deliver the service or project that you require. This is great if you do have the experience, expertise and team behind you to deliver this. Fashionable-knitted-scarf.jpg (JPEG Image, 570 × 592 pixels)

Knitted Kitchen Dishcloth Diagonal Check Pattern_ Infographic: “How to Knit” (Quarter 2 2011) How to Knit the Half Linen Stitch. Half linen stitch isn’t difficult to knit, and it creates an interesting fabric that looks and behaves almost like woven fabric.

How to Knit the Half Linen Stitch

Half linen stitch resists vertical stretching, so it’s great for bags or belts or larger garments like a coat. The edges of half linen stitch do roll, but you can easily fix this with a three-or five-stitch border in seed stitch. To work half linen stitch knitting flat on an odd number of stitches: Cast on and purl 1 row. Follow this stitch pattern:Row 1 (RS): *K1, bring yarn to front and sl 1 st purlwise, bring yarn to back, repeat from * to last st, k1.To slip a stitch purlwise, insert the needle into the stitch as if to purl, and then slide it over to the right-hand needle.

Double knit slippers.jpg (JPEG Image, 640 × 430 pixels) Finger Knitting - Housing a ForestHousing a Forest. My kids Love learning new things, and they couldn’t wait to try their hand at finger knitting.

Finger Knitting - Housing a ForestHousing a Forest

I remember doing something similar when I was a kid, but we used a spool instead of our fingers. I was so excited when I came across every easy to follow video on how to finger knit (scroll to the bottom of the post for the video). Our recent trip to the cabin was the perfect time to teach the kids this simple skill. Plus I love that all that is needed for this project is a some yarn. No mess, no crazy supplies to remember, just a bit of yarn. Finger knitting is SO simple, that the kids picked it up right away. I love that the kids are fresh out of the shower, all snuggled by the fire knitting:) Before the weekend was over, we had piles of wonderful strands of finger knitting. Knitting Stitch Patterns Tutorial 4 Honeycomb Knitting Stitch How to. Double knit slippers.jpg (JPEG Image, 640 × 430 pixels)

Imgres 1. How to Knit - Cast On Beginner (with closed captions) Google Docs - create and edit documents online, for free. Winterwonderland Mitts - Knit for Victory. This is easily my favourite of all my knitted mitts patterns Abbreviations: T3F (Twist 3 Front) – slip next 2 sts onto cable needle and hold at front of work, purl next st from left hand needl, then knit sts from cable needleT3B (Twist 3 Back) – slip next st onto cable needle and hold at back of work, knit next 2 sts from left hand needle, then purl st from cable needleC4F – slip next 2 sts onto a cable needle and hold in front of work, knit next 2 sts from left hand needle, then knit sts from cable needleC4B – slip next 2 sts onto a cable needle and hold at back of work, knit next 2 sts from left left hand needle, then knit sts from cable needle 3.5 mm DPNS (or circular needles if you prefer) Aran yarn (I used Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran) CO56 sts using long tail method place marker before joining.

Winterwonderland Mitts - Knit for Victory

Fingerless Gloves - Eyelet Mock Cable Ribbing Stitch. How to crochet Wristers / Fingerless Gloves inspired by Despicable Me Minions. Super Easy Fingerless Mittens (with pattern info) Campout Fingerless Mitts. Knitting Information. Printer-friendly version Send by email PDF version The knitting needle is used to reach through a stitch in order to pull a length of knitting yarn back through the stitch to form a new loop at the top of the current stitches.

Knitting Information

The simplest requirements of knitting needles are that they must be smooth, thin and long enough to reach through a stitch and strong enough not to break while manipulating the yarn. Knitting is fun and is an amazing hobby that soothes you, fulfills a need to be creative and results in one-of-a-kind beautiful projects like sweaters, socks, pillows, dolls and teddy bears, to name a few. Knitting Patterns Fast Facts The art of hand knitting has been practiced for thousands of years. Others claim Israel, Jordan and Syria as its origin, and still others claim mountains of North Africa. The most widely recognized form of knitting needle, probably invented in the mid 19th Century, is usually called a straight needle. Get Cozy With These 20 Pictures of "Yarnbombing" - Have a Seat and Unwind. A Kitten Knits: The Thumb Trick: Sometimes called an afterthought thumb, I first read about it in Elizabeth Zimmermann's Knitter's Almanac.

A Kitten Knits: The Thumb Trick:

I really like this method because it's seamless; sometimes when patterns have you place stitches on a holder and then cast on the top stitches you can get an odd seam right in the crease where your thumb meets the hand, and that can be uncomfortable. The only trouble that some people may have with this method is that you cannot immediately try on your mitten in progress, as you can with mittens where the stitches are put on holders. But if you want to you can just knit a few more rows and then pick up the stitches instead of waiting until the mitten is done, threading the waste yarn through them so you can try on your mittens as you knit.

The trick: Knit to where you want to place the thumb hole, and take a length of contrasting yarn, and knit the thumbhole stitches with it instead of your working yarn: (see the working yarn, still on the right-hand side of the work?) Ta da! Tea toters - Simply Notable. How To Knit - Knitting Instructions For Beginners.