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VISARD. Architectural Visualization Studio. 3D Artist - Animation, Models, Inspiration & Advice. Looking for disc files?

3D Artist - Animation, Models, Inspiration & Advice

Click here Fool the eye and wow your viewers with 15 top tips on creating photorealistic 3D images. Learn to create and use custom Mesh Insert brushes in ZBrush. Learn how to use Blend Shapes in Maya to create engaging expressions Learn how to create realistic smoke effects in Blender 2.65 Learn how to texture imaginative creatures in MARI. Learn how to use Blend Shape and Wrap deformers in Maya This week we’re looking at how to push your materials to the max using Maxwell Render. For its free November tutorial, VFX academy Escape Studios talks to The Mill junior compositor Simon Richardson about some basic keying techniques, showreel tips, how he went from the classroom to professional in less than year. This week we're taking a look at modelling wires, pipes and cables in LightWave. Render Farm - Cloud Render Farm with 2,000 Render Nodes. 2.61 Cycles render benchmark.

Blender Cycles Benchmark. Mental Ray. Britney Spears Big Fat Bass Backdrop Making Of. Here is the full version with more images.

Britney Spears Big Fat Bass Backdrop Making Of

Last year we did some background animations for Britney Spears Femme Fatale Tour, the first number we worked on was for the song Big Fat Bass. Here is a quick explanation of the methods i used to get animations and renders done in a very short deadline time frame required by the client without loosing the quality and look expected for the show. We used 3ds Max 2011 with Mental Ray and After Effects CS5 through the whole process. Modeling Probably the most straightforward part of the process was the model assets creation. Environment, Lights, Materials and Rendering After the models were approved and ready, the look development process started. We didn't aim for Hyper Photorealistic images, but we also didn't want it to look like it was from 1980.

Probably the most useful trick to get fast renders was the ambient approach. The technique is not known by many people but it is used by some. 3ds Max Tutorial. Here are all tutorial posts.

3ds Max Tutorial

Each of them includes a step by step 3ds Max tutorial. 3D Snow 07 Jan 2012 In this 3ds Max tutorial we’re going to create a 3d snow scene. The focus will be the snowy hills, snow on the branches of the tree, and snow flakes flowing in the air. This post is a collaboration with Nicholas Mamo who had the idea for a 3d snow scene and who contributed the Particle Flow / BlobMesh setup (Steps 9-14). Posted in 3ds Max Tutorial, Learn 3D by polygonblog Abstract Background 28 Jan 2011 In this tutorial we’re going to create an abstract background image in 3ds Max. Posted in 3D Tips, 3ds Max Tutorial by polygonblog Character Rigging 25 Oct 2010 This is the fourth tutorial in my four part series dealing with character animation.

Texturing 24 Sep 2010 This is the third tutorial in my four part series dealing with character animation. (more…) Unwrapping 26 Aug 2010 This is the second tutorial of my four part series dealing with character animation. (more…) 3D Monster 14 Aug 2010 (more…) Cinema 4D And After Effects Training, Tutorials, and Plugins for Motion Graphic Designers. Congratulations to Michael Rinnan for winning the Five Second Project for March.

Cinema 4D And After Effects Training, Tutorials, and Plugins for Motion Graphic Designers

His entry had a great concept and was outfitted with excellent lighting, atmosphere, camera movements and sound design. We wanted to know a little bit more about Michael’s entry, so we asked him a few questions regarding his workflow and the process for creating his winning piece. Where do you work? Zap's mental ray tips. C o m: Efficient Interior Lighting with mental ray. Many folks have asked me to do an in-depth interior lighting tutorial.

c o m: Efficient Interior Lighting with mental ray

The question you’re probably really asking is "how do you light an interior scene that renders quickly? " To achieve this, it is more art than science. To get quick render results you have to take shortcuts and cheat a little to get those fast results. I’ll show you how I set up lighting for my interior scenes. I’m assuming that the scene has already been textured.

Here is an outline of how I setup my lighting in my scenes, and I broke it up into 8 steps: 1. 1. This one is fairly straight forward. 2. Setting my exposure to the preset default of interior daylight gives me a good benchmark to know what to tweak my lighting against. 3.Turn OFF Final Gather This is done due to the technique in using the combination of FG with GI. 4.Turn ON Global Illumination This is really the first step in tweaking the lighting. The default setting is actually pretty good, and works for most scenarios. CG Daily News. CGTalk. CGarchitect - Professional 3D Architectural Visualization User Community. Homepage. Ronen Bekerman's 3d Architectural Visualization Blog - The source for sharing & learning about all aspects of 3d architectural visualization.

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