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A Storm of Swords. A Storm of Swords is the third of seven planned novels in A Song of Ice and Fire, a fantasy series by American author George R.

A Storm of Swords

R. Martin. It was first published on 8 August 2000 in the United Kingdom,[1] with a United States edition following in November 2000. Its publication was preceded by a novella called Path of the Dragon, which collects some of the Daenerys Targaryen chapters from the novel into a single book. At the time of its publication, A Storm of Swords was the longest novel in the series. A Storm of Swords won the 2001 Locus Award,[2] the 2002 Geffen Award for Best Novel and was nominated for the 2001 Nebula Award for Best Novel.[2] It was the first novel in the series to be nominated for the Hugo Award, one of the two most prestigious awards in science fiction and fantasy publishing, although it lost to J.

Plot summary[edit] In the Seven Kingdoms[edit] The North / The Riverlands[edit] Robb Stark's army reaches The Twins. The South / King's Landing[edit] Udasi. Udasi is a religious, ascetic, monastic, sadhu sect that considers itself partly a denomination of Sikhism focused on the teachings of its founder, Sri Chand (1494-1643), the son of Guru Nanak Dev, the founder and the first Guru of Sikhism.[1][2][3] Although the root of Udasi Sadhus is in Sikhism, they practice the ways of sanathan dharma or the saintly way, follow five Hindu gods known as pancha-devata, namely these are Ganesha, Devi, Shiva, Surya and Vishnu and perform rituals known as panch prakarti puja or natural rituals encompassing the five elements of water, fire, earth, air and sky.


Overview[edit] Udasi comes from the root word udas which means detachment or renunciation. Udasi Sadhus are well known for having long matted dreadlocks in emulation of Lord Shiva and in keeping with the philosophy of not cutting one's hair. However during certain cleansing rituals or initiations they are known to shave all hair from their face and head, known as a munda. Different Camps[edit] Peter Sellers Performs The Beatles "A Hard Day's Night" in Shakespearean Voice.

25 Humorous And Unconventional Units Of Measurement. List of humorous units of measurement. Many people have made use of, or invented, units of measurement intended primarily for their humour value. This is a list of such units invented by sources that are notable for reasons other than having made the unit itself, and of units that are widely known in the anglophone world for their humour value. Conventional[edit] These units may or may not have precise objectively measurable values, but all of them measure quantities that have been defined within the International System of Units.

Systems[edit] FFF units[edit] Most countries use the International System of Units (SI). One furlong per fortnight is very nearly 1 centimetre per minute (to within 1 part in 400). Great Underground Empire (Zork)[edit] Potrzebie[edit] According to the "Date" system in Knuth's article, which substitutes a 10-clarke "mingo" for a month and a 100-clarke "cowznofski", for a year, the date of October 29, 2007 is rendered as "To 1, 190 C.

Quantity[edit] Sagan[edit] Length[edit] Beard-second[edit] Mickey[edit] Tatsama. Tatsama (Tôtsômô) in Bengali[edit] The origin of tatsama (তৎসম tôtsômô) in Bengali is traced to tenth century poets, who felt that the colloquial language was not suitable for their expressive needs.[1][dead link] Another wave of tôtsômô entered the then Bengali language by Sanskrit scholars teaching at Fort William College in Calcutta at the start of the 19th century.


The textbooks used in these courses paved the way for more tôtsômô words entering common usage. Literate Bengali contains about 70% tôtsômô as of today, whereas the colloquial language contains about 40%. Writers such as Rabindranath Tagore, Michael Madhusudan Dutt, Ramram Basu, Iswar Chandra Vidyasagar, and Bankimchandra Chattopadhyay brought a large number of tôtsômô words into Bengali. Tôtsômô words in Bengali use which retain their Sanskrit pronunciation are called সমোচ্চারিত sômochcharitô, while those with a differing pronunciation are called অসমোচ্চারিত ôsômochcharitô. Tatsama in Sinhala[edit] Tatsama in Telugu[edit] Antikythera mechanism. The Antikythera mechanism (Fragment A – front) The Antikythera mechanism (Fragment A – back) The Antikythera mechanism (/ˌæntɨkɨˈθɪərə/ ANT-i-ki-THEER-ə or /ˌæntɨˈkɪθərə/ ANT-i-KITH-ə-rə) is an ancient analog computer[1][2][3][4] designed to predict astronomical positions and eclipses.

Antikythera mechanism

It was recovered in 1900–1901 from the Antikythera wreck, a shipwreck off the Greek island of Antikythera.[5] Although the computer's construction has been attributed to the Greeks and dated to the early 1st century BC, its significance and complexity were not understood until the 1970s when it was analyzed with modern X-ray technology. Technological artifacts approaching its complexity and workmanship did not appear again until the 14th century, when mechanical astronomical clocks began to be built in Western Europe.[6] The mechanism was housed in a wooden box approximately 340 × 180 × 90 mm in size and comprised 30 bronze gears (although more could have been lost).

Origins and discovery[edit] Gearing[edit] A Star Is Born (1937 film) North Dakota farmgirl Esther Victoria Blodgett (Janet Gaynor) yearns to become a Hollywood actress.

A Star Is Born (1937 film)

Although her aunt and father discourage such thoughts, Esther's grandmother (May Robson) gives her her savings to follow her dream. Esther goes to Hollywood and tries to land a job as an extra, but so many others have had the same idea that the casting agency has stopped accepting applications. Esther is told that her chances of becoming a star are one in 100,000. She befriends a new resident at her boarding house, assistant director Danny McGuire (Andy Devine), himself out of work. When Danny and Esther go to a concert to take their minds off their troubles, Esther has her first encounter with Norman Maine (Fredric March), an actor she admires greatly. Danny gets Esther a one-time waitressing job at a fancy Hollywood party. However, when the studio has trouble finding a female lead for Norman's current film, entitled The Enchanted Hour, Norman persuades Oliver to cast Esther. Wins[8] The Falling Man. The Falling Man The photograph, shown on the right, gives the impression that the man is falling straight down.

The Falling Man

A series of photographs were taken of his fall and showed him to be tumbling through the air.[5] The photographer has noted that, in at least two cases, newspaper stories commenting on the image have attracted a barrage of criticism from readers who found the image "disturbing".[6] Regarding the social and cultural significance of the Falling Man, the theologian Mark D. Thompson of Moore Theological College said that "perhaps the most powerful image of despair at the beginning of the twenty-first century is not found in art, or literature, or even popular music.

It is found in a single photograph Publication history[edit] The photograph initially appeared in newspapers around the world, including on page 7 of The New York Times on September 12, 2001. Identification[edit] The identity of the subject of the Falling Man has never been officially confirmed. Documentary film[edit] Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. A Tomb of the Unknown Soldier refers to a monument in dedication to the services of an unidentified soldier, Marine, airman or sailor and to the common memories of all soldiers, Marines, airmen and sailors killed in any war.

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

Such tombs can be found in many nations and are usually high-profile national monuments. Throughout history, many soldiers have died in wars with their remains being unidentified. Following the First World War, a movement arose to commemorate these soldiers with a single tomb, containing the body of one such unidentified soldier. History[edit] Britain and France[edit] Britain and France conducted services connected with their 'monumental' graves (as presumably newly conceived, and in any case approved, by their respective armies) on Armistice Day 1920 (the burial itself taking place later in January of the following year in France).

Other countries[edit] Symbolism[edit] Examples[edit] Tombs of the Unknown Soldier from around the world and various wars include: Icelandic Phallological Museum. The Icelandic Phallological Museum (Icelandic: Hið Íslenzka Reðasafn), located in Reykjavík, Iceland, houses the world's largest display of penises and penile parts.

Icelandic Phallological Museum

The collection of 280 specimens from 93 species of animals includes 55 penises taken from whales, 36 from seals and 118 from land mammals, allegedly including Huldufólk (Icelandic elves) and trolls. In July 2011, the museum obtained its first human penis, one of four promised by would-be donors. Its detachment from the donor's body did not go according to plan and it was reduced to a greyish-brown shrivelled mass pickled in a jar of formalin. The museum continues to search for "a younger and a bigger and better one. Founded in 1997 by retired teacher Sigurður Hjartarson and now run by his son Hjörtur Gísli Sigurðsson, the museum grew out of an interest in penises that began during Sigurður's childhood when he was given a cattle whip made from a bull's penis.

History[edit] The former exhibition room in Húsavík, 2008 Film[edit] Schengen, Luxembourg. Schengen (pronounced [ˈʃeŋə(n)]) is a small wine-making village and commune in far south-eastern Luxembourg, near the tripoint where the borders of Germany, France, and Luxembourg meet.

Schengen, Luxembourg

Other villages within the commune include Remerschen and Wintrange. As of 2005[update], the commune has a population of 1527 with an area of 10.63 square kilometres (4.10 sq mi). The largest settlement with the commune of Schengen is Remerschen after which the commune used to be named. The name of the commune was changed in 2006[1] to take advantage of the Schengen's name recognition after the signing of the Schengen Agreement there in 1985.

Schengen Castle dates from 1390 but was almost completely rebuilt in the 19th century. The European Museum in Schengen[edit] The European Museum was opened on 13 June 2010, 25 years after the signing of the Schengen Treaty, in the building "Centre Européen". External links[edit] Schengen-Tourist References[edit] (1) Facebook. Zohra Sehgal. Me at the zoo. Internet Acronyms Dictionary. Internet Acronyms Dictionary (use ^ before keyword to only display results starting with the keyword) Age/Sex Age/Sex/Location Adios Amigo Alcoholics Anonymous American Association Against Acronym Abuse As A Matter Of Fact Always At The Keyboard Any Bozo Can Do About Alt Control Delete Acknowledge Acknowledged Abbreviated Coded Rendition Of Name Yielding Meaning Any Day Now As Far As I Am Aware As Far As I'm Concerned As Far As I Can See As Far As I Can Tell As Far As I Know As Far As I Recall As Far As I Remember As Far As I Understand It As Far As You're Concerned As Far As You Know Away From Brain Away From Computer Any Fool Can Plainly See A Few Days Ago A Few Days Back Away From Keyboard Almost Fell Off Chair Laughing Anonymous File Transfer Protocol All Fucked Up As If And I Claim My Five Pounds As It Happens As If I Care As I Recall As I Remember As I Said As I Said Before As I See It As I Understand It As It Was As It Were Also Known As As Long As As Late As Possible Ain't Love Grand As Many As Possible As Much As Possible.

Internet Acronyms Dictionary

Bulgarian umbrella. Key lime pie. Key lime juice, unlike regular lime juice, is a pale yellow. The filling in Key lime pie is also yellow, largely due to the egg yolks.[2] During mixing, a reaction between the condensed milk and the acidic lime juice occurs which causes the filling to thicken on its own without requiring baking. Many early recipes for Key lime pie did not require the cook to bake the pie, relying on this chemical reaction (called thickening) to produce the proper consistency of the filling. Today, in the interest of safety due to consumption of raw eggs, pies of this nature are usually baked for a short time.

The baking also thickens the texture more than the reaction alone. History[edit] Key lime pie is made with canned sweetened condensed milk, since fresh milk was not a common commodity in the Florida Keys before modern refrigerated distribution methods.[4] The creator of the "frozen" Key lime pie is Fern Butters (1892-1975). Cut-away view of a Key lime pie Legislation[edit] See also[edit] Notes[edit] Ellyse Perry. Perry was fast-tracked to make her One Day International (ODI) debut for Australia against New Zealand before playing a single match for her state New South Wales in the Women's National Cricket League (WNCL). In 2007–08, she made her debut for New South Wales and won the WNCL with them, and at the end of the season, she made her Test debut in Bowral against England. During the season, she was the player of the match in her Twenty20 international debut against England, and made her maiden ODI half-century against New Zealand.

Perry took 4/23 in the final of the 2008–09 WNCL to help New South Wales defend their title. She then took nine wickets as Australia came fourth in the 2009 World Cup held in Australia. She was ineffective during the 2009 ICC Women's World Twenty20 in England, taking only two wickets in Australia's four matches. In 2009–10, Perry took 22 wickets and scored 148 runs as New South Wales won the WNCL again. Personal[edit] Perry was born in Wahroonga. Cricket[edit] John and Lorena Bobbitt. John Wayne Bobbitt (born March 23, 1967 in Buffalo, New York) and Lorena Bobbitt (née Gallo, born October 31, 1970 in Quito, Ecuador) were an American couple, married on June 18, 1989, whose abusive relationship gained worldwide notoriety for an incident in 1993 when she severed his penis with a knife.

It was subsequently surgically reattached. Incident[edit] During the middle of the night of June 23, 1993, John arrived at their apartment. In a 1994 court hearing, Lorena stated that after returning home, he raped her. Her claims were dismissed as unevidenced, when, in 1994, John was tried for and acquitted[1] of spousal rape, prosecuted by the same district attorney who prosecuted Lorena for attacking her husband. "If someone had heard her scream, or if there had been some sort of bruising, that would have made more substantive evidence," stated an unnamed juror on the case.[2] At some point during the night, Lorena got out of bed and went to the kitchen for a drink of water. John[edit] Sohag Gazi.

Sohag Gazi (born 5 August 1991, Barisal) is a Bangladeshi cricketer. He made his Test debut in first test during West Indies's tour of Bangladesh in 2012,[1] taking six wickets in the second innings. He is the first and so far, only man to score a century and take a hat-trick in the same Test match and the first man to do it twice in First Class matches (the thirteenth to do it once).[2] Domestic career[edit] An off-spinner, he made his first-class debut in January 2010 for Barisal against Chittagong, going on to become a regular throughout the 2009/10, 2010/11 and 2011/12 seasons. A strong start to the 2012/13 season, including an innings of 119 in the opening game of the season against Khulna[3] earned him his maiden Test call-up, and subsequently his Test cap. He made his One Day debut in October 2010, helping Barisal reach the National Cricket One Day League Final of that year although he failed to take a wicket in a three-wicket defet for his side.[4] International career[edit]

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