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Facebook Twitter - Free online whiteboard for teachers and classrooms. Tammy's Technology Tips for Teachers – Helping teachers make better classrooms, one mouse-click at a time. 100% Disk Usage in Windows 10 Fixed With 15 Tricks. Got 100% disk usage in Windows 10?

100% Disk Usage in Windows 10 Fixed With 15 Tricks

So your computer is hanging and freezing. Same old Windows, right? Except you’re using a brand-new Windows 10 device; you’ve only had it a few days. So just what is going on? Advertisement Investigating, you discover that your system drive is running at 100%. Several fixes are available for this. 100% Disk Usage in Windows 10: Fixed! When the error was first discovered, only a few culprits were found. The Best Way to Clean Windows 10: A Step-by-Step Guide. Over time, every Windows installation builds up junk that takes up space and wastes resources.

The Best Way to Clean Windows 10: A Step-by-Step Guide

We all forget to perform regular maintenance, so often the problem comes from old files and programs. How to Make a Bootable CD/DVD/USB to Install Windows. Did you ever format a hard drive, only to realize that the computer doesn’t have a DVD or CD drive?

How to Make a Bootable CD/DVD/USB to Install Windows

Maybe you thought the computer could be booted from a USB drive, but the version of the BIOS doesn’t allow for that? Advertisement Having a bootable version of Windows on a DVD and a USB drive can be a real lifesaver. Today you’ll learn how to create bootable versions of Windows ISOs on CD, DVD, and USB. What’s an ISO? Any file that ends in .iso is an exact copy of a disk. Yes, that should be IOS, but they figured ISO was better across all languages as ISO is derived from the Greek isos, meaning “equal”. In this case, the ISO is a perfect copy of what would be on an original Windows CD or DVD. What Does Bootable Mean? Any media, whether it’s a hard drive, USB flash drive, CD, or DVD is bootable if you can use it to boot your computer. 7 Useful Ways to Reuse an Old Router: Don't Throw It Away! If your ISP has sent you a new router, or you simply fancy upgrading your current router, you’ll run into a problem.

7 Useful Ways to Reuse an Old Router: Don't Throw It Away!

In the case of switching your ISP, you’ll often be asked to return the older device. But if you have a spare router kicking around the place, here are several ways you can reuse it. What if your Wi-Fi network doesn’t extend across the full range of your home? Although you might opt for powerline Ethernet adapters, adding a second router into the mix is a good alternative. TEACHER’S TECH - TEACHER'S TECH. How Do I Download an Entire Website for Offline Reading? Although Wi-Fi is available everywhere these days, you may find yourself without it from time to time.

How Do I Download an Entire Website for Offline Reading?

And when you do, there may be certain websites you wish you could save and access while offline—perhaps for research, entertainment, or posterity. Get Your GIF On!! #EduGIFS! Special thanks to the amazing Kimberly Snodgrass for writing this guest post on how to create and use GIFs.

Get Your GIF On!! #EduGIFS!

She has stunned the social media pirate world with her incredible custom-made #tlap GIFS…many of them drawn from my videos. Lots of people have asked her to divulge her secrets and I convinced her to share her magic. Enjoy learning how to make #EduGIFS! How to Set Up a NAS (Network-Attached Storage) Drive. NAS stands for “Network-Attached Storage.”

How to Set Up a NAS (Network-Attached Storage) Drive

Basically, it’s a way to attach a hard drive to your network and make it accessible to all your devices for centralized file-sharing and backups. You could also use your NAS to make your files available to you over the Internet, using it as a remote file server you can access from anywhere. Dedicated NAS Devices The most obvious — though not necessarily best — way to get a NAS is just to buy a pre-made, ready-to-use NAS device. Head to a website like Amazon and perform a search for “NAS” and you’ll find a bunch of devices marketed as a home file or media servers. Generally, such devices can be controlled via a web interface, like your router can be. 12 free utilities that can give you more control over your PC. Okay, so let’s say you’ve run your Belarc report and installed HWInfo.

12 free utilities that can give you more control over your PC

You know what you’re working with, but how do you know how your computer will perform under a heavy load? There are dozens of stress-testing utilities out there, but Prime95 and MemTest86+ are two stalwarts. Prime95 uses your processor to calculate extremely large prime numbers, and MemTest86+ taxes your RAM with several different memory-straining algorithms. How to Create a Bootable Multiboot USB for Windows and Linux. Advertisement Installing from a USB flash drive has become fashionable.

How to Create a Bootable Multiboot USB for Windows and Linux

I haven’t used a disc for any installation for a long time now. I didn’t even buy an optical drive for the last PC I built, now three years previous. That’s not to say discs are dead, but USBs are versatile, easily transported, and easily shared, as well as now coming with massive storage. Which Linux Operating Systems We Use and Why. Advertisement We really want you to start using Linux.

Which Linux Operating Systems We Use and Why

But as there are so many Linux operating systems to choose from, some of which we’ve featured here, it can be tricky to decide which one to get started with. 5 Free Tools to Edit PDF Files. Advertisement PDFs are one of the most common file types you’ll come across when using a computer. If you need to produce a high-quality print job, make a document available online, archive old data, or combine multiple formats (text, images, tables, etc.), there’s a good chance you’ll find yourself turning to the PDF format.

Despite their hundreds of benefits, they fall short when it comes to editing. It’s just not as easy to edit PDF documents as it is to edit Microsoft Office documents. 5 Tools to Convert and Edit The PDF Format 5 Tools to Convert and Edit The PDF Format There are a number of tools that make working with PDFs a lot easier. Starting with a simple way to convert files, we feature five PDF related tools. But don’t worry, all is not lost. 1. Key Feature: Creating PDF booklets. The Pros and Cons of PDF Documents vs. Microsoft Office Formats. Advertisement We all come across PDF documents every day — it’s the go-to format for bank statements, instruction manuals, online reports, and a whole lot more.

But is it always the best format? 5 Ways to Sync Music to Your iPhone Without iTunes. Advertisement You don’t need to wrestle with iTunes in order to get music onto your iPhone. There are several alternative methods and workarounds, from full-on media transfer replacements to cloud-based workarounds and direct media playback. 10 YouTube URL Tricks You Should Know About. Though it has some competition, YouTube remains the premier video site on the web. With a staggering amount of videos uploaded every day, some people even make a living from the service. 10 Video Sites That Are Better Than YouTube 10 Video Sites That Are Better Than YouTube Here are 10 great alternatives to YouTube, although the "better than" is obviously open to debate...

Read More No matter if you’re a casual YouTube user or go looking for the craziest channels you can find, there are all sorts of ways to tweak YouTube to make it just right for you. Let’s look at some URL tricks to get more out of the service. iFixit: The Free Repair Manual. 10 Things You Must Do With a Brand New Router. There are many good reasons to upgrade your router (or buy one if you don’t have one). You can get faster speeds, improved range, and new features. It’ll also ensure maximum compatibility with your latest gadgets. Why You Should Use a Router Even With Only One PC Why You Should Use a Router Even With Only One PC Every household with internet access should be using a router, even if there's only one PC connected to the network. Here are a few compelling reasons why.

Read More. The File Extension Guide: How to Fix and Batch Rename Your Files. The Day The Internet Died. Okay, so I admit the title is a bit misleading and alarmist, but lots of folks will agree this was a bad day to try and use the internet. The Best Way to Clean Windows 10: A Step-by-Step Guide. Over time, every Windows installation builds up excess cruft that just wastes space. Files and programs that we fail to clean up contribute to the problem. Unless you step in, you will soon encounter a low disk space warning or a slow computer. Find computer info on HP notebook.

10 cheap or free ways to make an old PC run faster. 3D Printing Machine - Maker Shed. Learn Blog. Bring on the Robots at USASEF Friday Sneak Peak. 27 People Share The One Cool Internet Or Computer Trick They Know. Free Online Learning at GCFLearnFree. Instructables - DIY How To Make Instructions.

Quick and Dirty Tips ™ How To Download Embedded Flash Files Using Your Browser. Maybe, history will record Steve Jobs and his famous memo as the first nail in the Flash coffin. From browser crashes to the cool Flash animations we grew up with, the story of Flash has always led to animated debates. But thanks to Flash, the web is a far more interactive place today. HTML5 maybe the new kid on the block and while it is growing up, Flash still holds sway when one thinks of rich animations and advanced interactive games. Remember, one of the most popular sites today – Facebook – is still having fun with Flash games. It is not even the last giant standing as many online games still run on Flash. Flash animation files are embedded as SWF (Small Web Format) files in webpages. 5 Ways to Download a Flash Movie. Steps. Download Flash and Video. 18 Cool Internet Tricks You Didn't Know About.

How to Sync Outlook and Google Apps. Business users have gotten used to Outlook. The email client for the more than one billion Microsoft Office users on the planet has become second nature. But some companies are finding that it saves them money and maintenance to let Google host their email, calendars, and contacts, even though this means a third party will have access to email contents and targeted display ads appear in the inbox. If you could use Outlook with your Google Apps Mail (really just Gmail), you don't have to see these ads, and you get a preview panel, inbox sorting, rich formatting, right-click options, social connector, and most of the other tools Outlook offers.

Thankfully, Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook lets you take advantage of most of Outlook's tools—but only for Outlook 2010 so far. If you run Office 2013, you can still connect to a Gmail account through IMAP, but this will only get you mail, no calendars, tasks, or contacts. Next, click the Create profile button. IFTTT - Instructables - DIY How To Make Instructions. How To Download Embedded Flash Files Using Your Browser. 5 Ways to Download a Flash Movie. Download Flash and Video. Running Linux from USB: Are You Doing It Right? 4 Things You Can Do To Prevent Panic When Gmail Goes Down. Does the world really end when Gmail goes down? – one click video conversations. Bypassing content filters: How to see the web they don't want you to see. Here's 101 useful websites with easy to remember names. First-Time Shopper On Ebay? 5 Important Things You Need To Know.