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Social Media. Shaw Website Design Group. MATERIALES, RECURSOS Y APOYOS PARA MAESTR@S. Teachers- sharing ideas and resources for the classroom! Where communities hang out. Pearltrees videos. Educational Broadcasting, Blogs, App Reviews, Podcasts, Screencasts, LiveBinders and Career Center. STEM Mom: Celery & Transpiration Lab. I volunteer as the science laboratory coordinator at an all boys Christian boarding school.

Can you show more examples of these kinds of practical because i am the next future teacher and i want to help the learners with this kind of stuff – sibongimusa

What this means is that I go in two mornings a week, one morning to tutor in science, math, and writing-and the other morning to do a lab with they boys.

STEM Mom: Celery & Transpiration Lab

One of the labs in the SOS (Switched on Schoolhouse) General Science 1 course is about celery. But I was unimpressed with the purpose of the lab. It seemed to me, that it was being used as a demo in which it reinforced the concept that water moves up the stem, into the leaves. But to me, this is such an elementary idea, one in which my 5 year old understands. Its all in how you approach a topic right? Science-Based Medicine. Serotonin Keeps You Sad and Sleepy » Writing Program. Neurotransmitter manipulation shows that an imbalance in serotonin may cause simultaneous depression and sleep disorder symptoms.

Serotonin Keeps You Sad and Sleepy » Writing Program

Jane McClenathan Read the instructor’s introductionRead the writer’s comments and bioDownload this essay “I love sleep. My life has the tendency to fall apart when I’m awake, you know?” Ernest Hemingway had a not uncommon (though dreary) outlook on life.[1] As a patient diagnosed with clinical depression, he enjoyed the escape that sleep could bring. However, hope exists for the suffering. Serotonin, like every other neurotransmitter, is a molecule used to communicate in the brain.

Figures 1 & 2. What We Know As previously discussed, the movement of serotonin across neurons creates a pathway, which in turn regulates a behavior. Like many neurotransmitters, serotonin has more than one message to convey to its targets in the brain. Connecting the Dots. Why Addiction is NOT a Brain Disease - Mind the Brain. Hello there!

Why Addiction is NOT a Brain Disease - Mind the Brain

If you enjoy the content on Mind the Brain, consider subscribing for future posts via email or RSS feed. Addiction to substances (e.g., booze, drugs, cigarettes) and behaviors (e.g., eating, sex, gambling) is an enormous problem, seriously affecting something like 40% of individuals in the Western world. Attempts to define addiction in concrete scientific terms have been highly controversial and are becoming increasingly politicized. The Most Bizarre and Beautiful Mushrooms on Earth.

Are plants intelligent? New book says yes. Plants are intelligent.

I think plants are the beautiful organisms that are more intelligent because they can release their hormones regarding to the environment and they all have senses same as the humans even though they use different signals like one of the humans.Some other plants are capable of protecting themselves against the preys or herbivores by realizing some sorts of toxic substances that can be dangerous to other organisms in their parts of their body without asking it from other plants – sibongimusa

Plants deserve rights.

Are plants intelligent? New book says yes

Plants are like the Internet – or more accurately the Internet is like plants. To most of us these statements may sound, at best, insupportable or, at worst, crazy. But a new book, Brilliant Green: the Surprising History and Science of Plant Intelligence, by plant neurobiologist (yes, plant neurobiologist), Stefano Mancuso and journalist, Alessandra Viola, makes a compelling and fascinating case not only for plant sentience and smarts, but also plant rights. For centuries Western philosophy and science largely viewed animals as unthinking automatons, simple slaves to instinct. What if Humans aren't the Most Intelligent Creatures on Earth?

Cetologists observe, document, and decipher evidence that points to a profound intelligence dwelling in the oceans.

What if Humans aren't the Most Intelligent Creatures on Earth?

It is an intelligence that predates our own evolution as intelligent primates by millions of years. – Paul Watson I had a profound experience while kayaking in Hawaii this past winter with friends. We were visited by a whale and there is no doubt that this majestic being was coherent, aware of us, and enjoying our company as much as we were enjoying his. We put our snorkeling masks on and jumped in and could easily see the whale gently make eye contact with each of us. Science for Kids: Exploring How Water Travels Through Leaves. MERLOT - Multimedia educational resources for online teaching. Return to MERLOT II Home Page Search all MERLOT Select to go to your profile Click to expand login or register menu Select to go to your workspace Select to go to your Dashboard Report Select to go to your Content Builder Select to log out Search Terms Enter username Enter password.

MERLOT - Multimedia educational resources for online teaching

Brain Damage Scenarios. Your Brain & Nervous System (KidsHealth org) Parts of the Brain III. Human Anatomy: Learn All About the Human Body at How Muscles Work III. Smallest Bones In The Body. Inside A Bone. Heart Diagram 1. Structures of Blood Diagram 1. Anthony Atala: Growing new organs. Anthony Atala: Growing new organs. Anthony Atala: Growing new organs. Untitled document. Letter.

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