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Focusing and Mindfulness

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GBE Day1. GBE Day2. GBE Day3. GBE Day4. GBE Day5. Learning Focusing - Ann Weiser Cornell. Free Resources For Powerful Change, Focusing Resources Free Library. Inner Relationship Focusing with Ann Weiser Cornell. 2 Tips for Challenging Times - Struggling With Anxiety and Shame. Self-in-Presence ** We disidentify in order to do Focusing with Ann Weiser Cornell Ph.D. Tips for Challenging Times: 7 Little Words. Ann Weiser Cornell on her Summer School Focusing Level One Course.

The Radical Acceptance of Everything. Directory to The Philosophy of Entry into the Implicit. Cultivating Happiness with Ann Weiser Cornell.


The International Focusing Institute. Getting Started with Todoist. Projects help you organize your tasks into separate lists.

Getting Started with Todoist

Your Todoist comes with a list of standard projects to get you started, but you can create, delete, re-name, re-arrange, and color-code your projects any way you like. Creating new projects. Online MBSR/Mindfulness (Free)