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ZIRX - Your On-Demand Valet Parking App dans l’App Store. Childcare you can count on. Uber-For-Beauty Startup StyleBee Brings Hair Stylists And Makeup Artists To You. With StyleBee, customers can order beauty experts on-demand from their mobile phones.

Uber-For-Beauty Startup StyleBee Brings Hair Stylists And Makeup Artists To You

Those experts will come to you and provide a variety of different services — everything from providing hair cuts (for men or women), to blowouts, to makeup, to face painting. The app has standard prices for each of the services, and allows users to quickly book those services even within just a few hours. Target customers for StyleBee are busy professionals who aren’t necessarily able to schedule time to meet within the regular hours of traditional salons. Hollywood se déchire sur The Screening Room, donc sur son avenir. Danger mortel ou révolution ?

Hollywood se déchire sur The Screening Room, donc sur son avenir

Depuis l'annonce du nouveau projet de Sean Parker – un service de streaming des films le jour de leur sortie en salles – la question divise autant l’industrie du cinéma que les grands réalisateurs américains. SXSW goes apeshit for on-demand startups. It’s a tough world out there for on-demand startups — confusion around the W2 vs. 1099 conversation, tough margins, and customer service are but a few of the initial obstacles for these companies.

SXSW goes apeshit for on-demand startups

Add in the necessity of huge amounts of up-front capital and it’s an uphill battle at best. But trust me, the on-demand economy will survive and eventually prevail, and 2016 might just be the year they do it. At SXSW, where the tech world eats and drinks far more than they conduct business, the community tends to fall in love with a specific trend. Sometimes these trends last longer than others.

Last year, it was live video broadcast with Meerkat, and past year’s brought us the likes of Foursquare, Twitter, and not-yet-forgotten Highlight. Postmates, the seasoned veteran in the space, is launching a partnership with Revolve clothing to let festival-goers buy their newest looks on-demand, delivered in 45 minutes or less. Nurx - your medication prescribed and delivered. Nurx - your medication prescribed and delivered.

Now You Can Swipe For An On-Demand Notary, Too. On-demand services have taken off, much to the delight of pretty much everyone who uses them.

Now You Can Swipe For An On-Demand Notary, Too

Now we can add notary services to the list of conveniences we can call up with a tap on our iPhones thanks to Notarize, a months-old startup with offices in Alexandria, Va., and in Boston. It offers a 24-hour service that enables people in all 50 states to have their documents notarized remotely. [Yay.] If you’ve experienced the ridiculousness of having to track down a notary, this may all sound too good to be true. And it would have been until very recently. Founder and CEO Pat Kinsel discovered this law soon after learning, while on vacation, that a brokerage couldn’t accept a document that he’d given to a notary who lost track of it.

Kinsel — who cofounded an earlier company called Spindle that sold to Twitter and who is today also a venture partner with Polaris Partners — says that out of his own “intellectual curiosity, I started researching this in my spare time.” Ohlala, An Uber For Escorts, Launches Its ‘Paid Dating’ Service In NYC. New Yorkers sick of the uncertainties of the urban dating scene can now turn to a new app designed to reduce the complexities of dating to dollars and cents.

Ohlala, An Uber For Escorts, Launches Its ‘Paid Dating’ Service In NYC

Ohlala, a controversial on-demand escort dating app popular in Germany, is launching its services today in its first American market, New York City. It was no sooner than Ohlala’s CEO and co-founder Pia Poppenreiter had begun describing her app as one that “connects people to go on instant, paid dates,” that she began listing a cavalcade of caveats. “But what happens on the date is actually a private matter,” Poppenreiter said. “And you have to wait to use the app until you’re 21.” Of course we both knew what we were talking about, but my going through the process of an interview filled with raised eyebrows and eye rolls is probably fairly representative of the marketing that the Berlin-founded Ohlala will be undergoing as it begins selling the gospel of romance-by-the-hour in NYC.

WeFuel is the latest app to deliver gas to your parked car. DripApp - Fancy unlimited coffee? In London, pay for specialty coffee with app. Caffeine is a necessity for many, and DripApp wants to make it easier for addicts to save money while discovering new independent coffee shops in London.

In London, pay for specialty coffee with app

The app enables users to purchase prepaid coffee plans or subscriptions at partnering cafes, so that they need not take their wallet when grabbing a quick espresso. When ordering, users select the coffee shop they’re in and their chosen drink, and the barista will type in a four letter code, deducting it from users’ prepaid total. Prices are fixed around GBP 2 across all participating shops, ensuring drinks are always cheaper than paying with money. The app also features a map that lists participating coffee shops nearby (over 120 cafes have signed up in London), helping users discover new places, and cafe owners acquire new customers. The app is free to download from the App Store and Google Play with the first coffee on the house. Website: Contact: Spotted another good idea?

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