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All Natural Homemade Sunscreen. This is a recipe for all natural homemade sunscreen, without zinc oxide or titanium dioxide.

All Natural Homemade Sunscreen

A few years ago, I created this Instructable that shows you how to make your own sunscreen using these ingredients. In response to many comments I'd been getting on it, I decided to offer a TD/ZO alternative, with all natural elements. You can actually eat most of the ingredients! Make an Emergency Flash Drive and Take it With You Whenever You Travel. Projects You Should Totally Do: Tiny Succulent Cork Planters. {Image Source} UPDATE: We finally tried this project and it's as easy as it looks!

Projects You Should Totally Do: Tiny Succulent Cork Planters

Check out the simple tutorial. Instagram Projects. Three-step modern clock. This clock project from Buenos Aires, Argentina-based architect and blogger Agus is the best kind of quickie DIY: cheap, fast, foolproof and fully customizable. Have 20 minutes to spare? Then you could have your own version of this pretty modern clock. Inspired by the Primary Clock designed by David Weatherhead and GOODD for Thorsten van Elten (of pigeon light fame), Agus whipped together a template for a clean, simple semicircle and grabbed the spray paint. Sweet-diy-votives/ Here’s what you’ll need: 1.


Measure the height and circumference of your jar, and cut strips of fabric to roughly fit (approx. 1cm wide – doesn’t have to be perfect). 2. In your small cup, pour in some glue and dilute it with a bit of water (about 1:2), mix well. DIY Artwork - Easy Painting Projects. UPDATE: The long weekend is the perfect time to start some new projects, so why not try this awesome (and so easy) artwork DIY?

DIY Artwork - Easy Painting Projects

This story was originally published on July 25. If there are two things that have been commanding our attention lately, they're cool artwork and chevron prints. So, we were obviously pretty stoked to find a way to incorporate both — for cheap!


Jardin. Cuisine. Things You Can Do Right Now to Help Locate Your Lost Tech Later. Right now, your phone (or tablet, or laptop) is sitting safely next to you at your desk.

Things You Can Do Right Now to Help Locate Your Lost Tech Later

Or maybe you're using it to read this right now. But someday, sooner than you'd like, you may lose your beloved device. » How to Learn A Language in 90 Days. ‘If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head.

» How to Learn A Language in 90 Days

If you talk to him in his own language, that goes to his heart.’ ~Nelson Mandela. 11 key tips to stay productive while on the go. Photo via Bigstock It’s hard enough to stay productive in the office or at your desk – with your full array of resources, hardware and professional creature comforts surrounding you.

11 key tips to stay productive while on the go

But when you’re away from your normal workplace – traveling on business, across town in meetings, or anytime you’re working while mobile – there are plenty of best practices to keep you focused and productive.