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Create a Free Blog at Thoughts. MyYearbook. RSS Graffiti. Loading Article 2015 has been a terrific year of growth for ScribbleLive and our partners, and we are very proud to present our latest accomplishment. ScribbleLive is now an official member of the Facebook Media Solutions Partner Program. <br />The Facebook Media Solutions Partner Program is available to a select group of innovative leaders.

&nbsp;The addition of ScribbleLive to this program extends the opportunities for integration with Facebook and Instagram. Divesh Sisodraker, EVP and Chief Product Officer at ScribbleLive, had this to say about ScribbleLive being named a Facebook Media Solutions Partner:“As the popularity of social networks such as <a href=" and <a href=" continues to rise, the ability to incorporate content from these sources is extremely important for our customers.” <h3><div class="SL_C_43483511_4_78166734">What Does This Mean For You As A ScribbleLive Client? Glogster - join the visual communication network.


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