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NoSQL Data Modeling Techniques – Highly Scalable Blog. NoSQL databases are often compared by various non-functional criteria, such as scalability, performance, and consistency.

NoSQL Data Modeling Techniques – Highly Scalable Blog

This aspect of NoSQL is well-studied both in practice and theory because specific non-functional properties are often the main justification for NoSQL usage and fundamental results on distributed systems like the CAP theorem apply well to NoSQL systems. At the same time, NoSQL data modeling is not so well studied and lacks the systematic theory found in relational databases. In this article I provide a short comparison of NoSQL system families from the data modeling point of view and digest several common modeling techniques. I would like to thank Daniel Kirkdorffer who reviewed the article and cleaned up the grammar. To explore data modeling techniques, we have to start with a more or less systematic view of NoSQL data models that preferably reveals trends and interconnections. Key-Value storage is a very simplistic, but very powerful model. Conceptual Techniques. The Three Infrastructure Mistakes Your Company Must Not Make. When Avi Freedman was getting ready to graduate Temple University in 1992, there was no way to buy internet service in Philadelphia.

The Three Infrastructure Mistakes Your Company Must Not Make

Literally. If you wanted to send someone money to get a dial-up account, there was nobody to send it to. But Freedman had already been running public access Unix machines and letting people he knew log into them. So he decided to turn his personal frustration into a company that would offer dial-up Internet access to everyone in the area. He thought, “Well, it can’t be that hard. Freedman has since wended his way through the networking world. In this exclusive article, Freedman shares the three biggest (often company-ending) mistakes startups make when it comes to setting up their systems: They land themselves in Cloud Jail.

Put yourself on internet with Jekyll, GitHub and Cloudflare – Adrián G. Having a website on internet is a very powerful tool, you can create a tech blog, like mine, a site with your curriculum vitae, a portfolio, whatever you want.

Put yourself on internet with Jekyll, GitHub and Cloudflare – Adrián G.

Being on internet increases your visibility and let other people know who you are, what do you do, or other information you consider important. But if you dedicate yourself to technology, computers, development and so on, you must have your space on internet. Clever Algorithms: Nature-Inspired Programming Recipes. Understanding the GitHub Flow · GitHub Guides. GitHub Flow is a lightweight, branch-based workflow that supports teams and projects where deployments are made regularly.

Understanding the GitHub Flow · GitHub Guides

This guide explains how and why GitHub Flow works. Create a branch When you're working on a project, you're going to have a bunch of different features or ideas in progress at any given time – some of which are ready to go, and others which are not. The SOLID Principles - Envato Tuts+ Code Tutorials. Application architectures with persistent storage.

Author: Kasper B.

Application architectures with persistent storage

Graversen[Introduction] [All categories] [All articles] [Edit article ArchitectureDesignDatabaseMonolithMicro service Through time as hardware got faster and cheaper, the role of databases in application architecture vastly changed - From many applications sharing the same database, to having a single application using many databases. Let's have a look at the various architectures. Please show your support by sharing and voting: Table of Content With the rise of the micro service architecture in particular, we see a new way of organizing data storage of an application. 1. This is the idea that you have one database available for all your applications.

But there are severe consistency concerns. Advantages Cheap licencing - there is only one server.Hardware well utilized as it serves multiple applications.Automatically consistent state across applications.Backup and restore is simple - there is only one database. Disadvantages Required tooling and tooling maturity index: Low. How to Write a Git Commit Message. 31 Aug 2014 Introduction | The Seven Rules | Tips Introduction: Why good commit messages matter.

How to Write a Git Commit Message

Learn HTML5 from W3C. HTML5 is the standard language of the Web, developed by the World Wide Web Consortium, also known as W3C.

Learn HTML5 from W3C

HTML5 is and will continue to be THE essential technology for organizations delivering applications across multiple platforms. As such, HTML5 is now supported on mobile phones, connected objects, game consoles, automobile dashboards, and devices that haven’t even been considered yet. Write once and deploy anywhere! In this course, you will learn all the new features that were introduced with HTML5 to help create great Web sites and applications, in a simplified but powerful way. ​ HTML5 provides native support for video and audio without plug-ins, provides support for offline applications and for games with smooth interactive animations, and much more. Regular Expressions. By Sam Hughes Regular expressions ("regexes") are supercharged Find/Replace string operations.

Regular Expressions

Regular expressions are used when editing text in a text editor, to: check whether the text contains a certain pattern find those pattern matches, if there are any pull information (i.e. substrings) out of the text make modifications to the text. As well as text editors, almost every high-level programming language includes support for regular expressions. In this context "the text" is just a string variable, but the operations available are the same.