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Adoro a mi perrita samoyeda albina, con su nariz rosa y ojos azul transparente.Es mi niña, mi amiga, mi todo.Siempre juntas, viendo la tele, en el ordenador y a la hora de dormir(ella en el suelo).Dios permite que vivamos asi con nuestras cosas,amen demasiado largo pero bueno, soy un ser humano que adora los animales, ama las cosas bellas desde un abrazo a los perfumes, pasando por la caridad compresion apoyo ayuda y solidaridad con los que sufren, y no soporto las injusticias. Tengo mi caracter, pero soy, en el buen sentido, de la palabra, bueno (Machado).


Mª Jesús Galdos sur Twitter : "Paris by Alexander Chen - #pintura #art #artwit #twitart #paris #city #painting... Beaute La Royale sur Twitter : "#Beauty Tip: Exfoliating once a week with a gentle scrub can help prevent blackheads from forming. Mahon Point SC sur Twitter : "Can't wait for @Clarins #BeautyEvening at 7pm @debenhams Mahon Point Mini makeovers,10% off & draw for hamper! Milton-Lloyd sur Twitter : "Audrey Hepburn, US Glamour, 1955 #bbloggers #beauty #classic #icon... CityMaps2Go. Mauli Rituals sur Twitter : "We have now launched into the #beauty haven of @Space_NK , the trinity st store is divine & staff so knowledgeable. Want an extra half hour in bed in the morning? Our Beauty Secrets... ZzZZzZzz If you're the kind of person who runs to the bus every morning, makes it on the tube with seconds to spare and clocks into work on the minute, we're guessing you need a few beauty tips to help you have some more time in the morning.

Want an extra half hour in bed in the morning? Our Beauty Secrets...

Here are two products that will give you at least half an hour extra in the morning. How? Because they're so amazing, you won't need to spend ages fixing, primping and perfecting your foundation in the morning. "Rodial’s BB Venom Skin Tint moisturiser contains a unique peptide which effectively plumps the skin and reduce the appearance of fine line and wrinkles. "Clarins Multi Active Skin Renewal Serum contains a unique collection of ingredients which helps stimulate the skin's natural exfoliation process which in turn speeds up its cellular renewal.

Lancome O De L'Orangerie Perfume Review. O De L’orangerie woman is this planet’s source of positivity.

Lancome O De L'Orangerie Perfume Review

If Pharrell Williams’s Happy song would have been a person, it would have been her. She pumps the positive tunes and thinks about the beauty that surrounds this world, she thinks about the good life. She is addicted to dance, she is addicted to moves, she is a healthy-living addict. You will often see her pumping irons and tunes at the same time. She is creative, aroused, and thinks in fifty shades of pink. She is always composed, calm, fresh, natural, dewy as a flower, and picks the good vibes from the sun like she is picking an orange. Lancome’s O De L’orangerie perfume is crisp, fresh, greenishly floral scent with a noble and positive vibe that celebrates life and happiness. Notes: Orange blossom, Orange zest, Jasmine, Benzoin, Cedarwood. Style: Fresh, Positive, Light About Marina Ljubisavljevic Marina is an aspiring writer, a perfume enthusiast, lover of a nice warm cup of Italian coffee and a stubborn optimist.

Olfactoria's Travels. Merry Christmas!

Olfactoria's Travels

Thank you for sticking with me and my contributing friends here on OT over the past year. I appreciate you all so much more than you could ever know. Have a wonderful time with friends and family! See you soon! Merry Christmas, B x. Photo by karinherzoguk. Jenny Pabila NichePR sur Twitter : "Didn’t get 8 hours of beauty sleep last night #eyes #skin #beautytip... KarinHerzogUK sur Twitter : "Have you heard about the 7 Creams of the week set? #beauty... KarinHerzogUK sur Twitter : "Have you heard of Oxygen Skincare? #beauty #oxygen... Sipo Liimatainen sur Twitter : "FASCINATIO LUCIS #beautiful #green #abstract #art #wonderful #design #awesome #image #pic #fb. Fascinatio lucis Digital Art by Sipo Liimatainen - Fascinatio lucis Fine Art Prints and Posters for Sale. Photo by elle_spain.

DALY BEAUTY » Jane Daly, beauty guru and perfume whisperer. Beauty and perfume reviews. » In Which My Rose Water Obsession Continues… So further to my post on rose water last week, my journey continues with some fancy schmancy rose waters.

DALY BEAUTY » Jane Daly, beauty guru and perfume whisperer. Beauty and perfume reviews. » In Which My Rose Water Obsession Continues…

My research told me that there are basically two lovely high end rose waters worth trying if you want a) super luxe skincare and b) a soft gorgeous rose scent. There is no question that both of these products perform beautifully as toners/refreshers/make up setting sprays. They are probably the softest scented of all the rose waters that have been in my study. Soft of scent and very soft and comforting on the skin. Interestingly I’ve been trying a glycolic toner out for the past week, and using a rose water spray post toning is amazingly soothing. Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist: At around $35 for a 100ml bottle it certainly is more costly than the others I tried. Chantecaille Flower Waters Pure Rosewater: Well, Chantecaille isn’t messing around with this over $60 bottle of rose water.

One thing I will say about both the Jurlique and the Chantecaille. Osswald NYC - New York - Commerce de détail, Spa, beauté et remise en forme. Dermadeli Green Tea Leaf Exfoliating Scrub - Online Mummy. I’ve known for a long time that green tea is really good for you.

Dermadeli Green Tea Leaf Exfoliating Scrub - Online Mummy

I love drinking it and have a few cups every day. I’ve seen a few skin care products contain green tea over the years and the ones I’ve tied have been pretty good so as you can imagine, I was rather happy to be sent the Dermadeli Green Tea Leaf Exfoliating Scrub. Now, this scrub is a little different from most others in that it’s dry and you mix a small amount of it with water yourself when you come to use it – cool huh!

Once mixed, the scrub turns into this thick, creamy goodness that gently cleanses and exfoliates your face, buffing away any dead skin cells and build-up and revealing beautifully clean and baby soft skin. Photo by beautyandtheboyblog. Beauty & The Boy. Beautyblender. Beautycove : secrets of the ocean #sandflowers ... The Beauty Cove — MONTALE - Sandflowers  Eau de Parfum Imprigionati... Don McLean - Vincent ( Starry, Sarry Night) Withs Lyrics. 78249_CS44.

Perfumes II

Online Shop For Niche Fragrances And Finest Skincare - Essenza Nobile® Silviayjosep : Spanish Tuberouse #nardo... El tallers de Salvador Dalí al Castell de Púbol. Bonart Des del 15 de març i fins al 31 de desembre el Castell de Púbol presenta una exposició temporal on a través de 42 fotografies es poden veure els tallers que Salvador Dalí va tenir arreu del món.

El tallers de Salvador Dalí al Castell de Púbol

Si poden veure fotografies de la seva casa natal a Figueres, a vistes a la plaça de la Palmera; la suite de l’Hotel Meurice de Paris, la casa de Roquebrune que va cedir-li Coco Chanel a la Costa Blava, als estudis Walt Disney de Burbank o la barraca de pescadors de Portlligat. La mostra espot visitat al Castell de Púbol on va pintar l’any 1983 el seu últim oli, Cua d’oreneta i violoncels. Montse Aguer, en la presentació de la mostra va destacar la importància que Dalí sempre va concedir al paisatge, buscant llocs, especialment en el seu exili americà, que s’acostessin al paisatge de l’Empordà. Les fotografies de l’exposició han estat realitzades per Oriol Maspons, Xavier Miserachs, Enric Schaal, Francesc Català Roca, Melitó Casals, entre d’altres.

ArodSpainMedia : En @EsquireEs nos gusta...


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