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Interviu cu Ana Bănică despre autocolante de perete, stickere, tapet si visare. Puidust prilliraamid. Handmade / Heartfelt. Geodesic dome. Typically a geodesic dome design begins with an icosahedron inscribed in a hypothetical sphere, tiling each triangular face with smaller triangles, then projecting the vertices of each tile to the sphere.

Geodesic dome

The endpoints of the links of the completed sphere are the projected endpoints on the sphere's surface. If this is done exactly, sub-triangle edge lengths take on many different values, requiring links of many sizes. To minimize this, simplifications are made. The result is a compromise of triangles with their vertices lying approximately on the sphere. Latvijā radītā velo zeķe – pagaidām vienīgā pasaulē. Pirmā stikla dizaina salonveikala “an&angel” izveidē investēti 6000 eiro. Infographics & Data Visualisations. Free vectors, photos and PSD Downloads. 7 Things You Didn’t Know About Handmade Jewelry. Free textures. Soldering lap butt and spot joints. I’ve finally managed to update my guide to soldering in the Methods section and I’ve now included photos.

soldering lap butt and spot joints

Some of these come from my book Model-making: Materials and Methods from 2008 and were taken by Astrid Baerndal. This guide focuses on soldering small constructions, rather than the more common electrical soldering which almost all of the info you’ll find on the subject deals with. As you will see, ‘constructional’ soldering involves some differences in method; the materials are different and quite often stronger tools are needed. For the moment I’ve confined this guide to simple soldering ‘on the flat’ and more advanced methods of assembling 3D constructions will follow. Make colors pop! (white balance tutorial)

Wow, the response to whether or not y’all would like to see some photo tips and tricks has been amazing!

Make colors pop! (white balance tutorial)

Thank you so much! I’m not an expert or anything, but I’d love to share what I have figured out over the years. I thought I’d start out the tutorials by talking about something basic that sounds complicated, but will really make a HUGE difference in your picture taking: white balance. Exceptionally handcrafted sterling silver gold par ColbyJuneJewelry. Faux Cotton Wreath 18.5in. Wedding decorations, party supplies, home décor & craft supplies at 20-70% off.

Faux Cotton Wreath 18.5in

Faux Cotton Wreath 18.5in. DIY Restoration Hardware Driftwood Wreath Tutorial. Jagged Wood Fragments Find New Purpose When Fused with Resin by Jeweler Britta Boeckmann. Melbourne-based designer and jeweler Britta Boeckmann has a way of seeing the perfect in the imperfect, a skill she uses to form a hugely diverse array of wearable objects from fused wood and resin.

Jagged Wood Fragments Find New Purpose When Fused with Resin by Jeweler Britta Boeckmann

Each pendant, ring, or pair of earrings is made one at a time by hand without the aid of template, a process that allows the pieces to evolve organically as she works. Easy DIY Crafts, Fun Projects, & DIY Craft Ideas For Kids & Adults. Pine Cone Christmas Ornament Rustic Vintage. Christmas Decorations, Ombre and Decoration. Give pinecones a beautiful bleached look. FontArk - Advanced online font editor, font creator. TakTil - Visual Identity on Behance. About Perspective Grid. How to Use the New Perspective Grid in Adobe Illustrator CS6. Handpicked free fonts for graphic designers with commercial-use licenses. Free Apple Product PSDs. Bezmaksas mājas lapa 5 minūtēs. Foodisforeating.

Sagmeister & Walsh uses "sacred geometry" to rebrand Jewish Museum. American design firm Sagmeister & Walsh has created a new brand identity for New York's Jewish Museum based on traditional shapes used in Judaic symbolism (+ movies).

Sagmeister & Walsh uses "sacred geometry" to rebrand Jewish Museum

The Jewish Museum wanted "an engaging, exciting, contemporary branding that embodied the Jewish heritage and culture of the Museum. " Sagmeister & Walsh researched the origins of the Star of David and discovered "sacred geometry" – a geometric system created from calculations using numbers considered to have spiritual significance – from which they were able to create a new identity. Located in a seven-story mansion in the Upper East Side of Manhattan, the Jewish Museum is the preeminent museum in the United States devoted to Jewish art and culture, and one of the three largest in the world. Their collection, distinguished by its breadth and quality, includes some 30,000 items. Mozello - bezmaksas mājas lapa 5 minūtēs. Mozello Blogs - Blogs.

What size, resolution and file types should your images be? If you've ever wondered why the photos you used in your print material looked blurred and fuzzy, it's probably because you used the wrong size, resolution or file type.

What size, resolution and file types should your images be?

Images for print and web differ in a variety of ways. When sourcing images on the internet choose wisely. If you intend using the same images in print as you choose for your website, you may need to opt for the print quality version. That way you don't have to buy the same image twice. We can always crop, resize and optimize your image for the web, but we cannot enlarge it for print. Print Image Specifications Images used for print are usually much higher quality and resolution than those used for websites and are consequently much larger files. The recommended file format for print images are Tiff for photos and rectangular image based graphics or EPS for clip art, text based graphics and close cropped images with transparent backgrounds.

Web Image Specifications The three main file formats used are JPG (JPEG), PNG and Gif.