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12 Free Resources to Help You Get More Organized In 2017. 2017 has already started but you are not really too late to reflect about what has worked for you and what is not really cutting it. And, after much soul searching, if you have arrived at the conclusion that you need to be more organized in 2017 once and for all, then take my words you are not the only one. But the million dollar question is: how? When it comes to making life more organized, there is no one-size-fits-all so you have to find out what works best for you.

“The key is not to prioritize what’s on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities.” – Stephen Covey, Famous American Author Here is a list of 15 free productivity resources that can get you more organized in the coming year. 1. For those who swear by Google, Google Drive, which includes Google Spreadsheet and Google Docs, will make your life easy by sharing and editing a range of files. IFTTT stands for ‘If This Then That.’ 3. It will also show you the best and worst days of the week. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 10. 10. 11. 12. Top JavaScript Frameworks & Topics to Learn in 2017. The popularity of JavaScript has led to a very vibrant ecosystem of technologies, frameworks, and libraries. Along with all the amazing diversity and energy in the ecosystem comes a high degree of confusion for many.

What technologies should you care about? Where should you invest your time to get the most benefit? Which tech stacks are companies hiring for right now? What are the most important technologies to know right now? Remember as you’re learning to experiment with some actual code. This is going to be a long list, but don’t get discouraged. A Note on Optional Learning Some of this stuff is strictly optional*, which means, I recommend them if you are interested in them, or you need to know them for a job, but you should not feel obligated to learn them. Anything not marked with a * should be learned, but don’t feel obligated to learn everything there is to know about everything. JavaScript & DOM Fundamentals Tooling React Redux Why? Angular 2* RxJS* Next Steps. On Flipboard. Getting Started with Fullstack Web Development. These days, modern full stack development is very popular in both small agencies and larger companies with a dedicated technical team.

Full stack web engineers work on an entire web stack of technologies including frontend, backend, and server management. Many people argue that full stack only leads to being a "jack of all trades, master of none". From a certain point of view this may be true, however skillset is only as important as what can be accomplished with it. Many full stack devs offer value because they can take an idea from conception to launch, and fully comprehend every step of the process.

If you’re thinking of going the the full stack route, then this article is for you. Full Stack Fundamentals Modern full stack development has come a long way, as web technology has changed a lot. The basic tenet of full stack development is to understand all aspects of constructing a website. Technical Depth of Knowledge So how deep should you go into any of these areas?

Choosing Languages. LabXNow-Code, Develop and Test Software From Anywhere On The Cloud. The practice of using a network of shared remote servers hosted on the Internet is gaining popularity and many people around the world are now advancing to this kind of computing, where they can store, manage, and process data, from remote servers rather than their local servers or a personal computer. But this all comes at a cost as the varying advantages it provides are well worth the price – like being able to access you documents and network services from virtually anywhere using your personal computer. This is especially useful for users who travel a lot. It also offers storage and backup solutions to users and enterprises plus many other benefits. Are you a programmer and want to code, develop and test your software from anywhere via the Internet? What is LABXNOW? LabXNow is a cloud service provider that offers a free and personal online environment to different users with direct access from a web browser.

How it all works Request an invite Your Remote Environment Start Coding. 16 Essential Tools to Help Streamline Your Workload This Summer. When it comes to managing an ever-growing to-do list, many people struggle to get everything done. Whether you’re a business owner, a solopreneur, or an individual contributor, sometimes it can seem like you have a constant stream of tasks that demand your attention - and before you know it, the day's over and you’ve only managed to accomplish half of the tasks you needed to complete.

Fortunately, whether it’s beating procrastination, communicating more effectively with your team, or keeping on top of your brand’s social media presence, there's a range of tools available that can help you to streamline your workload. In this post, we'll look at 16 of the best tools to help you better manage your workload this summer, helping you beat stress and give yourself more free time in the process. 1. Wunderlist is an easy-to-use task management tool to help you manage your plans, projects, and other tasks.​ Using Wunderlist, you can create to-do lists and use folders to group related lists. 2. 3. 5 Best Music Downloader Apps for your iPhone or iPad – iGeeksMagzz.

Do you love listening songs on your iPhone or iPad? If you love songs and looking for Best Music Downloader Apps for your iPhone or iPad, this article can suggest you some useful music downloaders which allow users to download songs from the web. All of these apps allow users to download free music on their iOS devices. Check out these useful iPhone/iPad music downloaders. Update– Apple has removed almost all apps that allow users to download music so we’ve replaced all popular music downloader apps with these apps. Check out these apps on your iDevice. Beats Music is a useful music downloader that allows you to download free music on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Beats Music is a beautifully designed powerful music downloader that comes with lots of features such as- powerful music browser that allows to browse downloadable music, millions of songs, sharing feature for your favourite music tracks and more.

50 free web tools. In many occupations, solving problems and finding ways to be more productive are top priorities. This is especially true for web designers and frontend developers who perform and repeat many micro-tasks. The fact we work with open web technologies that are often used to build free and open source software means we have a plethora of tools at our disposal. In my ongoing research into web tools, I come across dozens of new options every week – scripts, plugins, WordPress themes, browser extensions, native apps, web services, libraries, frameworks, web templates, graphic packs and so much more. After wading through the mountains of possibilities, I've put together a categorised list of 50 amazing web tools that can benefit web designers or frontend developers. And the best part? Divided into categories, here you'll find a selection of top web tools in the following areas: HTML, CSS & Sass Tools 01. ai2html 02.

The community around PostCSS is gaining momentum and growing steadily. 03. 04. 05. Coming to a screen near you… the 20 best new social apps | Technology. The most popular social apps – Facebook and WhatsApp, Messenger and Instagram, as well as Twitter and Snapchat – have hundreds of millions of people using them. They’re not in any immediate danger of being dislodged from your home screen. That hasn’t stopped startups from trying, though. There are hundreds releasing new social apps all hoping to be the next big smartphone hit. Most fail, some get bought by bigger fish as they start to grow, but many have some inventive ideas along the way about what the next social networking trends will be.

Talkshow Subtitled “texting in public”, this app aims to get people hosting virtual chatrooms about any topic they like, encouraging visitors to contribute their thoughts and images. Airtime Created by Napster co-founder Sean Parker, this is a new spin on group chats, using live video of you and up to five friends, while enabling you to pull in YouTube videos, Spotify music streams and gifs to share with the crowd. Miitomo Peach Flipagram Once FreshTeam. What Is jQuery? Top 10 Best note apps for iPhone – Page 3 – TechZolix. 7. Simplenote Simple Note lets you write down your text, make your lists, and sync it all between iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Just like the name implies, Simple Note really is just that simple. 8. Microsoft OneNote OneNote brings Microsoft’s Office note-taking about to your iPhone. 9.

Springpad is probably the most feature-rich substitute to Evernote, and it is also its nearest opponent. No issue what system you’re using, there is a Springpad device for you. 10. PaperPort Notices is only for the iPad and normally, it’s a much more highly effective app as a note-taking support. Clip the Web. Apple’s stock apps suck: Here’s what you should replace them with. When you get a new iPhone, it comes with more than a dozen apps pre-installed for all of your basic needs. These default apps include Calendar, Mail, Messages and Music. But are these really the best apps you can use for those purposes? In a lot of cases, absolutely not. Although Apple won't let you change app defaults, there are alternatives for almost every app Apple pre-installs on iOS. We scoured through the App Store for the best alternatives for Apple's stock apps. Not every default app has a real replacement (Apple Wallet is the only app you can use if you want to use Apple Pay) and we'd argue that not all apps even need a replacement, but we've still gone through the default apps one by one, row by row, to pick out the best alternatives.

Show As Gallery Have something to add to this story? 10 tips to make your Mac feel like new. The Biggest Unsolved Mysteries in Physics. By Natalie Wolchover | March 28, 2016 05:01pm ET Credit: Image via Shutterstock In 1900, the British physicist Lord Kelvin is said to have pronounced: "There is nothing new to be discovered in physics now. All that remains is more and more precise measurement. " Within three decades, quantum mechanics and Einstein's theory of relativity had revolutionized the field. Inside you’ll learn about parallel universes, why time seems to move in one direction only, and why we don’t understand chaos. Editor’s Note: This list was originally published in 2012.

Author Bio Natalie Wolchover Natalie Wolchover was a staff writer for Live Science from 2010 to 2012. Natalie Wolchover on. Olympic 1500m Final - 1968. Uk.businessinsider. Make Your Inbox Suck Less With These Tools. 52 Meticulous DIY Organizing Tips For The OCD Person In You. 100 Best Open Source Security Tools | Let's H4ck it. Whether you’re a network administrator, security professional, or an end user, it’s important that you keep your system clean and secure. There are a variety of high quality open source security tools available, and many of them are free. Check out this list to find 100 of the best of them. General These tools offer a variety of useful security functions. Monitoring With these tools, you’ll get constant monitoring of your security.

Email & Spam Use these tools to keep your email secure. Anti-Virus With these tools, you can protect your computer and network from viruses. Firewall Use these firewall tools to keep unwanted intruders and items out of your system. Files & Data Keep your files, data, and transfers secure with these tools. Encryption & Cryptography Make use of these encryption and cryptography tools to stay secure. Passwords With these tools, you can keep your passwords handy and secure. Remote Access Use these tools for secure remote access. Networking Miscellaneous. Uk.businessinsider. 21 of the best iOS apps from November 2015.

Woah! November went fast and we’re already rapidly approaching Christmas, but there’s just time to take a look at the best new and updated apps from last month. With a whole load of photography and imaging apps, an audio mood journal and updates from big names like OneNote and Snapchat, there’s a whole lot to get through. Viber Last month, Viber did the unthinkable – it rolled out an update that lets you delete messages you’ve sent from the other person’s phone. Now, you can probably think of quite a few situations this could come in handy; aside from ignoring those drunken messages you sent, it’s useful for when you need to do things like send someone your banking details, but would rather they didn’t remain lying around. The update rolled out for Android users too. ➤ Viber easyJet If you’re a fan of easyJet’s no frills approach to flying, you’ll be pleased to hear that you can now avoid hours of waiting pointlessly at the airport for a delayed flight, but only if you’re an iOS user.

YoWindow. Tools for the Modern Front End Developer's Workflow. Front end web developers hold a great responsibility to craft pixel-perfect layouts that run properly in all web browsers. Over time this has become easier with more advanced browsers and greater development tools. While everyone knows about HTML and CSS, fewer people know about Sass and Haml. Front end development continues to advance with each passing year and it’s the role of the developer to stay on top of these changes. If you’ve felt a little shaky with your front end skills or just want a refresher about some of the newer techniques, this guide is for you. I’ll cover a handful of popular tools and resources that every front end developer should use or at least know about. CSS Preprocessors Perhaps the most well-known CSS preprocessor is Sass, followed closely by Less. The term “Sass” refers to the technology and the syntax. Sass and Less are not languages per se, but more like extensions of CSS.

The biggest difference between Sass and Less, aside from syntax, is how they operate. 14+ Free And Responsive Best Business, Personal Portfolio, OnePage HTML5 Quality full Templates of October 2015 - Themefisher. Your website is the front face of your business. So the outlook of your website is very important. The first impression is the last impression and it lasts forever. You have to select the best one that hold your desired features. Here a complete collection of the best free and responsive business, personal portfolio, and one page HTML5 templates of April 2015 is given. After observing huge templates these templates are being selected. Corlate is a clean and perfectly designed template with flexible and powerful features that can be used for any kind of business websites. DemoDownload Now Multi is a bootstrap based responsible creative HTML5 template. DemoDownload Now Fornax is built on CSS3 and HTML technology.

DemoDownload Now Stylish portfolio template is perfect for forming an eye-catching website designed for portfolio, personal blog, digital agency, e-commerce and corporate sites. DemoDownload Now DemoDownload Now Nova is designed with Visual Composer. DemoDownload Now DemoDownload Now.